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The Episode starts with Shabnam telling Raghu that she will go and get ready. Roshni cries as Raghu/Sid is about to wear turban and asks Sid to return to her. Sid says when death can’t separate us, then not even Shabnam can separate us. Roshni says you will win. Sid says yes. Simran tells Roshni that Sid is overacting. Roshni says he went on you….They have a light moment. Roshni tells Simran that DD is looking at Raghu suspiciously and thinks I am having an affair with him. She says DD will be shocked knowing Raghu is Sid. Raghu and Shabnam sit beside each other. Raghu talks sweetly with Shabnam and says he is waiting for his sweet, cutie pie etc. Just then the light is switched off. DD is about to go to Roshni…..but Simran stops her and says they shall talk. Roshni takes the mic and tells that

she wants to tell the story of trust, betrayal etc…..Ek Haseena thi song plays………..Roshni dances with a masked man on the song. Shabnam gets tensed. Sid is sitting beside shabnam and looks at her expressions. They show the video in which Shabnam kills Sid ( which he got made).

Shabnam and everyone is shocked to see the video. The mask man reveals his face and says he was reborn again to take revenge. Shabnam is shocked to see Sid and Raghu standing together. She comes out following Sid asking him to stop there itself else she will shoot him. She says I did a mistake by leaving you last time, but today I will send you back. She shoots at him, but it is not Sid, but his poster. Shabnam is shocked. Police comes there. DD, Roshni, Simran, Sundari and everyone come. Shabnam asks Raghu to save her from all. Raghu/Sid pushes her and asks if she is shocked to see him. He says you tried to kill me, but lost it. He says I gave you three days to accept crime and you couldn’t understand. She asks who are you? Sid says I am your Jija ji….Siddharth Khurana….., Roshni’s husband, and Patel family’s Jamai. Everyone is happy. Shabnam is shocked.

Sid says you deserves punishment and I will not leave you from getting punished. Shabnam says everyone have betrayed me and this means there was no Raghu. I will see everyone. Roshni says stop it…….and holds her hand. She says my mum kept you at home, gave you everything, but you tried to kill my husband, sent my mum to jail and paralysed my nani. She says I want to kill you, but couldn’t because of my upbringing. She asks her to open eye and see and says her Sid has returned and her family is complete now. She asks Police to arrest and take Shabnam. Shabnam shouts that she will see everyone. Roshni and everyone smile happily. Sundari looks on confused.

Lawyer tells that Shabnam is having split personality and they can’t send her to jail on medical grounds. Roshni says she is acting. Sid says we shall help her. DD says your goodness will drown us one day.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode but hate the precap now again they will start another drama
    I read in a news that there will be a new entry and he will claim himself as roshni’s husband
    Pls writers change the track we r bored of this sautan… Track
    Let sid and roshni live their live happily

    1. It’s said to his 1st husband. But I don’t understand that when sid came in roshini life C was all alone and 1 time C realised love. It’s just not possible writters pls stop this sh*t

    2. Afra where is the news bout this second husband ???
      ive checked online .. amd scrad through each and evry jamai ra new entry news .. there is nothing like wht u said

  2. let sid and roshni have sometime together now . stop this crap about this man who is going to be roshni husband.

  3. After all this time, things should settle, but instead more drama will unfold, this time on Roshni’s side. Geezan writers….I just want to see the family interaction. I am fed up with this 3rd relationship wheel thing!

  4. Tired. End it while it lasts please. Atleast we will live it instead of dragging it n dragging it until we become fed up.

  5. This comment is deleted.

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Kya kisi ne tashan -e-ishq ka aaj ka episode dekha h to plz update kr do…

  7. Really… Roshini s getting re married ? Wat s this

  8. Finally this ahabnam nonsense drama is over for now cus i don’t believe she will give up so easily
    Don’t like the sound of the precap sid know very well what shabnam did before he give her a chance but she take advantage of that idk why he want to help her again for…….
    Maybe he have a next plan or this time when shabnam will plot again sid will finish her for real

  9. DD is right in the recap

  10. Wat split personality she is faking n i think sid needs to come clean now

  11. I am sorry but Sid is an ass.hole. how on earth can you fall for that nonsense lie ??? he is dumb and never learns . it is obvious that shabnam paid the doctors to lie… so shabnam will be back home and the whole drama shit from square one will begin all over again. damn.. atleast let us get some peace in the family for atleast a month or just end it right there while it lasts . so we will not lose interest and also older characters will not leave the show, it just spoils the originality of them and looks too weird. please. just end it .

  12. Nice episode but hate precap again drama let sid n roshni live happily

  13. Nice episode but hate precap again drama plz let roshni sid live happily

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