Jamai Raja 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kritika’s lawyer questioning Sid and tells he with DD killed Rajveer. Sid says he single handedly raised 800+ crores business and is the sole owner of it. Lawyer asks if he is thinking of bribing him. Sid says he is not and says does he think such a rich man will kill anyone himself instead of hiring a supari killer. He takes out gun and tells he will kill him. Lawyer gets afraid and throws things on him. Sid shoots fake bullet and says just like got afraid, even DD got afraid seeing Roshni in Rajveer’s clutch.

Kritika comes into witness box and says she wants to withdraw case as DD is innocent. Sid reminisces explaining her outside that Rajveer was a big criminal, wanted to kill her and it was god’s wish to vanish him from the world to stop troubling

his people. Judge dismisses case and pronounces DD innocent. Sid says Kritika he is proud of her and will take care of his sister his whole life.

DD goes back to her home and sees Yash consoling Sam. Yash says Sam is a brave girl and handled the situation bravely. DD says she is relieved now that Rajveer is no more to trouble her family.

Biji tells Raj that she is happy that Kritika took back case and made her proud. He says he is proud that she is Khurana family’s daughter. Simran asks how did she forgive DD so easily. Sid tells he convinced her and she accepted the truth and took back the case, she is a big hearted girl. Roshni says she will not forgive Kritika’s help her whole life. Kritika comes with injured hands in white clothes. Simran asks why is she wearing white clothes. Kritka says there is nothing left in her life now and it is colorless now. Raj asks her to forget past and start a new life as she as a long life ahead. Sid also says same. She says she did what he requested, but he should not force her more, Rajveer will be in her life throughout her life and it is her final decision. She picks Rajveer’s ash pot and thinks she will punish each person and will snatch their happiness, she will make Sid cry his whole life and snatch his Roshni from him.

Precap: Sid asks Roshni how is Sam. She says doc told Sam needs someone’s support to get out of the trauma. Sid thinks of speaking to Yash to support Sam emotionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. U don’t give a proper update…..u miss many parts…plz give a proper update….

  2. …..plz give a proper update….u miss many parts…

  3. Cn anyone giv proper update.. I miss todays episode.. the update doesnot luks full episode…

  4. could you tell me what is wrong with kritika like she does not have any understanding girl your husband was a murdering crook what the hell you thought would eventually happen to him you are lucky he got off with just a bullet to the chest because it should have been more torture for him just like what he did to his victims rajveer is evil incarnate you know what that is well do your research because he killed so many people and you are very lucky because you were suppose to be his next victim it is a good thing that roshini followed him because as soon as you handed over the money bam his goons had orders to out your light kill you so you should be grateful and say thanks instead of bearing all this animousity towards sid dd and roshini girl wake up and smell the coffee the man you called your husband was nothing but a beast in human form he intended to scrape you family dry of every cent they had including property so again thank roshini and dd they did you a big favour sending rajveer to hell the only thing I regret is that it was tooooooooooo easy a death for him he died toooooooo soon before bringing all his evil deeds in the light for everyone to see it would have been soooooooooo nice to see rajveers face when he was expose before both families and now you are putting yourself in the same boat carrying on with all this hatred please kritika behave yourself and go get some counselling before you end up in a mental institution with no one on your side

    1. Nice speech gloria keiller

  5. Sid plz don’t believe kratika she is pretending to be good in front of you guys she still get a nasty mind hear she na that she will snatch everyone happiness n roshni away from you dont know why you peoples always believe ppls so easy sid what u think she will leave you ppls alone i dont think so up to yeaterday she mourning for rajveer and today she is something different what wrong with u ppls how can u think she change so fast she a two faces snake

  6. Ya Rajveer had died so easily, b4 everyone know about him wat are all he done to their families. first simran have to know abt Rajveer and krithika.

  7. i hope so k agay ki episodes m SidNi k beech duriyaan na aye kritika ki waja se.

  8. Kritika has no brains

    1. Kritika has no brains

      1. Kritika has no brains

  9. I am not convinced that Rajveer is really dead.Who knows if this is his game plan.Kritika is just a heartless idiot.Let her remain fixated in her stupidity.

  10. Yip u Neva know where they bring him back from death

  11. U dont dive proper update u miss many parts plz give proper update

  12. Y did u copy my comment n name Mr fan

    1. Who copied???????

  13. What the shit is happening over here . I mean rajveer didn’t got exposed and now that ugly stupid and silly kritika . Oh my god these writersss…………….

  14. Fan copied my comment n name……I hate u fan

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