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The Episode starts with DD checking the files. Amol looks at her and thinks she is getting trapped in my net. I will change everything once I steal papers. Tadka singh/Sid brings tea. Amol spills tea intentionally on DD and apologizes to her. DD says it is okay, I will go and change clothes. Sid says I will bring another tea. Amol takes the original papers and replaces it with fake ones. He gives the papers to someone and thinks Yash will get justice now, will get Roshni and DD’s property. DD comes downstairs to have food. Tadka Singh brings the food. Resham looks at him carefully. Roshni asks if she needs anything. DD asks her to sit silently. Resham says okay and sits down. She asks Tadka singh to serve her food right away. Tadka Singh says okay. He serves rice in her plate.

Resham asks

him to serve dal. He serves dal. Resham asks for roti. Resham asks DD, what is wrong with her. She says I am normal but he is not normal. She attacks on his beard and takes out his fake beard. Roshni is shocked. Resham says he is a betrayal. Sid takes out his moustache and turban, and shows his face. Amol, DD, Resham are shocked. Sid keeps his turban and asks DD to say. DD says you blo*dy, disgusting human being, how dare you? She says wow Roshni, you always supports an outsiders. Roshni says mom…..Kesar says you said right. We shall get him arrested.

Roshni says Chachu…DD says obviously, and is about to call Police. Sid sits down on sofa and asks her to ask Amol to call Police, as he knows some police men. Amol says it is a nonsense. DD says he is a street man always. Sid refuses to go. Sid says I am owner of the house, and nobody can throw me out of house. DD asks what is he saying? Sid says I will clear the doubts. HE asks Roshni to bring some papers from their almari. DD asks Kesar, what is he saying? Roshni brings papers. Sid asks DD to read it and get answers. Roshni asks Sid what is this. She reads the papers and says how can this house be on his name. She says I have got these papers kept in bank. A fb is shown, Sid sees Amol changing papers, and thinks to do something. DD asks Roshni if she is also involved. Amol says I said right that his eyes are on your wealth. Sid says I am going to be her damad, Roshni’s husband and asks who are you, an outsider.

A fb is shown again, Bunty and his gang take the papers from the goon and handover it to Sid. Fb ends. Sid thinks I am sorry Sasumom, this is the only way to save your property from going to Amol. DD tears the papers and asks Sid to say. Sid asks who made you big business icon, and says there are many copies of these papers. DD says he can never be my jamai. Sid says truth is that your daughter is mine now. Amol thinks what I will tell to Yash now. Sid says I was about to tell you, but Resham was in a hurry. DD is about to slap him, but Sid holds her hand. Sid says saas and daughter is with me now. He says I have everything now, money, bank balance etc. He asks DD not to worry, and says he is going to be her Jamai soon.

DD gets teary eyes and goes. Sid thanks Resham. Kesar scolds Resham. Roshni asks DD what was he doing? Sid says I don’t have any other way. Amol thinks what to tell Yash now. Sid comes to Amol and beats him. Amol tries to get his phone. Sid keeps his feet on his hand. He says you have taken this Jamai Raja for granted and thought you will play with us. He says you are a big goon, thought to loot mum and daughter. He says Roshni is his wife and DD is his mum. He says I saw you changing papers. He says I have beaten your goons so badly that they will never work for you and asks him to back off.

Sid calls Amol and asks for money. Amol refuses to give money and asks him to do whatever he wants to.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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