Jamai Raja 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sid thinking about Roshni and the song hasi ban gaye plays while he reminisces their happy times. Roshni is arrested and taken by the police. He comes inside house calling Roshni. He sees Naina crying and asks what happened? Naina tells him that Police came and arrested Roshni. Sid asks why? For what crime? They see Mitul playing shank, and telling that everyone will be ruined whoever is associated with sen gupta family. She laughs loudly. Sid asks Naina, why did Roshni is arrested. Naina says Ria has done all this. She says she came to throw us out but Ragini threw her out and that’s why she has done this. Sid is shocked to hear that and wonder why she is doing this. He asks Naina to recollect Inspector’s name. Naina says I don’t know and cries. Sid asks her not to worry.

Mitul picks the fallen bouquet and says everyone’s life will be smashed like these flowers. She praises herself and says I am proud of you. Sid talks to Raj and tells that he didn’t know where Roshni is taken. Raj says he will talk to DIG and asks him to come home. DIG says nobody can arrest anyone until the crime is big. He says he has called the controlled room and will find out.

Simran is talking on phone and tells that she will never accept Roshni. Sid asks her to keep up the spirit and says may be your son will die till your mission ends. Raj comes and asks what is the matter? Sid says we were thinking who has done this conspiracy and searching Roshni. He says it is all done by Simran and says she was talking to someone. Simran says you are misunderstanding the things. Raj warns Simran and says if anything happens to Roshni then you will lose, Sid, Roshni and even your husband. Sid says these things don’t affect her. Sid says relations and love are not in her dictionary now. DIG says now we know where is Roshni? Sid asks what is her crime? DIG says attempt to murder.

Neil recalls Ria coming to him and gets up. He gets hyper and says he will kill her. He asks why did she come back to my life again. Mitul captures Neil in her mobile. Neil breaks the things. Naina asks her to calm down. Mitul calls Ria and says she is sending video. Sid tells Inspector that Roshni have never killed even a fly. He asks him to free her. Inspector says he got orders from home minister. Sid and Raj are shocked.. Sid asks Raj what the hell is going on? He says Simran is conspiring against them, and Naina is blaming Ria for the happenings. Mitul shows the video to Ranjeet. He laughs on her. Naina gets shocked seeing them laughing and shouts Mitul. Mitul says until when you will hide from the world that your son is mad. Naina shouts.

Sid hears the news on TV that Pari Ltd have brought Neil Sen gupta’s company and tells that CEO is Payal Walia. She says Neil’s condition is not well. Raj tells Sid that Payal Walia is behind Roshni’s arrest. Sid thinks to make her life hell as she hurt his Roshni. Raj gets call from someone. He assures that Roshni is innocent and guarantees that. He tells Sid that Roshni will be freed in sometime. Sid says he will meet Payal Walia.Payal Walia is shown. She punishes her employees. Sid comes to meet her and is stopped by the guards. He sees Payal Walia scolding her employees and firing other from the job. Sid thinks where she has gone?

Sid and Raj see Payal Walia walking while a crowd is following her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. who the crap iss she

  2. Yah …..who is that

  3. omj this is so frustrating ant i thought roshini and sid would finaly be happy anywho lets see what the next epi has in store for them

  4. Just saw that niana will force roshni to sign the divorce papers.I just hope writers make a twist where it’s revealed that roshni’s learned the truth about her marrige with Sid and how naina and simran want to sepreate her and Sid,and by separating them with divorce ,so to fool everybody she gets fake papers and signs on them and in the real ones cuts sid’s name and puts Neil and makes him sign so she’s divoced with Neil,and when Sid leaves thinking roshni divorced him,roshni’s runs after him revealing what she did.Everybody just wants Sidni,hope there a twist like this where sindu actually doesn’t get divorced

  5. I think she is ria’s sister.

    1. She is the elder sister

  6. I just saw the news,that nia will be leaving,do u guys have to do this leap? I wish nia would stay back and someone else comes in as their son so we still see sidni . Should of made sidni have a younger daughter cause in this generation All siblings died at least Ravi would have a sibling to help him get through in tough times,the next generation . Whose opposite Ravi in the next generation?

    1. Xavier

      Where says that ? No where online says anything about the leap

      1. Xavier

        Ohh I now saw it ?

  7. I saw the news!!very sad,don’t know if I’ll be watching this serial after leap cause Ravi and nia where very good together.Sidni should of had another child so sidni’s son isn’t alone in this world.Whose opposite Ravi?

  8. Heard the news,does anybody know if jamai raja would have new faces or it’s just nia who would be seen missing?whose opposite Ravi,hope this generation is awesome as this one was with Sidni

  9. This serial is getting better but i heard there will be a leap?have a feeling that everybody would miss sidni cause everybody loved them.hope whoever is opposite Ravi would have an awesome chemistry like sidni

  10. Did resham and kasear chachu leave the show?never saw them since the leap but wiki said their still in?

  11. Hey Wat will really happen on this series before y’all put sid n Roshini together and let them have a child and show the life they r living. Not as soon they make children u finish the soap so director of this series plz do something better so sid n Roshini can come back together.

    Thank u

  12. Who is she

  13. A nice episode.

  14. rekha vaghela

    When did they have a son???

    1. Just type in jamai raja and it will show up the news where it says jr will take a leap where ravi will play their son

  15. Xavier

    Jamai Raja to take a 20 year leap in the ending of August ! Nia Sharma ( Roshni ) quit the show .. Only Sid ( Ravi Dubey ) , Simran ( Shruti Ulfat ) and Raj ( Sanjay Swaraj ) will be the only old characters remaining . Sid and Roshni will have a baby and then Roshni and Sid will die and their baby will look exactly like Sid post the 20 year leap

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