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The Episode starts with Roshni failing to identify Sid and DD. She asks why they are lying and saying that they are her relatives. Shabnam comes and shows her true face. Sid says I want to talk to my daughter first. Bansi says don’t try to be smart. DD asks what you have done to my daughter? Bansi says Roshni is my daughter in law. Shabnam smirks. Kesar, Nani and Mona comes out. Sid asks what is the matter? Nani says they have closed us in the room. Sid tries to make Roshni remember them. He asks her to look in his eyes and try to identify him. Roshni asks him to leave her hand and calls Kunal. Kunal comes and asks Sid to leave his wife’s hands, and asks him not to roam around her. Sid is shocked. Roshni stands behind Kunal and asks why this man is claiming to be my husband. Kunal hugs

her and asks her not to worry.

Sid is shocked and angry. Kunal asks Bansi to take his wife inside. He says I will deal with them, may be they have lost way and came here mistakenly ( as if DD’s house is his). Shabnam tells Sid and DD that they have a misunderstanding, and says what proof you have is that you are my didi’s husband and mum. Sid asks her to stop playing game and says it was my mistake to feed naagin like you. Kunal asks him to get out. Sid says it is my house and says I will break your bones, and will make you sit for begging. He tries to beat Kunal. Shagun comes and asks Sid to talk to his mum. Sid says hello mom. Shagun calls then and talks to Simran. She says your son is not listening and says he might lose his father in this war. She says I have closed him in almari since long time. Simran, Krutika and Bunty open the almari and see Raj unconscious and tied.

DD tells Sid that they can get proofs in the house. They try searching for proofs. Kunal looks evilly. Shabnam asks how you will proof now? DD says she doesn’t need any proof to make her understand that she is his mum, and says everyone know about them. She goes to Roshni’s room. Roshni acts to be scared and asks her not to touch her. Sid asks how can you forget me and tries to make her remember their first meeting, candy floss, and marriage. He says I used to stay in your house as a jamai. Shabnam tells Kunal to let them do drama. DD tells I am your mum, and used to hate Sid, but started loving him. She asks Kesar to make her explain. Roshni says Kunal ji is her family. DD asks how can you forget Sid and asks Kunal what did they do with her daughter. Shabnam smirks.

Sid says there is no proof and no photos proving them to be Roshni’s family. He says Roshni’s pics are with Bansi and her family. Shabnam tells DD that she came to get her house, and asks her to return her house. DD raises her hand and asks how dare you? Shabnam holds her hand and asks her to be careful. She says you have lost your daughter and don’t have anything else. Sid asks her to be careful and says truth will win always. He says you have lost with me before also, and will now also. Shabnam says this is past, and asks him to say something new dialogue. She asks him to accept that he can’t stand infront of her. She tells Roshni has lost her memory and asks how you will proof that you are her husband and DD is her mum.

Simran asks Raj if he is fine? She asks Bunty to call doctor. Raj says no, and says he have to go to Sid as his life is in danger. Simran says okay, and says we all will come with you. Roshni tells Sid that Kunal is her family. Sid says he is her husband and asks him to remember. Roshni faints. Kunal tells Sid that Roshni is his wife and asks asks them to stay away from his wife.

Sid comes home indisguise of a woman. Roshni asks who are you?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Boring does sidni would ever move on in their life?? Back to where we started. Fed up for this repeats, after roshni gets her memory back, may b shabnam would kidnap did and roshni and sid would b separated again. But still excited to see sid in female version

  2. I hate this part…so awful roshni did not recognize even her own husband what’s the hell is going on..

  3. Nothing to comment… Totally rubbish. But sid this time another make over na? So boring


    1. Is it going to end

    2. Are u telling the truth arsal….
      Because there is more for it
      I am just living Sid make over

    3. Where does it say that it is ending? Isn’t it QH ending?

    4. hajira ruksaar

      no jr is not ending.
      ……qubool hain is ending

  5. Total crap…time to end this series..

  6. Totally stupid…bt still waiting to see sid’s new avatar and I think shabnam would have threatened roshni that she will kill sid that’s y roshni is acting as memory loss

  7. Suddenly what happend to roshni? Roshni is only for sid

  8. This is silly…now that DD and Sid know the truth that Roshni is really her daughter then Bansi and Fam have nothing on them…so they could just call the police and make those people have to leave the house….too much crap is happening…getting unbelievable

  9. really?? is it ending?? best to keep it short n sweet unlike other plays

  10. Do u know what I think ?none of the Indian soap operas will never b as great as pavitra rishtra was..I mean even tht serial had it’s bad but jeeze at least they had much peace..sid & roshini’s have never had their peace beyond two mins…every time something stops them..if its nt Sid’s mom its his sister if its nt Sid’s sister it’s roshini’s mom..if it’s nt roshini’s mom its her sister (cousin Sam) or its an evil best friend from the past or a lost step sister or lying disgusting village minions…. Omg y?they’ve never had no sort of happiness…they were divorced ,back together.. Broke up a hundred times,married again, their baby died,sid died & now roshini is in another world…damn!damn!damn!there is no peace fuh them… I’m nt saying this is nt a great show cz it is but with all this tht is going on you’ll turn it into crap…
    Just like u did with satrangi sasural …cme on writers whr is ur filming knowledge?your writing knowledge? Give sid & roshini peace.

  11. Oh my god such a stupid n outdated episode what the hell these writer is show up to two days ago roshni had her memory what happen now did she get a hit on her head or accident cuz as for as i know i didn’t see such things happen…..
    But be honest sid need a break frm this drama even with roshini she always doing stupid things.she need to act maturely toward things if she is doing these act becuz of dd not be her real mom she shld stop it i mean dd raise her feed her n give her a shelter love her and protect her she shld not be thinkin about what bansi tell her despite not knowing any things………

  12. this serial has become total shit and nonsense who can believe all this crap that is taking place you know what I think that it is children that is writing the storylines for all these serials I heard so LOL

  13. Love the chemistry and romance of roshni and sid…love this show

  14. Nice show hope no black magic involved. I”d hate that! !!!!!

  15. Why in India there’s no law how comes someone staying in your house without permission and make your life miserable

  16. Please can anyone help me with this how comes that people are coming to your house over control you no law please I really like to know

  17. Please don’t end jamai raja serial keep it going! I love u sid

  18. I love this serial very much.pls don’t end this show.

  19. Please give some jamai raja spoiler…

  20. I think maybe shabnam would have blackmailed roshini to act as if she had memory loss. Or she must have done some hypnotism on roshini

  21. sherion campbell

    I love the series but hate to see sidni apart.

  22. This series is not be end now

  23. When will sid and roshni reunite.

  24. jamai raja is like a merry go round

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