Jamai Raja 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Raj complaining Simran that he cannot drink bitter gourd juice and needs kheer/sweet. Sid comes and says let him eat what he wants and get ill, takes out choc from Raj’s pocket and asks how did it come in his pocket. Raj says it must have flown from somewhere and drinks juice. Sid asks Simran why did she make kheer today. Raj says mother can sense son’s arrival, so she prepared it for him. He says it is amazing and everyone should eat except Raj. He says he will leave for hotel now. She asks him to have food. He says he will have it at hotel and leaves. Raj asks Simran if they are doing right by hiding a secret from their son.

Resham and Roshni with other NGO kids try to engage Priya in their game. Resham plays dumb charades and Priya identifies the

movie. Roshni thinks Priya interacted today because of Resham. She goes to home and tells about it to Sid. Naani calls them to come down soon. They come down and are surprised to see Bablu and Pratima there. They both happily hug them. Naani says DD brought them back home. Sid asks DD if she really has changed and thanks her for bringing back Bablu and Pratima. DD asks him to thank Rajveer as he brought them. Rajveer says he is this house’s son and it is his duty to keep his family united. Sid and Roshni are shocked to hear that. Once they all go in, Roshni asks when it was his idea, how can Rajveer know about it. Sid thinks it does not matter who brought them there, for him only family’s unity matters. Roshni says she will attend Pratima and come back, till then he should prepare noodles for her.

Rajveer sees 5-star hotel parking slip falling from Sid’s pocket and thinks he should find out Sid’s secret.

Roshni asks Bablu to give her nek/gift before entering his room. He says he married 2 years ago. Pratima says their suhaagraat is already over 2 years ago. Sid jokes that Roshni should let Bablu in and asks Bablu to give her nek. Samaira comes there and taunts that Roshni is need of money and should get nek. Rajveer apologizes Roshni on behalf of Samaira. Bablu says both sisters with sort out their differences. Mona says Samaira is becoming arrogant day by day. Bablu gives nek to Roshni and she gets happy. Rajveer thinks he should find out how did Sid get 5-star hotel parking slip.

In the morning, Sid and Roshni are sound asleep. Alarm rings, Sid wakes up and gets mesmerized with Roshni’s beauty, apologizes her for not consumating their marriage even after so many days of marriage. She says she is waiting for that special day. He asks if she hears all his conversation in sleep. She says she knows him well now and tries to get romantic. He wakes up. she pushes back and says she is proud of him as he loves her a lot and is different from others. He says he will try to behave like other people tonight. She says he does not have courage for that. He says he will leave it to her and tries to kiss her, but gets a phone call. She asks him to get away from her sautan first. He picks call and leaves. She thinks she will wait for a special moment where only they both will be there and no one else. He thinks he will wait for a day when he can win DD’s heart.

Precap: DD is on phone and asks Sid to note down address. Sid gets tensed seeing his hotel’s address.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. get this soap moving it is going nowhere it is moving toooooooooooooooooo slow and drawn out imagine all this time and roshini and raj have not consummate their marriage bullllllllllllllllllll writers come on do something and stop prolonging the inevitable.

  2. Really! Oh my they haven’t consummate their marriage writers plz, unless that man is gay sleeping next to his wife and haven’t touch her maybe sid is a saint lol

  3. This show is so very slow when will add get to know the did is more richer than her

  4. it soooooo boring lm getting tired!!!!!

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