Jamai Raja 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with DD getting the goons arrested. The Inspector thanks her. DD calls Kesar and asks him to take Inspector to have coffee. She sees a burqa clad woman hiding and asks her to lift her veil. The woman lifts her veil and starts crying. DD asks her to stop crying and asks her to tell about the goons who were behind her. The woman tells she is Shabnam, and the persons were the goons. She tells about her marriage and tells she didn’t get a job in Dubai. She adds that agency people wanted to sell her off. She asks DD to save her. DD says it is okay. Kesar comes and asks who is she? The woman gives her necklace and tells that she snatched her necklace from the goons. DD stops her and asks her to stay at her house for tonight. The woman agrees. DD says it is going to be evening, and

says you are not safe. She says you can stay at my place until we make arrangements for your stay. The woman thanks her.

Roshni asks Ayesha about her stuff which she didn’t let anybody touch. Ayesha brings her stuff. Roshni opens up the stuff and sees a photo. She is about to see the photo, but just then she hears Nani Maasi voice. Nani Maasi scolds DD for bringing a stranger home. Sid says you might have enquired about her. DD says she is scared, so that’s why I brought her here. Nani Maasi says we don’t know anything about her religion. DD says I don’t need to say anything and I don’t want to judge anyone on the basis of religion. Sid says I agree with Sasumom. DD talks sweets with Shabnam and asks her to stay in her house till she makes arrangements for her stay. Shabnam smiles. While Sam and Krutika are having food, a waiter does something with the AC. Suddenly hot air comes from inside, and both of them faint. Shabnam talks to someone and says I have reached here. She says she will handle everything. Sam and Bua Dadi enter the room. Bua Dadi asks Sam to open Yash’s button fast. She thinks they will trap Krutika and Sid will kick her out of house.

In the night, Shabnam walks in the house secretly and looks in every room. She sees Nani Maasi sleeping in her room and then comes to Roshni’s room. She smiles looking at Ayesha. Nani Maasi catches Shabnam in Roshni’s room and gathers everyone. She asks DD to question Shabnam. DD asks what you was doing in Roshni’s room. Ayesha calls her didi and asks you are here? DD says Shabnam is hiding something from her and asks Kesar to call the Police.

Nani Maasi asks Shabnam to sit outside. Ayesha asks to leave her Didi, and shows her photograph with Shabnam. DD looks at the photo.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sid was looking extreme Hottt today…. No comments abt the epi…????

  2. is ayesha that woman daughter or something
    and sam u going good hope this time yash leave u for good still cant believe that u can do something so shameful like this to your husband when he find out that u was behind it he shld not forgive u

    1. Shabnam is shown to b her sister

  3. tht woman is hher sister

  4. But her intention is not good. She just wants to harm Roshni and her family. I think somehow she is connected with Gafur……
    It was shown in sbs…..

  5. That man that is behind all this – he looks like he is the guy that DD took diamonds from … do you remember she needed diamonds and he wasn’t going to sell them to her but she did something and compelled him to sell… I think it’s that guy and he wants revenge.

    As for the writers – okay so you take DD from one extreme to the other. She hates Ayesha becuase she is a street child and then you show her do complete 180 and bring another street woman in to the house….??? Writers are completely stupid… and somehow, she will blame this on Sid too.

    As for Sam – not really her fault. she accepted his niece and nephew and doing good job of raising them… but Krituka took her husband and it is normal for Sam to be upset that she’s working with Yash. Krituka should have never taken that job – really stupid of her.
    and why are the dhadi and nani masi still around…??? they came for a wedding… this is ridiculous.

  6. Kritika is not blameless in a lot of things but all the blame is going on her for Rajveer. He sought out Kritica purposely to hurt Sid and take over his family’s money. She has changed and is trying to sort out her life. Those two old wretches need to go back home. Why are they still there. Bua Dadi and Nani Massi needs to go home. They are a source of disarray. AS for Sam she has forgotten that she has a very shady past and I do believe Yash os too good for her. He needs to kick her out of his house and cut all ties. Its just that she will go back to DD’s house and make everyone’s life a living hell.

    There needs to be some real happiness in this show. Its from one drama to another. Sid and Roshni needs to go to their own home and live their lives. Too much communal living.

  7. Guys just stop watching this nonsense and start watching “Suits” you will know about actual drama and comedy and more than that everyone’s acting.

  8. Enough is enough Kick out the 2 old ladies They attitude is shameless And DD !!. Totally a diff Attitude for a stranger Really writers?? . I am thinking to stop watching these serials. VERY Bad writing : Evil is good ??? OMG.

  9. Confused, so Ayesha couldn’t mention to them she had a sister who could take care of her?

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