Jamai Raja 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Ayesha telling DD that the girl is her sister. DD asks why you didn’t tell us before. Shabnam tells Ayesha didn’t know about her, and says she went to Dubai when Ayesha was just 3 years old. She says when she returned, she came to know that her mum died in an accident when her house was burnt. DD asks why did you lied to me? Shabnam says I was scared and didn’t tell as I will be returning back to Dubai. She says I want to take her back, but can’t as I am helpless. She says she is not financially stable and her to be husband will not agree to let Ayesha stay with them. She asks them to see with her perspective and cries. Shabnam hugs Ayesha and cries. She apologizes to everyone and says I will go from here. Ayesha asks DD to stop her Didi and not let her go. DD stops

Shabnam oblivious to her real motive. DD says you can stay here in this house. Nani Maasi is shocked and says don’t tell that I didn’t warn you. Shabnam sits on her feet and says you are an angel. DD gives her a job of Ayesha’s caretaker and says nothing should happen to her as she is our life. She says lets go and sleep, have to do the party arrangements tomorrow. Shabnam smirks.

Krutika wakes up and finds herself behind Yash. Sam comes to room and tells Yash that she will be with him while he is still unconscious. She closes the door and sees Krutika. She asks how did you reach here? Yash says they were having food and then they don’t know what happened. Sam slaps Krutika. Yash says it is a conspiracy. Sam clicks their photo and says lets see what I do with you. Yash and Krutika try to stop her. Sam sends the pic to someone and smirks.

Kesar opens the door and asks the workers to do work fast. They sign Shabnam and asks for a glass of water. The goon asks Shabnam to get ready for the work. Bua Dadi beats up Krutika badly. Beeji pleads her not to beat her grand daughter. She asks Sam not to show Krutika’s photo to anyone. Sam agrees and says she have some condition. Beeji cries. Bua Dadi thinks Sam will do for her betterment.

Krutika tells Beeji that Sam asked her to marry someone else she will leak the photos. Bua Dadi says she will explain to Krutika and asks Sam to go. She tells Krutika that she has ruined her respect and says what will happen to Khurana family’s respect. She asks her to fulfill duty of a daughter and says decision is yours. Krutika cries.At the party celebrations for welcoming Ayesha. DD says punjabi caterers must be hired by Sid. She sees Ayesha and kisses her. Kesar says he will finish the work. DD sees the waiter throwing kerosene and is shocked.

DD and Sid see the decoration falls on Roshni, while Akshay Kumar saves her. Shabnam says she came to ruin their happiness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a shit seriously

  2. Yes it’s really a shit

  3. OMG I am really sick of these madness in the Storyline. Bua dadi get the hell out of the serial now. Kritika has to tell Sid

  4. What the hell going on in jamai raja? This serial was so promising…xciting!!! No longer is it snout jamai n roshni has become weak character xcept when she blew off DD recently,concerning ayesha. I hate those two xtra old witches in my face every nte..esp sid grndma sis!!!! Thought sam had grown some brains overnight, seems not…same irritating character!!!! Steups…….

  5. I never thought I’d say this….poor kritika!!!! Serial becoming crappy!!!!

  6. OMG…speechless

  7. Does anyone know who the actress is that plays Shabnam (Ayesha’s sister)?

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