Jamai Raja 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Simran trying to console Kritka. Kritika shouts that Sid made Rajveer a villian, but he is the main villain who along with Roshni’s family killed Rajveer. DD would have warned Rajveer, but she shot him dead. Simran says Rajveer wanted to kill her and Roshni. Kritika says Rajveer wanted to get away from all this and was about to leave house when she stopped him until they get money. She further shouts that she will not spare Sid, Roshni and DD and asks Simran if she wants to be on her side or Sid’s.

In police station, inspector tells Roshni that she cannot get DD’s bail as this case is different. She will have to prove in court that Rajveer was a criminal in court by producing evidences. Sid comes. Roshni starts crying. Sid promises her that he

will not let DD happen anything and will make everyone say the truth. Simran on the other side consoles Kritika and says she will be on her side whatever it happens.

Court hearing starts and DD comes in witness box. Lawyer asks Roshni to come in witness box and asks her to tell what happened when Rajveer died. Roshni say Rajveer had kidnapped her and even told her that once Kritika gets money, he will kill both he and Kritika. Sid and DD reached the spot and Rajveer got afraid seeing them, he warned DD and Sid to go from there, else he will kill them all. Lawyer says judge that it is a simple open and shut case and culprit is a very big criminal. Kritika’s lawyer enters and says this is not a simple case. He questions Roshni if she hated Rajveer as he married Kritika divorcing Sam. DD’s lawyer says this question is irrelevant in this case. Judge overrules objection. Lawyer asks if she went behind Rajveer. Roshni says she went to save Kritika. Lawyer asks it was her preplan to kill Rajveer. Roshni says she wated to send Rajveer behind bar as her and her family’s live was at risk and even her marriage was at risk. Lawyer shouts that she would have complained, but she wanted her to kill him instead of asking him to go behind bars. He shouts that Rajveer was a very nice man and asks if DD if he was such a good man, why did they kill him and says you all wanted to kill him, so you took him to fort. Roshni says this is all lie. Judge announces lunch break.

A few loafers/eve teasers see Sam in market and start misbehaving with her. They run seeing police jeep. Sam starts crying.

Lawyer questions Simran and asks if she thinks Rajveer was a bad man and wanted to kill Kritika. She stands still. He asks if she thinks they decorated the story and killed Rajveer in lieu of self defence. Simran says she does not about it, but knows they did not like Rajveer, even if he had made any mistake, law is there to take care of him. Lawyer says she is right and shouts that they wanted to kill Rajveer. Roshni says it is lie. Judge asks her to opine only if asked. Lawyer shouts it is a murder and not self defense. DD’s lawyer defense lawyer is trying manipulate case. Defense starts shouting again.

Mom comes home back and sees Yash waiting outside door who says he was passing by and wanted to meet them. She opens door and they are shocked to see Sam trying to hang herself over fan and suicide. Yash rescues her. Sam panics and says people are telling she can sleep with anyone and says Yash she can even sleep with he. He tries to control her, but she continues panicking. He slaps her and then hugs.

Sid asks his lawyer what are the chances of winning. He says very grim as Kritika has hired a very good lawyer who has not lost case till now. Sid says everything is first time in life and he has to make it first. Roshni starts crying, and he hugs and consoles him. Ugly Kritika sees that and tells Simran that her son is consoling Roshni whose mother killed her innocent husband.

Precap: DD tells judge that she shot dead Rajveer and if she had not killed him, he would have killed her daughter, now it is up to him to believe it or not.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this is sooo stupid.
    first – get the facts out there- Kritika came after everythign happened so she cannot be a witness. Second, ask her why she showed up at the Fort??? BECAUSE Rajveer called her there – so how can Roshni lure Rajveer to the fort??
    Third – WHO’S GUN IS IT??? why haven’t they checked that? it’s not DD’s gun so she used Rajveer’s gun… This annoys me soooo much!

    1. ya i am agree with u jk

      1. Please – if the writer’s are watching this space – PLEASE make your stories a little more realistic…. at least get the LAW right!

  2. Wat aboutyesterday’s precap…

  3. here the drama starts again when will this end..i think yash and sam will be together

  4. Crap crap n crap
    Stupid episode alright we all see rajveer get shot but how we didn’t see any funeral or maybe he still alive maybe this is one of his plan or something or he planning something’s else bigs but he just waiting for the right time to start it just saying

  5. This show has so much promised running in the right track in exciting episodes …now….back to crap it has gone…geez

  6. all I can say is even in death rajveer is winning come on writers if you listen to me you will write better scripts for instance rajveer got off tooooooo easy his death was just a bullet and that was it no he killed toooooooooo many and did toooooooooo much evil rajveer was suppose to last a little longer kritika should have reached with the money then ordered by rajveer the goons should have shot kritika killing her and then he should have tried to kill roshini also and then there is where sid and dd comes in and try to rescue roshini and in the process shoot rajveer not killing him but taking him to he police where he will confess to his crimes and then stupid simran after loosing her daughter would see how evil rajveer really is and so his ass would be sent to prison never to be released then raj would take off in simrans ass about the forty million she gave to her daughter to give rajveer exposing rajveer and then stupid simran would see how sid was trying to tell her the truth all along in order to save his family so writers get smart and see what you can do with that script I just give to you

  7. writers it would have been way better to see the look on rajveers face when he was caught and taken in by the police in front of every one whom he tried to scheme so that simran and raj would see for sure what games he was playing with them and that he never loved her daughter kritika this serial would be better with kritika out of the picture so writers do something and wake up rajveer so he can try once more to get his hands on their money and give sid the opportunity to take him down poetic justice is better than what you had planned for rajveer so like I said let him be unconscious and wake him up to carry on with his evil doings just to prove to simran the beast of a man she let marry her daughter LOL

  8. Why do the writer’s forget what they have written in past?
    why doesn’t Sid bring up the fact that Kritika told him Rajveer hit her?
    How about that… when she was lying to get on Sid and Roshni’s good side?
    and what about that perverted old man who wanted to marry Sam – Rajveer Killed him – what about bringing that out?
    I have read in the spoilers that Kritika will come and save DD in court only to torment them all later on – she is the new antagonist.

  9. mujhe yeh show sb shows se zyada acha lagta ta mgr ab ye show b apne plot se hath kr ja raha h.
    writers plz achi script likho nd sachai dikhao.wo chote chote points jo viewers notice krte h ap kyun nai notice karte.

  10. why do all these serials have to atleast once have this annoying case battles its annoying and shows they run out of material so they have to resort most of the episodes in a court

  11. this is completely senseless and makes no sense anymore is best you people stop showing it

  12. In zee network serials evils rule the world…..

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