Jamai Raja 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Payal scolding the servant and asking him to call electrician for lighting in the house. Koel asks why she is stressed and says we have inhouse electrician at home and says he has experienced of lighting the chawl. Payal asks her to mind her tongue and says Satya is Jamai and not worker of the house. Satya hears her. Payal holds her hands and apologize to Satya on Koel’s behalf. Mahi asks Payal not to feel bad and tells that Satya will help you. Satya says he can do anything if she smiles.

Payal tells Shom, lets do it. He tells that they have to compromise the wire which Satya fixes. Payal says I will act to touch it, then Mahi will hate Satya all her life. She gives electric diya to Satya. Satya comes to inhouse temple and puts the electric diya. Payal and Shom looks

on. Mitul comes and takes Satya with her, asking terrace light is not coming. Shom compromises with the electric wires. Payal waits for Mahi to come. Just as she sees Mahi coming, she comes out and is about to touch the diya. Satya saves her and gets electric shock. Mahi is shocked. Naina is also shocked and asks someone to switch off lights. Mahi cries. Payal and Shom are shocked. Mahi asks Payal to call the doctor and asks Satya to open his eyes. Mitul asks Mahi not to worry and says everything will be fine. Doctor checks Satya and says he felt a big shock, and says once he gains consciousness then only we can know how he will react.

Naina prays to God to return Satya and make him fine. Payal thinks if Satya dies, then everything will be ruined. Everyone pray for his safety. Satya wakes up. Everyone ask if he is fine? Satya looks at them cluelessly. Doctor asks if you are fine, how you are feeling right now. Mahi asks him to say anything. Doctor is about to give injection. Satya asks what is this and refuses to get injection. Naina asks why he is behaving this way? Satya hides behind mahi and refuses to get injection. Doctor says it is necessary. Mitul asks why he is talking like child. Everyone is shocked. They see Satya getting scared. Mahi asks Satya to hear him and says I promise that you will not feel any pain. Satya says promise. Mahi says yes. Doctor gives him injection.

Satya cries like a baby. Doctor tells that it is retrograde amnesia and tells that he went back to his past and he is now 10 years old kid. He asks Mahi to take care of him and goes. Satya calls mummy. Payal thinks Satya played a new trick, but I will expose him. Mahi is sitting at Satya’s bed side. Satya sleeps on her lap, and says you are good, others are bad. Mahi feels bad to see his condition and says I couldn’t believe that mamma would have been acting like this. Payal tells Shom that she will prove Satya is acting. Next morning, Shom sees Satya wearing his clothes. He asks how dare you? Satya says this is my clothes. Shom calls Payal. Satya slaps him. Mahi hears Shom calling mad to satya and goes there. Satya asks who is this witch in saree, I am very scared of her. Mahi is shocked. Payal looks on angrily.

Mahi tells Satya not to say like this. Satya says he was taking my clothes. Mahi asks him to keep the clothes. Satya says I want even this, and tries to get clothes from Shom’s hand. Shom says it is mine and gets angry. Satya hits on his back and runs. Shom calls him mad. Payal says we shall send Satya to his mum, until when we will take care of her. Mahi says Satya is in this condition because of us, and says we shall take care of him. Naina comes and tells that Satya’s mum doesn’t know about his marriage and she might file police complaint seeing Satya’s condition.

Payal tells Mahi that they have to keep an eye on Satya. Mahi asks her not to worry and tells that she will take care of him. Naina smiles. Mahi stops Koel and says she wants to talk to her about something. Just then her phone rings, and she excuses herself. Koel thinks chipku aunty is stuck. Mahi comes and tells that she got an important call. Koel asks about her phone bill. Mahi says she is smart and uses Jio Sim for free calls. Koel says she will use Jio now. Payal asks Mahi to make tea for her. Satya shouts asking her for give food. Mahi asks Payal to take her tea, and says she has to give food to Satya else he will get angry. Payal throws the tea pot and thinks he has become important for Mahi.

Mahi cares for Satya and blows on his hand as he touched the hot food. Payal thinks she will expose his childish act infront of Mahi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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