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The Episode starts with DD calling Roshni, Nani, Mona, and Raj, but their phones are switched off. Shaku is seen kidnapping Raj and throws his phone. Simran gets worried about Raj. Bunty comes and says Papa isn’t at home. Krutika tries calling Sid, but his number is unreachable. Krutika says there is something wrong for sure. They get worried. Bansi pushes Shabnam on floor. Shabnam asks why did you change our plan, when we have decided. Bansi says I was worried that our plan will fail and that’s why changed the plan. Shabnam says my plan will never fail and that’s why I took Roshni out of that car. She says I knew that it is the only way to enter home. She says my plan is to separate Roshni and Sid. She says I had killed him, but lost my heart in that Raghu game. I can’t leave him. Kunal will

get Roshni and I will get my Sid. She says I won’t let this family stay peacefully. Bansi tells Shabnam that Sid has to die and asks her to forget him. Shabnam tells that her dreams are safe and warns her asking not to mess with her. The goon says that he had compromised with the car brakes of Sid’s car.

Roshni sits for mehendi. Sid realizes that brakes are not working, and tells DD. He loses the balance. Dr. Shah falls down and dies instantly. DD and Sid try to wake him up and says they have lost the only proofs. Kunal receives the call from goon and is happy. Roshni prays to God. Kunal comes to her and asks her to stop praying. He asks her to show her ego during wedding night. Roshni asks him not to dare touch her. Kunal writes his name on her hand. Roshni cries asking him to leave her. Kunal says I am your real husband. Roshni says Sid’s name is written on my heart and on my every breathe. Shabnam thinks she will remove Sid from her memory. DD and Sid try to take lift. Mona, Kesar and Nani try to open the door. Raj is seen in Shagun’s captivity. Shabnam tells Kunal that she will do everything and asks him to concentrate on his marriage. She signs to Bansi. Bansi asks Roshni to come as the mahurat time has come.

DD and Sid get lift somehow and reach home. Kunal seeks Bansi’s blessings and sits for marriage. Pandit starts the mantras. DD and Sid try to take lift, but it was stuck, so they walk to the stairs. Shabnam says my sister is ready for marriage and smirks. Sid and DD knock on the door, but nobody opens the door. Sid says I will break the door. Just then Roshni opens the door. Sid is shocked to see her villager look. DD is also shocked and couldn’t believe on her eyes. Roshni looks at them.

Roshni greets them and asks whom they want to meet? She tells Bansi that someone came. Sid calls her and asks why she is not identifying him. Roshni asks him to move back. DD and Sid are shocked.

Sid asks Roshni to tell if they have threatened her, and asks what is wrong? Roshni says she is a stranger girl and asks why they are lying? Sid is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. un expected twist but nice to see the episode.waiting for next

  2. wow..what a precap…such a twist again after the dr dies then now roshni.what happen to her.shabnam seriously..she look very nice in her positive role..hhhmm
    what the crap??!!

  3. What the hell they did with roshni??? My goodness!!!!!!!This is really unexpected. And the new get up of siddharth.. I’ve nothing to say about it….

  4. Aziya pohthmi

    This is just shit n i really dnt appreciate the director for making sid to much suffers atleast the doctor must not be die…uff i’ll quit to watch this but all the best sid

  5. #Jamai_raja only #3_Episode left

  6. I could not understand anything is roshni acting not to identify Sid and dd or she really Lost her memory or did the Seriel took a leap

  7. What the Fudge …wat thy did to roshni!!

  8. This is so un believing now this is too much for sid to suffer i feel liking killing bansi and shabnam i hate them i cant see sid suffer so much and whats wrong with roshnii ?

  9. wht they doin for roshin i dnt wnt to se sid suffer and i hate that shit shabnam

  10. Wow,
    No wonder why the people outside the India believe that india is not the place to live?. they don’t place this comment like this trash story.

  11. I think roshni lost her memory but did will do something to get roshni true lovers can never separate from each other

  12. Now this is nonsense i am totally done with this show….i always know roshini is mental n today she prove it by doing that….any bet she didnt lost her memory she only acting so becuz of the things bansi n kunal tell her about not being dd real daughter so that why she must be behavior like this or if not then maybe she really did get married to kunal only god n the writer know what going on…..we fool viewers only have to be guessing all the time????

  13. wat the hell is going on in this serial the latest spoilers were kunal and bansi were arrested…bt now they are showing a crab.. i know roshni is so dumb bt i didnt think she will become a mental. this memory loss drama is soo stupid and sid roshni wadrobe and the new look sucks. problems can come in life but sidni life itself a great problem. when i saw this serial in the top 10 trp ratings i was very happy for the crew and proud to watch this series jamai raja bt now the writters became so stupid and writting some useless scripts writters pls develop we want sidni together

  14. Roshini did not lost her memory.from my opinion I think roshini said that because bansI told her she isn’t DD’S daughter.maybe.

    1. Exactly, that’s also my opinion. She thinks she has no relation with them, that’s why she’s acting

    2. But as soon as sid and dd came they told roshni that dd is her mom

  15. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the dumbest this show has gone it sucks now

  16. Utter Crap! The theme of all these serials is the same……….. Couples who love each other can never be happy! Shabnam…….AGAIN? OMG……….. haven’t we had enough of her? Why do they keep recycling the same stupidness? I will say it again………… these writers are creatively bankrupt. Can’t they come up with something fresh and innovative. I used to like Jamai Raja. It was fun! Now it’s just CRAP!

  17. I think roshni is in shock

  18. actually shabnam done sum thing with roshni to loose her memory power.I think shabnam injected to roshni.

  19. I think Roshni is playing a game and putting on a acting drama in order to fool Bansi , Premal and Kunal. Because thats her only option. Because she realized that shouting and behaving like a crazy idiot is not going to solve anything but just make matters worse than is. She may back fire all their plans on them. Or got a memory loss due to the shock or she believed what Bandi said to her that she is not DD daughter and hates them all

  20. I agree SID has suffered enough. It is time he moves on and finds a better wife who is more deserving of him and won’t come with so much baggage . As for Roshni’s family, Monda, Kesar and Samaaira are they only mute spectators who sit in the back-ground. Maybe they should be become usefuld as spies for SID AND DD


  22. Nice interesting.I love u sid.

  23. Akash Kumar Singh

    Is it the new Roshni, the daughter of the goonda whom Bansi exchanged DD’s healthy baby (Real Roshni).

  24. I think so roshini is acting

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