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The Episode starts with Sid asking Shabnam to get mehendi on her hands. DD asks Shabnam to come and says I will apply mehehendi on your hands. Shabnam insists that let Roshni have mehendi first on her hand. Roshni asks her not to worry and says DD is a good mehendi designer. Shabnam looks on trapped. Sid says he has the first right to apply mehendi on Roshni’s hand and asks DD to apply on her hand. DD applies mehendi on Shabnam’s hand. Shabnam feels pain and shakes her hand. DD asks her to stop shaking her hand. Sid applies mehendi on Roshni’s hand. Shabnam gets up and tells she wants to go to washroom. Raj says why she is scared about mehendi.

Shabnam puts her hand on water bowl. Sid asks what happened? Shabnam says I got hurt. Sid brings ointment to be apply on her hand

and says my mum tells that it should be applied before things worsens. He asks her to take care and gives an ointment. Shabnam takes the ointment and gets angry.

Roshni comes to room and finds Sid sleeping. She thinks it is sargi time and my husband is sleeping. Sid wakes up and pulls her closer romantically. He gets up and romances with her shoiwng gold earrings. Mere Rubaru plays while Sid makes her wear earring romantically. Sid makes her wear earrings on her other ear. Roshni smiles while the song continues to play………………Sid gets closer, just then Shabnam comes to their room without knocking on the door. She tells DD is calling you both. Roshni says we are coming and goes. Sid looks on suspiciously.

Simran makes Roshni sit and says I was waiting for you. DD calls Shabnam and says she will make her eat sargi. Simran makes Roshni eat sargi. DD makes Shabnam eat sargi and says it is for your to be husband. ( she said she is already married though). Mona gets sad as yash didn’t send sargi for Sam. Simran says Yash is like my son and Sam is like my daughter. She says I will make her eat sargi with my hands. Sam feels guilty. DD is happy. Simran asks Sam to eat sargi. Sam looks at Krutika. Nani asks DD to give sargi to Krutika. DD makes her eat sargi and blesses her. Krutika thanks her. Simran looks at Roshni’s earrings and asks about it. Roshni says Sid has gifted her. Everyone praises Sid’s choice. Roshni blushes looking at Sid.

Bua Dadi asks Sam to take care of Bunty. Sam says he is your problem now and asks her to handle him. she says I am really worried. Bua Dadi reminds her that it was her plan to marry off krutika to Bunty. She says if Sid comes to know then he will not leave us. Sam asks her not to talk about it and says I have your messages and video which you sent to me. Shabnam hears everything.

Roshni says all watches stop working today and says it is just 12 now. Sid smiles and asks herself to keep her occupied. Ayesha comes and asks them to play with her. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come and whispers something in Ayesha’s ears. Ayesha comes to Sam and asks her to give her phone as she wants to play game. Sam gives without giving it a thought. Ayesha gives the phone to Shabnam and she transfers the video to her phone. Shabnam returns the phone, and plays the video. Everyone hear Yash and Krutika’s voice shockingly. Sam asks her to return her phone. Sid takes the phone and looks at the video. Sam asks him to return her phone. Sid says 1 min and is angry.

Sid looks at the video shockingly. Everyone is shocked too. Sid asks Sam what nonsense is this? He asks how dare you do this with my sister. He asks what is this? DD comes and asks what happened? Sid asks her to tell. Sam tells that Bua Dadi is the mastermind behind this. Roshni reads the messages sent by Bua Dadi. She says she is saying right. Sid looks at Sam angrily and goes to his house. DD and Mona get tensed.

Shabnam calls someone and sends video. Sid comes to Bua Dadi and asks her to tell truth. He asks what did you get by ruining my sis life. Everyone is shocked. Sid asks what did you get? Bua Dadi asks what you are saying? Sid says I have lost my mind and shows her messages on Sam’s phone. Bua Dadi is shocked. Sid asks Krutika to tell what she did. He says I told you that I will forget the relation between us.

lawyer brings divorce papers for Sam and says it is sent by Yash. sid says bad happens with bad people. DD says half of my problems are because of you. Sid thanks her for showing his place and says it is enough now. I will live my life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Just good for her aleast kritika have a husband n she dont now

  2. Hi everyone. Can anyone explain to me what sid mean by that in the preview. Please comment soon.

  3. Well done yash. At the beginning when Sam was doubting krutika I thot may be she’s still worried about her past but then when she started playing this cheap game she lost all her innocence. She became a villain. She blackmailed krutika to get married but she forgot that the same thing was going to happen to her. Only the difference is she was saved by sid whereas there was no one to save krutika. Sam is so insecure that she didn’t even think for once that if that pic of krutika and yash is published then not only krutika but his image too will be tarnished. Yash has done so much for sam and she’s repaying him like this. Its good if yash divorces her. That’s what she deserves. I hope now krutika will enjoy her marital life and sam will regret. Let sam be alone. She’ll never improve.

  4. And not only in serial but also in real life a woman, who doesn’t value her husband’s dignity and respect, deserves no love and respect from her husband. Nothing is more important than your life partner’s respect and honour. One shouldn’t be blinded so much in revenge that one forgets one’s own image.

  5. Shabnam Playing Games

    1. For once Shabnam did the right thing by getting the truth about Sam and Bua Dadi exposed, even if it was only for her own selfish means.

  6. Hi im sorry to say but u guys forgot wat kritika did rite.i aint mean sam was rite but come on ppl she didnt want to lose her husband again

    1. No one forgot but Sam set up the whole scene at the hotel. Not forgetting what had happened is understandable but Yash is not Rajveer. He married when he didn’t have to and showed her every respect. Trust your husband but not the other woman.

  7. I know that the divorce paper is not from yash but from shabnam

  8. This is the game of Shabnam I like. Finally she exposed them. It good Yash is divorcing Sam. What a insecure sensitive ungrateful idiot

  9. Sam what a terrible way to end up. Even if she is been insecured cos she was bitten once, she went way too far. shabanam get ready, payback tym is around the corner.

  10. Can someone tell me why the focus always changes from SHABNAM just when they are able to expose /trap her. Clevr game she is playong turning the tables on SAM ow.


    Yes u r absolutely ri8 Baisali

  12. well it is often said that the seven days for the thief one day for the owner. this day was for sam, the other will be for shabnam i pray she also gets caugth soon.atleast bravo to shabnam for helping kritika get out of the mess. she really did a good job.

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