Jamai Raja 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni serving kheer to Kritika. Kritika throws kheer on her and shouts how dare she is to serve her kheer. Simran comes and asks what happened. Kritika yells that she purposefully served kheer to make her feel Rajveer’s devoid. Biji says she is misunderstanding Roshni and Raj says she prepared kheer to cheer her up. Simran asks Roshni to stay away from Kritika. She follows Kritika who yells that she will have to bear Roshni’s torture everyday as she will not go from here, so she will adjust to it slowly. She thinks she will trouble Sid by torturing Roshni. Simran thinks till when Roshni’s menace will torture her children.

Roshni sadly goes to her room. She gets DD’s call and asks her about Sam. DD says she ate food with great difficulty

and hopes she gets out of depression soon. Sid comes and asks how is Sam. Roshni tells she is in depression and should come out of it soon. Sid says he knows how to get her depression out.

Simran takes colorful dresses to Kritika’s room and asks her to remove white dress and wear them. Kritika starts acting and says until Roshni is there, she will remind her that Rajveer is no more and was killed because of her, she will never divorce Sid and get out of this house.

Sid and Roshni reach DD’s house and see Sam panicking.. DD says she does not know when Sam will come out of this depression. Sid says he has a plan and says one person can get Sam out of depression and it is Yash, they should get Sam and yash married. DD with her usual arrogant accent tells he will never change his filthy mind and says she knew he would come up with these kind of nasty ideas, he just wants to clear his route and wants to be with Roshni as he knows if Roshni divorces him, she has an option of Yash. Sid says he and Roshni separating is their wish and not anyone’s and if they want to unite, nobody can stop them and he wants he to get out of her narrow thinking and think widely. He feels the way Yash took care of Sam can take care of her whole life. DD is still adamant. He says it is waste telling ideas in front of buffallo and her and walks into Sam’s room with roshni. Mona silently listens to their conversation and starts thinking. They both see Sam asleep.

Roshni tries to speak to DD, but DD says she should not come in Sid’s trap and get divorced with Sid and set her brighter future with Yash as Sid will never go against his family and his mom does not like her at all. She asks her to think about Sam’s future as she will settle down with Yash well and says she will never stop loving Sid her whole life. DD asks if she gone out of her mind. Roshni says she will convince Yash to marry Sam.

Yash’s sister tells him he proposed Roshni more than 3 months ago, but she did not reply him at all, so he should move head instead of waiting. Roshni comes and says his wait is over now. Yash gets happy seeing her, but is surprised to see Sid with her, asks what is he doing with her. Sid says they both want him to marry Sam. He asks are they out of their minds and asks Roshni if she brought this man with her to make this drama. Sister says Roshni his brother loves her, that does not mean she can make him dance on her tunes. Roshni says she came here to request him as a friend. Sid says he can kick him out of house, but he wants him to take care of Sam. Yash says he does not have any answer for this. Sister asks them to leave.

Precap: Roshni asks Sid if he thinks Sam needs a second chance. He says absolutely yes. She asks him to give her a chance then as she realized her mistake and does not want to divorce him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. uhmmmm???? So after all that, after Sam has helped DD and saved her daughter… DD still wants Sam to divorce Roshni… this is beyond belief… Writers – you need to make things a bit more realistic. DD was facing 10 years in jail. Sam got her free. Sam saved her daughter… Sam has been doing everything. This is sooo stupid.

    1. you mean SID ???

      1. yes, sorry. I meant Sid.

  2. Good precap 🙂

  3. you know what is wrong with all of these serials the people have toooooooooooo much hate that they would not let go of sid has been the rock for both families from the beginning of the serial try his utter best to save both families from all this hatred and go the extra mile to protect each one of them and he always comes out the looser writers what kind of scripts are you all writing I do not mind you bringing in some wicked parts but make sure in the end all is brought to justice and the good one prosper you cannot have evil taking precedence over evil no way that is a wrong message to portray look up to now kritika put on an act that she got dd off from murder but she still is maintain her evil action trying to defend her evil murdering crooked husband rajveer kritika still wants to destroy roshin and her family even her step brother sid so then what is the purpose of getting dd off it is best you had let her make a jail because as far as I see kritika and her mothers behavior is unacceptable for a mature woman simran is not trying her best to make things right she is just supporting her wicked and evil daughter kritika in every thing she does that is why writers you should not of written the script killing rajveer he rajveer should have been caught after killing his wife kritika and trying to kill roshini and sid and his goons should have testified against him in the presence of all and sending him away to jail for all the murders he committed then it would have been proven and shown exactly the criminal beast of an individual he rajveer was and then simran and her ugly ass evil jealous daughter would have seen raj for who he really is deep down inside I think they know but they do not want to accept it so please end the damn serial now and let roshini and sid leave that house and forget everyone and go live a happy life with each other.

  4. the line was suppose to read evil taking precedence over good I made a slight mistake in the sixth line

  5. I hate how dis serial going but sid is a gud actor

  6. Everyone was waiting for rajveer to get caught and it didn’t happen the show get bored to watch one thing over n over no enjoyment at all

    1. i agree with you neela rajveer was supposed to be exposed.

  7. nice precap what yash think he still get a shot with roshni n this dd what wrong with her she still want roshni to divorce sid after all he did for her i think he should let her spent her time in jail for a while maybe then she will get some sense and yash i thought he feel something for sam because of the way he was caring for her wish if he make up this mind and married sam and writer plz get rid of simran n kritika for god sake we dont want to see them faces

  8. Guys u always right ur comments not copy right….

    1. I don’t understand what you are trying to say…?

  9. a part of watching television is to escape – it was total escapism in the early days. How we are watching different types of films and movies… however, for viewer satisfaction, you need to be a little smarter with your plots and outcomes. Rajveer killing the old man never came out… him selling Sam never came out…
    Roshni and Sid going over to Yash and askign him to marry Sam is an insult….. are they both stupid? How could he be anything but insulted?? you don’t do that to a person. They could have asked YAsh to babysit Sam for an evening or something a little more clever to see if he falls for her on his own accord. This does not suit Sid – Roshni’s character is a little stupid so i can see how this would be in keeping with her personality.

  10. Rajveer is already out of the picture therefore there is nothing can be done now only if he is incarnated as these writers always do.The foolishness with Yash and Sam to get marry can become real because I do not think Sid will give up his wife.Kritika needs to cleanse her mind from all these hate and anger .

  11. nice precap jus love it an dd is sooo stupid she is selfish da selfish b*t*h

  12. I really like the script its amazing in fact jamai raja is one of zee tvs series which most of the time is on an amazing pace besides if u don’t like it don’t read or don’t watch
    Don’t come here and hat on it coz the writers are professionals not you so they not gonna listen to Wat u have to say anyways no intention of hurting anyone sorri if anyone gets offended 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Love. Jamal raja

  13. Mr/Mrs fan plz don’t copy my name n comments……

  14. I hate fan….m stop copying….

  15. precap is good

  16. Excuse you
    I have had my email address as fan specaily for websites like these and other internet blogs in fact I was surprised swing anada fan… No hard feelings but u ain’t that important for me to come and copy yre email name I am not gonna change my email address just bcoz u feel others have the time to copy yre email address
    So drop the topic and stop being so immature

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