Jamai Raja 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Roshni and Neil getting married. Roshni thinks she has done this for everyone betterment and now everyone will be happy. Naina says marriage has happened in a hurry. Sid says when you have news for us, then we are also having good news, and says they got married. Neil says you both are already married naa. Naina says no, and says she has hidden this truth from him. Neil asks why and is upset with him. Roshni thinks if there are many secrets hidden from her. Naina asks why can’t they wait for marriage. Sid says just as you couldn’t wait. Sid says we couldn’t wait as Anya is pregnant. Everyone is shocked.

Naina scolds Sid. Simran comes and asks Naina for forgive Sid and Anya, when they want to rectify the mistake. She says Anya is like her daughter Neil asks what is

the proof? Sid shows them proof. Everyone is sad. Simran says we should be happy and celebrate, and asks newly weds to take elders’ blessings. Roshni, Neil, Sid and Anya take elders’ blessings. Simran goes to kitchen to get sweets. She asks how this is happened?

Mitul says Neil is sensitive and married in a hurry. She asks her not to tell Sid, Anya, or Naina know about Roshni’s past. She recalls telling Neil that Roshni was earlier married to Sid’s cousin and was not happy in a bad marriage. They take sweets. Mitul thinks that her plan is fool proof. Simran makes Neil and Roshni have sweets. Roshni enters Naina’s house after grah pravesh rasam. Simran says my bahu’s grah pravesh is remaining and invites everyone for party at her house. Naina gets emotional and says one daughter came and other is leaving from here. She asks Anya and Sid to give shagun plate to Roshni. They give. Sid looks shattered.

Roshni keeps on looking at Sid. Sid also looks at her. Naina asks Ragini to wear some bangle and says it is a sign of your marriage. Raj tells that they shall leave now. Sid is shattered and is about to leave. Naina stops them. Simran says we can stay here for some more time, and even Sid and Anya will stay, afterall Ragini is now Anya’s bhabhi. Tumko Chaha Chaha plays…………as Naina does Neil and Ragini’s aarti.

Neil promises to Ragini that he will take care of her happiness, and there will be no curtain of lie between them, and asks her to accept him and his family with true heart.

Roshni cries for Sid. Sid talks to her and says he can’t hate her even after the happenings.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bakvas serial

  2. DD please come back even in a dream sequence and give tight slap to roshini n sid both… also Neil should become strict n dominating husband… so that roshini will realize how Sid was bearing her tantrums all this time…

  3. Sri crazy fan of sidni

    We love jr so much. But this story disappointing great fans of sidni.

  4. I’m crying for jamairaja, what the hell is happening in this serial? Writers, what have you done with our Sid? He was such a confident businessman, put up with shit from the Patel clan and now roshni has the guts to do this to Sid??? Nah……you people mad or what? Sid has become weak and we the viewers don’t appreciate it a bit!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pearley hobaichan

    Only want sid and roshini hate Neil and anya

  6. Some stories are heart broken.this story reminds me of my gf who married to someone let me live with my moments.

  7. Oh dear!!!!! Omar, I hope you found someone who was able to show you that life has to go on and was worth waiting for? It’s the adversities in life relationships which makes us stronger and defines us as an individual. After all, there’s always a reason why events occur in our lives, and it becomes clearer as time passes by. Good luck to you…

  8. I hate this show

  9. am rlly disappointed n both Sid ad roshni since dey were cool together.sometime I think de serial was cool wth yash around ad dung wat he was gud at r dd being around 2 disturb them coz at dat time they together at least even through all dat taf times .co disappointed wth u mi dia sid

  10. Such a b***h Anya is!!! I hate her , pls make Sid n roshni togdr , derz no point in watching d odr nonsense couples luv story !!

  11. I would really like to know how both of them could remarry when the never even divorce. the writers best fix it fast cause I have stop watching I only read the reviews

  12. I hate roshni,Neil,anya….I hate this story….how she can do this she is a sid wife she is not taken value to her kumkum….I don’t want to watching this serial anymore..

  13. Jr has become torture now.roshni’s character is silly.wat they hav done wid d story is horrible.kabhi toh sid roshni ko pyar se ek sath rehne do.hamesha problems.it’s the same old story nw.

  14. bakwas likhneme bhi saram aati hai

  15. Thank God I stopped watching in January this yr abt 6 months ago. I just decided to read updates today..I definitely made a gd decision when I stopped watching…

  16. Plz mere sid ko roshni de do plz ya,akhir kab tak aisa chalega o to batha do

  17. Plz roshni aur sid kab milenge a batha do

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