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Part 1

Later in the night, Raghu’s aai is about to leave when Sid says you are a mother. A mothers job is to give life but you even saved me from death. My every breath is indebted to you. I am Sid for everyone but for you i am always Raghu. Raghu’s aai seeks permission to hug Sid once and when they do both Sid and she are in tears. Sid says am still Raghu for you. I wont change ever. For you i will be Raghu forever. I cant pay you back for your favour. I am very lucky to have 3 mothers. DD pulls Sid’s ear and says and one of the mom’s is special. Am your mom – in – law and u din tell me about the plan. Simran says even i knew about the plan but Sid din want anyone to know. Sid explains that i wanted to keep you safe. Coz of this drama i got to know how much

you love Sid. Sid fakes Raghu’s accent. Nani asks Mona to get something. DD says i was freaked out watching Shabnam firing on you. Sid says it was hologram. Am not crazy to get shot myself. Nani says alls well that ends well. She feeds him sweet. DD says he is your Krishna. Always making entries. Sid says your mom is beaming. What a day. Note this date, moment. Kesar approaches DD and seeks forgiveness. Roshni too supports him. Nani too. Sid says its not his fault. Shabnam had captured everyone so not his fault. DD says coz Sid said, am forgiving you. Right then Raj comes and says i wont forgive Sid ever. Raj says only you and i were in blank all knew. Nani says i din knew either. Simran says me knew a bit. Raj says you will be punished and for sure. Your punishment is to take Roshni with you and to come home with us. DD says yes we should do Roshni’s bidaai. Nani agrees. Sid says you just wanna get rid of me. DD says are you a girl acting so dramatic. Sid says yes, am your dramatic bahu. They all disperse. Nani’s phone rings. She gets some message and is in shock. Sid asks her the matter. Nani stammers. She says not feeling well. Roshni offers to stay back but Nani asks them to leave. Nani suggests to plan some holiday for Sid-Roshni. Sid asks what happened. Right then his phone rings. He is in shock too.

Shabnam screams saying i will kill everyone. She is in a confined room. All watch shocked. Roshni says this looks like split personality disorder. Cop says yes, she is been like this since she came here. Lawyer says no judge will send her to prison now. She needs treatment. DD says she is faking it. Sid says Shabnam is sick, we should treat her. DD is appalled. Sid says i know what i am doing. We have seen Shabnam’s sick persona. But this Shabnam is weak. She is a patient. We need to help her. Sid offers to contact someone to help him. DD says your kindness will cost us one day. Sid says if this is true then i am ready. Sid says if we dont help her today what is the difference between her and us.

Later in the night, Nani says we all can look after Shabnam, whats the need for Sid-Roshni to hold up their trip. Mona-Raj are confused about Nani’s insistence. Nani contacts DD to tell her about her suggestion.

Next day morning, Nani brings DD aside. She says we should send Sid-Roshni away before its too late. DD asks why. Suddenly drums are playing. Sid-Roshni watch curiously. A gujarati family enters doing dandiya.

Part 2

The lady in the gujarati family calls out Nani as Alaknanda and greets her. Roshni says we dont know you. Who are you. The lady pets Roshni and says am BANSI, your grand- mom -in – law. Sid and everyone are shocked. Roshni is shocked too. Bansi asks her to take her blessing. She forces her. Sid interrupts too. Bansi says i will teach you all the rituals now. DD-Nani are mum. Sid says Roshni’s grand-mom-in-law is my grand mother and thats not you. Bansi says who are you, not that i care. Roshni says enough, time for you to leave. Sid offers to see them out too. Bansi laughs. Sid asks why are you laughing. Seems like i need to call security. Roshni agrees. Bansi says ENOUGH. If you speak one more word will cut your tongue. Bansi walks upto DD and slaps her. All are shocked.

Part 3

Bansi fumes on DD for not raising Roshni right. She says on your promise we returned Roshni to you. But if mother is so shameless, what can we expect from you. Roshni fumes on Bansi and asks her to get out. A guy with Bansi holds Roshnis hand and says this is not the way to talk to elders. Sid fumes on him and says dare you touch my wife. He threatens to get security and beat Bansi and her family up and throw her up. Bansi is furious and asks how dare DD get Roshni remarried. Kesar and Sid asks all to throw these people out. Bansi says this is not right Durga. If we leave without Roshni you will regret it DD. Your old secret will be out. DD-Nani are speechless.

Precap — Roshni asks DD who are they. DD says they are right. Sid says this is unbelievable, you got Roshni married off when she was just 5 years old. Well we are leaving from this madness. Nani says if Sid-Roshni leave and Bansi spills the beans, we will all be in trouble.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. WHAAATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLIP THIS WRITERS I hate this bullshit

  2. Waaaaauuuuwwwwww…what is DD secret..i really want to know

  3. Whenever a good occasion comes always 10 bad or even worst things just stand in line behind the good one ……..i just hate dis !!!!!!!!!!???

  4. josphine muthoni

    what hell does this mean….its now boring

  5. Stupid writer this shabnam story is not done yet and these foolish writer director n so on already jumping on a next track
    To be honest all these Indian SERIES have some old secret in them waiting to reveal

  6. How can you marry off a 5 year old? India has no laws?

    1. well laws needs 2 b dynamic to b flexible enough with changing times

      surely child marriage is a thing of past where d bride [ girl child ] stays with her parents till d time of her physical & mental maturity to b a wife

      can’t say how dd got into this but its a more of rural thing & more of a criminal offense

    2. India has laws against child marriage.. But many years back there was no law and was a common thing. Still few rural places do it. To prevent that awareness s being created through TV serials… But I don’t knw how they managed to show DD getting into all these stuff.. Given how she is nd her thinking it seems inappropriate… Let’s see wat unfolds though.. Not having good hopes though.

  7. so dumb

  8. Why is it that a new problem always come the day they solve the previous problem?why can’t they bring all the problems together & give solutions?hate that!

  9. Geez, what the hell is this bullshit now. Bansi?

  10. Writers pls end this show if you have nothing interesting to show. You are right Zainab, there is always a new the day they solve the previous one. Please Sud and Roshni should be happy for once..

  11. do any of u guys know where to watch the full episode cause on the zee tv website the only allow you to see 1 min of the episode, if any of u do know a website in which u can watch full episodes of jamai raja could u plz comment the link thx

  12. this is the end not watching jamai raja I guess

  13. Why can’t dd tell all her secrets to the family and have a safe life Ahead…. Pls sid go to court and say banai said for bal vivvah and send her to jail and life happily… We want to see u both happy

  14. Thats nonsense why change the story line

  15. Wat now n how can anyone married their5yr old child n wen grow up forget about wat crap

  16. Simple these directors are creating non sense… Till it was family drama I was happy ki every time they give little gap by keeping sid nd roshini together. Now they are crossing limits nd competing other shows in showing bakwaas

  17. Are the writers retarded or what . In these modern times who goes by ancient traditions of promises made to kids. Writers better change the track soon.

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