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The Episode starts with DD initializing enmity between Sid and her and asks Nani to come with her. Sid and his family come home, and see band playing. Raj asks Simran if she called the band. Simran says no. He says let’s go inside and see. They come inside and see the decorations. Misha shows the Sid weds Misha board. Sid gets shocked. Misha tells that their marriage is after 3 days and they will become husband and wife. She reminds him of the signatures which he signed on the paper and shows it. Sid shows the paper to Roshni and says that’s why he didn’t want to sign on the paper. He asks if she is happy? Roshni looks on shockingly. Simran asks what is all this? While Misha enjoys the band, Sid shouts asking them to stop it. He says no marriage is happening here. Misha asks Sid, you will marry

me naa? Sid says he had gone mad to sign on those papers without thinking anything. He makes it clear that he is not going to marry her. He tells Roshni that he will never marry Misha and makes an announcement. Misha is shocked and acts as getting unconscious.

DD tells the lawyer that she can’t see her husband’s killer freely roaming. The lawyer says he can’t do anything. Someone comes and says everything should happen as Durga says. DD identifies him as Arora and hugs him.

Doctor comes and checks Misha. He tells everyone that Misha’s condition deteriorated because of them. She tells that she will do her work. Doctor acts as giving him electric shock. Everyone feel her pain. Roshni couldn’t see Misha in pain and promises her that Sid will marry her. Sid looks on disgusted. Doctor says Misha is calm as you said that. Sid tells Roshni that he will not marry Misha and will spend his rest of life with her(Roshni). Sid asks why you are getting selfish. Sid says whatever I did is for others till now. If I don’t want to marry the person I am not in love with, then I am selfish. He says he is selfish and don’t want to sacrifice. He says he is getting Misha’s treatment by a good doctor and can’t sacrifice his whole life. He says I love you Roshni and gets closer to her.

Sid tells her that there is no existence of his without her. Ishq Sachcha Wahi Jisko Milti Nahi Manzilein……..plays…….. Roshni turns her face. Sid holds her closer and says I have right on your soul and you have right on mine. Hamari Adhuri song plays………Roshni closes her eyes and hugs him. They get emotional. Roshni leaves from there.

DD meets her friend and says you have become a big doctor in Singapore. He shows his family pic. DD shows her family pics. Arora tells that he feels that he has seen Misha somewhere. DD looks on. Roshni comes to Sid’s room and hugs his shirt while the song ……………..Mere Rubaro Tu Hi plays……She cries.

Arora tells DD that Misha is obsessed with a guy and her condition. DD tells that their wedding is going to happen and understand that she is acting to be mad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Roshni don’t b selfish.. Plsss…don’t let sid marry that mental misha…

    1. I just love the precap..come on dd..I’m happy that soon misha going to b caught..yesss…

  2. Y is this misha doesn’t see the scenes when sid is there with roshni

  3. Roshni don’t b selfish .. Pls…
    Dont let sid marry that mental Misha

  4. Love the precap
    It is going to be fun to watch that mental Misha caught:) 🙂

  5. Plzz unite sid and roshni nd expose misha with al evidences of the events occured durng the last few days nd end this drama asap on a happy note.. can’t bear 2 loving souls going through such ( misha made ) hard tyms .. love their love , sacrifices be with themselves or with their family.. a great bond is shwn (y)

  6. I think DD will expose mental misha

  7. Please unite them 2.as time pass for them things only gets worst.poor them.please oh lord

  8. unknown I really hope so because I am fed up with crazy misha it is about time her crazy act comes to an end I really like how sid stand up to her if only roshini would support him in this way and do not let misha push her buttons

  9. this misha has everyone working for her even the doctor what sid should do is take her to his own doctor for a check up and let the truth unfold once and for all another thing what about the mother and father why don’t they try to get away from those goons at least one of them and head straight for sids place and let all find out what is really going on and that she murdered shiv cant sid and roshini see that crazy misha belongs in a mental institution my gosh her actions says it all

  10. princess sofia

    Seriously,u plpe r draggin nd its annoyin

  11. Wow love the scenes between sid n roshni
    When both of them come together it always reminds of me n my boyfriend iqraan getting close to eachother

  12. Awwwwww….ty u bae #malika you’re always romantic n always follows roshni steps whenever she n sid romance
    Better you’re better

  13. Yes Sid….Put your foot down!!!! They think a mad (childlike behaviour) woman could plan all of that? That should be a clear indication she faking!

  14. Oh yeah nice episode meesha on the go Dr aroro will determine the end of meeah’ s acting

  15. Fed up of this misha hope this arora doctor find out the truth about misha and roshni is so soft n emotional that why she always falling for misha nonsense i think she shld pull up socks and stop feeling sorry for that mad woman she need to be strong and not act like some emotional fool

  16. OMG ar these ppl for real, Misha is such a fat faced ugly Witch, is this the best actress they cud get!!!!!!! An this storyline is deployable to say the least, how shocking to allow us to continue seeing this shit!!!!!! I don’t hav the feeling to watch this crap!!!! NOT GOOD AT ALL, absolutly crap!!! To the writeR, pls stop this soap. What a waste,,,,,

  17. Shame why is comments reviewed first, then why bother ask us to comment in the first place. So scared!!!!!!!! Huh huh huh

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  18. I hope ,finally, this Meesha drama comes to an end Please DD. Reveal that mad meesha to sid and Roshni

  19. I hope Misha gets caught she deserves it how can she think she can separate sid and roshni
    It s like separate ING cookie and milk

  20. Roshni is such an idiot! That story line is too unreal. Which woman will actually try to force the man she loves, her soul mate, to marry another woman.. Stupid, unrealistic story line! When a show stops being entertaining, then it’s time to stop watching.

  21. Interesting episode.

  22. The scipt so far is becoming more and more unbelievable…..too humanly twisted to be real. Misha obviously is a confirmed cracko yet DD/The Khuranas,inspite of their intelligence, couldn’t see through her. SO SO LAME! Roshni is supposed to have a mind of her own yet she is portrayed as spineless and a pushover. IF Sid goes through with the wedding with the cracko,then he has to be a cracko also. DD only seems to be the sane one.Let’s see what role is given to Arora…hopefully the director adds him to open the eyes of all the gullibles!

  23. Come on roshni don’t be so stupid

  24. Meesha why u so obsesse with sid gal we wanna know lie that he weds u when every body know

  25. Guys the track of misha,sid n rishni made it interesting n suspense isnt

  26. I just hate this misha please expose her so she lives

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