Jamai Raja 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with DD, Sid and Yash’s conversation. Yash tells DD that everything will be fine and SR will be together. DD asks him not to give false hope and says he don’t like it. Yash smirks and sends a message to Sid. Sid reads it. Yash says everything will be fine. Sid asks DD to remove his name from the brand and says he owns 840 crores and says his reputation gets ruined because of this brand. He asks her to remove his name. Yash acts and asks Sid not to do this, being her Jamai. Sid says no Jamai and not her business partner. I am playing solo now. He sits down to read the newspaper and says lets play crossword. DD looks at him. Yash smirks and asks DD to come. DD says what a disgusting attitude. DD asks Roshni if the gifts are packed. Roshni says yes. DD tells her that she left her

file in the room and goes to bring it. Sid comes to Roshni and keeps the newspaper on the table, goes. DD thanks the media for attending the inauguration. Media asks her about her Jamai.

DD says Sid is busy and have other business to take care of. She says Sid’s better half my daughter is here. Yash thinks DD is lying and thinks I will make you both spit against Sid. He says it will blast now, and recalls fixing bomb or something to the building. DD says lets do inauguration. Media clicks their photo. Yash says mahurat time is going? Just then Sid comes. Reporter says you said that he is busy, but he came. DD thinks he is image conscious. Sid says finally I am here as it is a big day for my sasumaa. Yash smirks. Sid says my sasumaa is very big hearted, and if I do any mistake then she will forgive me. Kesar asks DD to do the inauguration. DD is about to cut the ribbon. Sid senses something is wrong. Yash waits for the bomb to blast, but nothing happens as DD cuts the ribbon. Sid closes his eyes and feels relieved. Yash gets angry and asks his goon. His goon says that he has kept eyes on Sid, and he is following their instructions. Sid thinks thank god Roshni is save. He recalls making Roshni read the newspaper which he had kept on the table.

Roshni finds the wires attached to the ribbon. She unties the wires from the ribbon and goes. Sid appreciates Roshni for her work and says joker will lose you as you are with me. He says you have saved a big blast from happening. Yash’s goon bring the electrician who have compromised with the wiring, and he says that he haven’t done anything. Yash thinks who might be the person then? DD tells Roshni that inauguration was good. Ganpath tells DD that someone came. DD asks the guests to sit. They tell DD that they have come from Rajasthan royal palace, and shows the diamond. DD says it is exclusive. The guest says their maharani want her to design necklace for her. DD is happy.

They give her order with advance amount. DD is happy. Resham comes to Sam’s room and sees a big phone. She checks the phone and sees house CCTV. She is shocked. Yash comes and snatches phone from her hand, and scolds her for peeping in his room. He says Sam gets angry with you because of your habit and asks her to go else he will complain to DD. Resham goes. Yash thinks it is good that he have taken phone from her hand, else she would have known about secret cam.

DD calls Yash. Yash hides his phone and goes. DD tells him about the royal order and asks for his help. She gives him credit for the success launch of her brand. Yash gets an idea and says he knows what to do.

Sid tells DD that he can write anything on the paper and throw it like a flying plane. DD asks what nonsense. Sid says I am your partner in this brand and asks her to get habitual to see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Should make it where sid will go to jail after stealing the necklace but roshni will take him out and infront of yash,does acting of isolating sid.And dd has a jewlary exibition where everybody should joing execpt sid.Roshni doesn’t go as she is feeling sick but goes to doctor learning that she is pregnant.When dd learns she didn’t attend the exibition,she tells her to get lost and roshni runs to sid and sabnam revealing the truth.Then sabnam and sidni plan to isolate sid and find ayshea,yash’s truth,but simran gets angry at roshni but raj calms her down and tells everybody to fast as it would take all the bad stuff away from family.Simran forces roshni to fast and she does but ends up in the hospital,at the same time as dd who got a heart problem.dd thinks roshni didn’t meet her do she brakes all relationships with roshni but doesn’t know shes admitted to hospital.Nani feels something is wrong and tries her best to figure the puzzle and learns that yash is the jocker,roshni is pregnant and she was admitted to the hospital.Yash keeps destroying the family but sid,roshni and sabnam try their best to defeat yash.They save ayshea and exchange with one of ngo kids as they pitched in to help.Dd is planning yash and roshni egagement as she thinks sid isn’t a good husband and nani tries stopping her knowing the truth.But in vien.Nani is secretly helping sidni,not telling this to anybody.The day of egagement yash is caught and they reveal everything about him.Simran,kritika and bunty khurana badmouths roshni for doing bad stuff to sid that they tell her to fast and say sorry to sid and god. Nani makes an entry and tells everybody roshni will not fast,and she reveals the truth about roshni,and also reveals why she didn’t tell this to everybody as everything they tell to dd and simran,they tell yash which puts roshni ‘s life in danger.Simran,bunty and dd feel guilty while everybody asks about the engagement to night and nani says to sidni’s engagement..As everybody is getting ready that night,bunty krithika.and simran come to say sorry to sidni.When they leave romance happens.That night sabnam to gets a life partner.

    1. No miscarrge pls

    2. Is this the upcoming story

      1. K,i Hope so

  2. Woww what a crap.. youre the next director of jamai raja? Congratz
    but it never gonna happen .. so just chill in stead of making us dumb with your fake shit story …

  3. K, it says should so i think it simmi wants that to happen and me to

  4. Great roshni u did a wonderful job….
    N it will happen tht resham or sam will get to know the truth of yash waiting fr tht day when sid will get to know thts joker is yash…
    Love u sidni

  5. Guyzz ny1 is having sidni dance in holi day thn plzz snd me tht link I wanna c thr dance I missed it yaar?

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