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The Episode starts with Krutika and Roshni talking about Sid. Krutika assures to support her. Roshni thanks her. Dr. Arora calls DD and asks her to meet him urgently at coffee house. Beeji and Krutika hug each other and plan a surprise for Roshni and Sid. Misha gets ready and sings Sajna Hai Mujhe………..She looks at vermillion’s bottle and thinks her long dream will be fulfilled soon. She tells that she will get ready daily for Sid and will wake him up by shaking her wet hairs on him. She says my Sid and calls herself as Mrs. Sidharth Khurana. She thinks everyone came from temple and goes to open the door. Beeji and Krutika come there and tie her on to the chairs. A tantrik comes there, Misha gets shocked seeing him and asks what is this nonsense. A tantrik baba tells that Misha’s brain is affected

by a ghost and he will take out the ghost. Misha threatens to kill him. Tantrik baba beats her with peacock feathers. Misha tells that she is perfectly fine and starts acting seeing Sid and family coming. Sid scolds tantrik and asks him to get out. Beeji and Krutika looks on. Misha hugs Sid. Sid scolds Krutika. Krutika says she was just trying to help Misha. Misha tells that everyone is really bad and no one cares for me. She insists to marry him today itself. Everyone gets shocked hearing her.

DD meets Arora. He tells that Misha Grewal is her name and she is a schizophrenic. He tells about her parents trying to get her treated. DD gets shocked and tells about Misha getting molested. She opines that Misha is faking to be ill, all the while. She comes home and shares this with Nani. She tells that they have to stop the marriage as Misha is feigning the madness after molestation.

Sid closes himself in the room. Roshni asks him to open the door for once and asks him not to let her stay outside. Sid opens the door. They look at each other emotionally. Tu Hi Tu plays……………..Sid tells Roshni to look at him and says your one decision have brought me here. Roshni holds him and says I won’t let you go far from me, but whatever happening is right. One thing will remain the same, my love for you. Mere Rubara Tu Hi Tu plays……..She picks his turban and makes him wear it while the song Manzilein………. Plays. They hug each other.

Dr. Arora shows the reports to DD and says we have to take the print out. Sid and Roshni come to the hall. DD sees the report and says Misha is obsessed with Sid. She is getting what she wants and she is faking the memory loss. She asks the driver to rush to Khurana house.

DD reaches Khurana house and stops the marriage. She puts the ghatbandhan in the mirror and says her Jamai’s marriage can’t happen with anyone else. Misha says I would have catched fire. Everyone looks on shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. aye calm, read the spoilers link….it is just an act.

  2. best serial yahooo finaly misha ki pol khul jae gi ab shukar ha yesssssssss happy for sidni love them veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much

    1. seriously amna there are much better serials than this i hope it ends soon when they realise meesha fake acting…..and launch a better serial please..

    2. I think that the standards of all the Zee shows are depleting (as compared to when I first started watching). Given this, I think Jamai Raja is still one of the better shows they have….It is only one of 3 I now watch consistently. I hope this is not one of those carded to go for the new shows.

  3. Nice update

  4. finally misha is going to be exposed soon woooow

    1. yes !!! i’m really happy !!!

  5. I think this show is getting real boaring . I will stop watching this show now.

  6. writers you need to get messha parents to be the best proof .sid is so adamant .

  7. Ok this episode is getting exciting!
    And DD said ” My jamais marriage cannot happen or take place ” , so …huh … Now … Out of the blue sid became her “jamai” ….huh… AGAIN!

    1. Probably because she realized that he has been manipulated. All the time he protects her (DD) and her family even when she is ungrateful, it is her turn to protect him!

  8. can anyone tell the song which has been played during sid nd roshini scene

  9. Misha watch how you go to the police and roshni and sid will have peaceful life

  10. Well this is getting interesting hope dd get to exposed this mad woman Misha so that sid can kick her out of his n stupid roshni life’s and this house forever

  11. No any progress but I’m hoping some thing better next episode

  12. I knew Psycho Misha were paying that doctor, they should revoke his license. Whats wrong with Sid now why did he stop Krutika & Beeji, ha ha someone should have done that already. One minute he’s listening to his heart, another minute he’s listening to Roshani, who is out of her senses, stop being so foolish. What happen to the Khurana’s do something they all are just looking on. Don’t get me wrong I Love this serial, if it;s coming off air, i’m going to be sad. For all those who have all their negative comments about the show, it’s simple, Just don’t watch it unless you are compel like Psycho Misha…lol

  13. Nice episode.

  14. Finally…..

  15. They no the truth

  16. Can someone please tell me the name of the song that played at the end. Thanks in advance

  17. Nevermind….found it 🙂

    Hamari Adhuri Kahani

  18. Oh my missed jamai raja last night urg the pain of that but I’m glad that Misha is finally going to be exposed

  19. Oh my missed jamai raja last night urg the pain of that but I’m glad that Misha is finally going to be exposed
    Even tho missed it last night it went rather well

  20. This show is not boring at all – it keeps you in suspense most of the time although we have mad MISHA in it. I must commend Roshni for her understanding which I hope pays off in the end.

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