Jamai Raja 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with the neighbors complimenting Roshni and tell that she is glowing. They see Ayesha and compliment her too. Some neighbor asks Ayesha not to sit in the puja as she is a stranger. DD agrees, but Sid convinces them to let Ayesha attend the puja. The Pandit ji starts the puja. Bua Dadi thinks once the puja is completed, she will make DD eat Datura laddo to teach her a lesson. Pandit ji continues to recite the mantras. While everyone sits with their eyes closed, Ayesha tries to take laddo, but stops hearing mobile ring. Sid goes to attend the call. Pandit ji informs that the Puja is completed. Sid gets a call from the manager informing him about keeping the stuff in the green room.

The goon calls the mysterious guy who is behind Ayesha, and tells that he will kidnap the girl.

Bua Dadi sees everyone eating the laddos, and thinks where that special laddo has gone. She checks with all the guests and sees Nani holding laddo’s tray. She gets the Datura laddo finally and looks for DD. She goes towards DD, but Ayesha comes and asks for laddo. Bua Dadi gives her one laddo. She tries to force feed her, but Sid makes Bua Dadi eat it. Everyone laugh. Bua Dadi gets shocked and behaves weirdly. Everyone asks her what happened? She runs in the house calling for help. She runs and falls in the swimming pool.

Everyone is shocked and panics. They take her out of swimming pool. Doctor checks and informs that she had a food poisoning. He says her blood level had risen up. DD asks how can it be possible? Doctor tells that she has eaten something wrong and may be Datura. Everyone is shocked and wonders how can she eat Datura. Doctor prescribes some medicines. Nani says from where did Datura come in the house. Bua Dadi in an unconscious state, tells that she will make DD eat Datura laddos. Everyone is shocked.

DD tells that it is so disgusting. This woman has tried to feed me Datura in my house, atleast she would have thought about her age. She asks Sid, what happened? She asks if they are taking care of Roshni like this. You also brought an orphaned girl, and Roshni is taking care of her. She asks what would have happen if Roshni have that laddo.

DD tells that she will only take care of Roshni, along with her family members. If anyone have any objection then they may leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank god nothing happened to Roshni Also do you think they want to kidnap roshni or Ayesha

  2. Updates is tooooo shorts

  3. Nonsense serial

  4. Funny ? episode today… I hope ? roshni doesn’t get kidnapped??? But I think that is gonna happen

  5. Roshni going to get kidnapped… Maha episode coming on sat 7 pm..

  6. I am glad if there is gonna be maha episode

  7. Sick n tired of these women drama this shld only focus on roshni n sid they behave like if roshni is in bed or something’s So not cool just end this boring episode’s ASAP

  8. you know what writers jamai raja is also taking a down hurl with its storylines they are not interesting and really not making much sense please forcus on what is the main topic of this serial the jamai raja of the house too many unnecessary storylines which not computing anymore is being brought into the serial roshini is pregnant cannot she and sid be happy at all why now you bringing in this little girl and this goon stalking roshini and then this script with all sids family moving into dds house and one of them bua dadi lacing the ladoo with poison for dd to eat what nonsense so is it in all the serials there must be evil kidnapping marriages falling apart violence my gosh when will it stop writers please believe me when I say we have had enough we allowed you to carry on too long with the same shit over and over again so I think it is best the serials start coming to an end if there are no good storylines again please consider your options and that is either or whatever

  9. Dear writers…
    roshini is pregnant…and she is a stable woman….
    y have you all made her character soooo weak as if she is a mentally disables hadicapped woman who is suffering from a terminal disease. all are fussing sooo much for her as if she is a unstable person…she is just expecting..whats the big deal..
    i know a lady who delivered qiadruplets…her pregnancy was very smooth…..what do you expect from doing this. U think this serial is watched by nitwits.
    and oh DD gimme a break. Your daughter is married now…let them live their life.dont keep interfering and poking your finger on your jamai….u were not a good mother..u always ran behind money and status…..now dont try to act great maathaa ji.

    Love from
    Sri Lanka

  10. Why can someone shut dd up. She need to understand her daughter is married now n she is Sid responsibility not dd. Omg am so tired of her over protective time to shut her up. Come on Sid n roshini tell her something

  11. DD’s current story line is totally ridiculous and extremely annoying. Is Roshni the first woman to ever become pregnant? This has been happening from time immemorial. She is pregnant, not suffering from an incurable disease. Can’t Roshni and Sid handle this situation as a couple? Millions of couples handle pregnancy on a daily basis. This is so far removed from reality. The situation is just stifling! If I was Sid, I would take Roshni on a 9 month honeymoon.

  12. This serial is becoming a merry go round.. a cycle which keeps repeating. Why not just end the serial ? Let Roshni baby be born , skip it a few years and show the whole family is together and happy. And no more b*t*hiness from DD. Please. Just end it. Indian serials should last a year and a half. As it cross that. It becomes SHIT

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