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The Episode starts with Sid and Roshni coming to the competition venue. Roshni argues with a competitor team member. The goon calls someone and says everything is happening as per his plan, and if anyone interferes then he will move them from their way. Beeji asks Bua Dadi to support Roshni and her child. Bua Dadi is angry and says am I their enemy. She pretends to leave the house. Nani talks sweetly and asks her to stay at their house. Nani Maasi says she is so middle class and asks Nani to let her go. Nani asks DD to stop her, and says everyone’s blessings are important for the baby. She asks her not to behave like Nani Maasi. Beeji and Simran tries to stop her. DD asks Bua Dadi to stop. Ayesha tells Sid and Roshni that her house was very small. Sid asks did you remember your address? Ayesha

says it is near the bus stand. Sid looks on surprisingly.

DD asks if the drama have ended or still something remaining. She asks her to listen, and says she don’t have any intention to leave from this house. She didn’t wear even her slippers. Simran and Beeji say that they didn’t see. DD asks the servant to keep her stuff in the room. Bua Dadi says no. DD says she knows about their acting and could send her to Jail, but she didn’t do as she is not like her. She says we are taught to respect elders since our childhood. She says I am stopping you as you are Roshni’s bua saas and I don’t want Roshni to feel bad in her pregnancy. She asks her to go to her room. Bua Dadi goes to her room. Simran thanks DD.

The servant comes to DD and shows Roshni’s medicines. DD tells that Roshni forgot to take her medicines and gets worried. The announcement is made for the competition “ live dance challenge” to begin. The competitors dance on the medley songs………….Everyone watches the performance. Everyone applaud for them. The announcement is made for NGO kids to perform. Roshni says no one can perform better than you all, and wishes them best.

Ayesha performs on the song Rang Tere Preet Ka………….. and Bezubaan kab se with the NGO kids. Roshni and Sid are happy seeing her performance. Ayesha falls down at the middle of the performance. Sid and Roshni gets tensed. She shows them thumps up. Ayesha along with other kids dance on Vande Mataram………………She comes back to them. Sid says you have done it wonderfully. Roshni likes her dance. Someone spills juice on Ayesha and insists to take her to washroom. Roshni says she will take her to washroom.

The lady hears Sid talking to Kesar and saying DD has come. The lady comes to Roshni and tells her that her mum came. Roshni says she can’t leave Ayesha here. The lady tells your mum seems to be worried. She calls someone and asks him to be ready. DD comes to the venue and scolds Sid for forgetting the medicine at home. Sid says he kept the medicine in the bag. DD asks him to send Roshni out and she will take her home. The lady kidnaps Ayesha and takes her out of washroom.

Ayesha asks the lady, where she is taking her as the stage is at the opposite end. The lady keeps hand on Ayesha’s mouth as Sid is seen going from there and looks for Roshni. He sees Roshni coming and asks where are you? He tells DD has come. Roshni says she is about to go. The announcement is made for the winners, to be NGO kids. Roshni says she is not going anywhere and will celebrate with NGO kids. Sid asks her to listen as DD has come. Roshni says we will take Ayesha with us. Sid asks Roshni to go and he will bring Ayesha. Roshni leaves. She comes out and sees DD standing. DD asks where was you? Roshni sees the car and gets suspicious. She goes near the car and asks to open the door, while the driver tries to start the car.

Roshni asks them to open the car door and gets kidnapped too as they pulled her inside. DD runs after the car and falls down. Sid comes out and runs after the car. DD asks Sid to do something. Sid sits on the bike and tries following car. Roshni asks the kidnappers to stop the car and knocks on the window. The kidnapper lady makes Roshni smell chloroform. Sid follows wrong car and gets tensed seeing Roshni not in it.

Sid reaches the Dargah. The kidnappers too reach there with Ayesha and Roshni. They took out and Ayesha unconscious burqa clad Roshni from car and start walking. A Qawali……Bhardo Jhooli Meri Ya Mohammed………plays………..while Sid searches for his Roshni. Sid goes past her, but didn’t notice as she is wearing burqa. Roshni don’t see him as she is unconscious. Roshni’s mangalsutra falls down. Sid comes inside the dargah and prays for his Roshni. Roshni and Ayesha are kept captive in one of the rooms of dargah. Roshni gains consciousness and tries waking up Ayesha. The goons come there. Roshni asks them to let them go. The goon asks her to keep quiet as no one will hear her. She tells she is Roshni Patel, daughter of a famous jewellery store owner DD Patel and wife of Khurana Builders Owner. The goon try to beat her. Roshni asks them not to beat her and cries. The lady says she is not part of our kidnapping plan. The goon tells that Bhai will decide what to do about her. Sid comes out of Dargah and sees the fallen mangalsutra on the ground. He understands Roshni is here.

DD and everyone see the Roshni’s recording sent by the kidnappers. Roshni tells that kidnappers asked for 10 crores of rupees to be send to them. Sid promises to bring Roshni and his child back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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