Jamai Raja 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Roshni getting angry on Bansi Maasi and asks how dare she raised hand on you. DD says whatever Bansi Maasi said is true. She says Kunal is your first husband. Nani says you was married at 5 years of age. Roshni says they are talking about child marriage. Sid says Roshni is his wife and says nobody can claim his wife to be theirs. DD says nothing is in my hand. Sid asks Roshni to pack her bag and leave with him. Nani tells DD that if Roshni and Sid don’t stop here then Bansi can’t speak out the truth which is hidden since years. She asks DD to stop her. Roshni and Sid are leaving the house. DD follows them and sits on floor with folded hands. Nani also folds her hand. Sid asks them to tell what is the option left for them. He asks Nani to tell all of the truth and asks what

is this nonsense.

Bansi Maasi says I will tell truth. DD gets tensed. Bansi says you thought you will hide with our eye sight, and says we will get our Roshni anyhow. She says we should tell truth to everyone. She asks Roshni to come near her, and says Nani is her childhood friend. She says your Nani brought you to my village and got you married to my grand son when you was 5 years old. Everyone was happy. She says your mum promised that they will keep you as our amanat and will do vidaai at the right time. She says we agreed, but your Nani and Maa had changed and changed the city, house etc. She says you might be thinking why your mum did this….and is about to tell…Nani asks her not to tell further. Bansi says I have to tell truth. DD stops her and says not now. Bansi says what you have thought that we will not find you. She says you went to jail and that’s how we found you. Roshni and Sid are shocked and annoyed. Bansi holds Roshni’s hand and asks her to come with her.

Raj stops Simran and says he will stay with her always. He brings flowers and asks her to give to Sid and Roshni as they like it. Simran tells Krutika that their Roshni is coming home. Krutika is happy and says she will pamper her brother. Simran asks her to check in the kitchen. Bunty comes and says everything will be fine once Sid comes. Simran says yes.

Bansi tries to make Roshni wear the shagun chunari. Roshni refuses. Sid asks Bansi and her family not to do anything with Roshni else he will go mad and will tell her something which he may repent later. Bansi says Roshni is Kunal’s wife and not yours. Bansi asks Roshni to pick the chunari. Roshni refuses and says she is very stubborn. She raises her hand. Sid asks her not to think them weak and says he is talking with respect. Bansi asks her relatives to take Roshni forcibly. Nani collapses and falls on floor. The men hold Sid. Seeing Nani’s condition, they leave Roshni’s hand. Roshni, DD and Sid take Nani inside the room.

Bansi’s son tells her that if Roshni doesn’t come with them with her wish, then Lakshmi will also not come. Bansi says we have to do something. Roshni asks DD and Nani, how can they get her married in her childhood and says you people are so progressive, but you did this. Sid says we will go from here, but I will take care of Nani. Kunal comes and says he can help them. Sid says she is my nani and I can take care of her.

Kunal’s dad tells Bansi that if Roshni don’t come with her wish then it won’t be beneficial for them. Bansi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sandra s thannickal

    ooo…new track..waiting 4 jamai kya karanaevalli hai?

  2. day by day serial is bcumng more worst
    jst shut it off

  3. Uff jst nw shabnam prob got over n again another prob gets started

  4. Seriously!!!!
    What the hell is this, we dont wxpect such illogical things over here.
    Plzz just shut this off.

  5. I stoped watching the only serial i used to watch.. New twist in jami raja is disappointing… I will start watching jamai raja again only if all these stupid twist comes to an end… I Don’t want any more trouble in sid’s life.. Sid had to already go through a lot… ?

  6. Now another big drama u writers can’t u focus on some real life problems. Now this new drama will last upto 3 to 4 months and when this will get over another big drama will start . This is the reason why jamai raja trp is not increasing kumquat Bhagwan is better than this NCOs atleast they get sometime to be happy but here sid and roshni got only 5 min of peace and a new drama started now this kunal will stay in dd s house and make things worse .. It would have been better if they focused on sid and roshni making relationships better between kritika and bunty what say guys… Pls reply

  7. Nice episode….i really want to know what their secret is..And a happy birthday to Ravi aka sid

  8. Are ek din to bina problem wala happy family dikha dete…ek problem khatam dusra suru… Really irritating

  9. This makes no sense …crap man!!!

  10. A problem is solved and another one is coming .omg why can’t sid roshni live happily together.pffffgrrrr

  11. awful..now only shabnam problem went and now a new crab[gujarati man] has entered the show..this is getting really worse plz think and write something nice writers and concentrate on sidni happy life track nothing else other than that

  12. Happy to yuo ravi aka Sid.hope you live to see a houndred years more.love you sis hope u enjoy the rest of the day bro

  13. Jamaican girl

    Not even in real life things like these happened, as one problem is solved another rises. Come on writers be more logical.

  14. Why the hell cant you ppl give some happiness to the serial couples or is that way in lndia only back stabbers

  15. Another drama just finish with evil shabnam n now this

  16. Who is this “……..” Trying to rain roshni and Sid life once again.problems are coming one after the other.come on director grow up and try make this show sense able.??

  17. Dis series makes no sense nw..i will stp lukin at it for gud

  18. Yes – this stupid ridiculous twist is really annoying . Why can’ t ROSHNI and SID have a happy ending to their problems

  19. Now jamai raja is becoming boring

  20. Oh god……. At least let them take some breath yaar!!!!!!
    What is this???

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