Jamai Raja 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Anya asking Simran to leave for there for her son’s happiness. Simran blesses her and says they shall leave. She tells that she is keeping party for the celebration of Anya and Sid’s marriage and invites them. Naina says we will come. Simran asks Anya to come with them. Naina blesses Anya. Anya apologizes to her and asks her to take care. Sid looks on sadly and shattered as he walks off from the house. A sad song…..kabhi alvida na kehna plays…………..Neil asks Roshni to come. Sid and Anya reach Khurana house. Simran does their aarti. She asks Anya to come inside, and asks her to take care of their house happiness and peace. Anya steps inside the house kicking the kalash. Anya touches her feet and bless her. Simran sees Sid not touching her feet and blesses Anya again.

Raj goes sadly. Simran hugs Anya. She says you are my ego, lakshmi etc of the house. She takes her to Sid’s room and says it is yours from today. Anya looks on. Simran says it is messy, but I will clean it. She picks something and Roshni’s pic falls down. Simran angrily picks it and is about to tear it, but Anya stops her and says I will take care of everything. Krutika brings bangles and gives to Simran. Simran makes Anya wear it and asks her to get ready for evening party.

Neil romances with Roshni. Roshni feels Sid instead of him, but then is shocked to Neil. Naina and Mitul enter their room and laugh. Mitul says it seems they will make us Dadi soon. Roshni runs to washroom and is upset. Mitul tells Naina about Neil’s past. Naina says she is sure that Ragini’s love will heal everything. Roshni goes to washroom and cries badly looking at her bangles, sindoor etc. Sid also cries looking at her pic. Chhan se jo toota song plays…..Roshni cries and thinks she has sacrificed for Sid and Anya’s baby. She says she is feeling suffocated and couldn’t live. Sid says I was breathing, you have snatched my breath and made me live suffocated. He asks what wrong did I do. He asks who gave you a liberty to kill me again.

Sen Gupta family come to Simran’s house. Simran welcomes them and says this is your house only. Raj also says the same thing. Simran says all family is one now. She says since Anya entered our house, it is happiness all around, but one thing is remaining. Naina asks what? Simran says I thought they shall do one ritual infront of us, and says she can’t let her bahu without mangalsutra, and that’s why thought Sid will make Anya wear mangalsutra infront of all. Sid, Roshni and Anya are shocked. Simran asks Sid to make Anya wear it. Simran asks Sid to hold it and why is he shying? Sid makes Anya wear mangalsultra shattering Roshni. Simran smiles. Raj, Krutika and Bunty are sad for Sid. Roshni cries remembering her marriage with Sid. Mitul sees her.

Sid tells Anya that he want to go away from the house, and will go to London. Naina hears it and faints. She tells Simran that she wants Sid and Anya to stay at her house. Everyone looks on shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh crap man how many times they want to make Sid ghar Jamai come on yaar!
    I blame Roshni she should’ve tried to at least confront Sid about it.
    Also if she didn’t walk away from Sid 2 years back none of this would’ve been happening
    I rest my case.

    1. I hate Roshanie.. She such a stupid..

  2. I really think sid should just leave n go away for real

  3. Mannalia – if that would have happened, you wouldn`t be watching the show today…it`s a drama. Go with the flow!

  4. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I can’t believe it that roshni got married to Neal even though she loves siddharth roshni will run away from that house she will go back to siddharth coz she can’t love that Neal coz roshni siddharth loves each other so much

  5. angel persaud

    I hate roshni
    When will sid ever lead a happy life????

  6. Rossini is soooo blo*dy annoying bruv like ur not a kid u need to deal with ur problems ur self she thinks that may stupid decision she makes Sid will fix it she actually low key treats Sid like a slave man like she only uses him when she needs him stupid b*t*h and anyway I don’t even like the actress who plays here either tbh

  7. sabeta peters

    Pack of nonsense

  8. Did or roshani ki shadi kerwa do

  9. It’s Simran to be blamed!!! Not Roshni. Roshni realized her mistake and wanted to rectify it but Simran did everything not to let that happen. Clearly, she doesn’t care for her sons happiness.

    1. No not simran how can she bear every time roshni will make mistake because of her sid is distraught so she hated roshni like anything and simran take care of roshni like anything and also acted poor and lived in poor house and also sid always thought about roshni and her family and he is about to loss his life but then also an forgive roshni but now she again made blame on sid so simran has cried for 2 years and when she got know that roshni changed to ragini she is distrought. though roshni knows simran hates her then how can she believe her and not clearing doubt in sid?? it’s all roshni’s fault now can she think sid could make mistake though he loves her a lot but till now he don’t hurt other n.a.??how can she think that if anya’s baby is his means how can be will allow to kill that?? only sid loves roshni and roshni will always misunderstand sid always till now..and think misunderstanding is deep love than sid. And how many times she could misunderstand sid?? He before only told he has not married anya but she believe in others instead of sid?and make others life crappy..oh poor neil? u married her now is life will b like sid always crying for her ??

  10. is serial ko band kardijiye ya fir shi se dikhai itna khichne ki kya jrurt hain bilkul bkbas krdiya hain hr time sid or roshni ko alg hi dikhaya bht bkbs ho gya h yh serial…

  11. fan of jamai raja

    how come they dont remember ayesha……when such baby topic comes…..when roshni can sacrifice for sid n anya’s baby……..what about their child ?? idiotic n one morething even if mithul says roshni’s ex husband was sid’s cousin …….don’t neil have common sense…when roshni was given d drug….she clearly says …i loveu “siddarth”…n also during engagement sid also tells kab tak “roshni” ke liye inthzaar karenge…….dont neil remember all these ….he should have thought about these atleast once….then this drama wouldn’t take place….

  12. Yup, you’re absolutely correct 100% when u tell that simran is fully responsible for what happened to Sid and Anya, roshni and Neil. If she never interfere from the beginning of season 2, I mean Anya’s issue, Sid and roshni would have got back together. But, no. So now, she destroyed her son’s life totally without caring about his happiness. I really hate her and yes, roshni not to be blamed because, she did want to rectify her mistake n get back together with her love of live, Siddharth. But, unfortunately it never happened because his mother. She is so selfish. Now, I have no idea how this two love birds will get together because of roshni’s marriage n his mother.

    1. Roshni knows simran hates her and don’t want to b with sid.. then how can she marry neil without taking once and clearing doubt in sid.. is it correct roshni will always misbelief sid because if she truly loves sid ..she knows sid will not make mistake and he will not let the baby die if it’s his baby or others also.. he cared so much of ayesha though it’s not his baby??she knows that how can roshni do this ??though they interfere or not roshni will anybody interfere or not but she will always misunderstood sid make her life crappy and others too…poor sid ?and neil(they made story and he thought don’y want her early bad life and don’t what roshni’s life to b suffer anymore since every time she will cry but now it’s the time Neil to get by marreing misunderstood queen roshni?..

  13. mannangatta! what the hell is going on? . That stupid roshni!!. I jst hate her. Sid ne uske liye kya kuch nahi kiya? . Uske bavjood usne sid ko choda. wo sud ki pyar ki laayak hi nahi hain. ehsaan faramosh. Sid , just leave her. Let her be with that idiot neil. and u pleaase be happy:-)

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