Jamai Raja 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amol exercising in DD’s garden area. DD comes to her. Amol says hi. DD says I want to thank you for helping us genuinely. Amol says I have taken antibiotics and will be fine. He says Roshni didn’t do any mistake and says everything is done by Sid. He says Roshni is too innocent and childish and Sid is too dangerous, can do anything. He says you have snatched golden stick from Sid by snatching Roshni, so he is desperate. DD says ya, thank you. She asks him to carry on and goes. Roshni tells Sid, don’t know what to do to know Amol’s plan. Sid says we have to do some to make this rat come out of the net, and make him meet that man again. Next morning, Ganpath serves food to everyone. DD asks where is Tadka? Ganpath says he went to Gurudwara. Just then Amol gets Sid’s call

and asks if he is having food. Amol says wrong number and cuts call. DD asks Kesar to give him CA’s number. Amol gets Sid’s call again. Sid says you will be beaten when DD will come to know about your secret. Amol excuses himself and comes out. He asks what do you need? Sid says 10 crores rupees.

Amol thinks who is this new player. Roshni tells Sid that they have to do this, and once they get everything then they will distribute. DD hears her and thinks Amol was right. She couldn’t realize that she is betraying her own mum. She calls lawyer and says it is urgent. Amol traces call and comes to the location (a factory). He asks if someone is here. Bunty, Pinto and a man beats him.

Bunty holds Amol and says we knew that you will trace call and come here. He says we need 10 crores of rupees else you don’t know what will happen. He asks him to inform his partner as well. They take out the mask and laugh. Amol cleans his wound with dettol. Sid sees him and thinks to expose him infront of DD. Amol comes out of house and goes to meet Yash, while Sid follows him. Amol comes to the Police station and goes straight to meet Yash. Sid also comes inside the jail. Yash asks Amol to say. Amol tells him about the money. Sid tries to see Yash’s face, but just then Sid’s phone rings. He couldn’t see Yash’s face. Yash asks Amol to activate property plan and do not meet him for some days. Sid tries to see his face. Someone closes the light. He fails to see his face.

Amol asks Roshni to take care of her beauty and says next week is our marriage. Roshni says this is my house, and I will do all work. She says Sid is her husband and will always be her husband till 7 births. She calls him loser and goes. DD comes and asks what happened? Amol asks her to come to side. Sid thinks Roshni hit sixer. Amol tells DD that he can’t control Roshni, and says Sid is manipulating Roshni and trying to get property. DD recalls Roshni talking to Sid, and says she will keep property papers in locker.

Resham comes to tadka singh room and thinks to prove herself innocent, and tadka singh as a betrayal. She searches for proofs in his room. She finds a face glue in his bag and thinks his beard might be fake. She says I have to find out everything. She keeps his stuff and goes. She uses binoculars to keep eye on Sid. She sees Roshni with Tadka and says I don’t believe it. Sid says I have a plan. She thinks why Roshni have stoop so low, and says it is very bad. She sees Roshni hugging Tadka, and thinks she is doing wrong and accused me. I will not leave them. DD checks some papers. Amol thinks to steal those papers and change everything.

Amol spills tea on DD’s clothes and apologizes. She says it is okay and goes to wash the stain. Sid looks on and goes. Amol changes the papers and steals the originals.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Y in this serial fan fiction writing is not there????

    1. Hmm ya I got this is oly serial the both Sid and roshni r always together in every scene so there is no fan fiction is needed to unite them?
      Oh but so much of hateness in family oly always??

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