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The Episode starts with Sid crying and tells the baby was his child. He tells my child is no more, I have planned to give him a good life like a king and would have love him very much. DD says you don’t deserve to be a dad and that’s why your child has died. She blames him for bringing Ayesha home and tells Roshni is not his priority. She says you did so much for this girl and forget my daughter. Raj asks her to stop it. DD asks him to keep quiet and let Sid hear the truth. She tells I have always overseen your mistakes, but not anymore. You have snatched most important thing of your life and even God can’t forget you. Beeji cries and says the baby was ours too. Sid cries. Ayesha tries to console him and says DD was rude to her also. Sid hugs her and cries for his baby. Sid sees Roshni in her

hospital ward and walks in. He hugs her. Roshni tells your princess has gone Sid……She says you loves her very much naa, please tell her that I can’t live without her. Sid tells we are there for each other. I love you very much, more than anything else in this world. They cry hugging each other and shares their pain.

Krutika gives biscuits to Ayesha and asks her to have it. DD tells Nani that Shiv will not return now and has gone for forever. She tells she has to take care of her daughter now, as she couldn’t bear losing child. She tells destiny is repeating itself, and Roshni also lost a baby like she lost her son in the past. Nani tells her that wounds will be healed, and says I shall have gone, but I am still living and saw this. She asks her to have strength as they have to take care of Roshni. DD looks at Ayesha. Krutika goes to bring water for Ayesha. DD thinks it is not destiny’s work, and Ayesha is responsible for this. She says Ayesha has to pay for this. She holds Ayesha’s hand and forcibly takes her inside the hospital. Ayesha tells she wants to meet Roshni. DD asks Ayesha to go from there and leaves her outside the hospital. Krutika comes back and calls for Ayesha. Roshni asks Sid to check where is Ayesha? Sid says she must be here. Roshni insists so he goes. Krutika tells Sid that Ayesha was here, but when she came back, she was gone. Sid goes out of hospital and sees Ayesha drenching in rain. DD stares Ayesha asking her not to reveal anything about her. Ayesha lies to him and says she came out while playing. Sid asks her to come.

At DD’s house, everyone makes the arrangement to welcome Roshni. Just then door bell rings. Nani, Beeji and everyone welcome her home. Roshni looks at the welcome arrangements and is surprised. Simran smiles to make her smile. Roshni smiles lightly and hugs Nani. Nani asks her to come. Sid and Raj come with her, while DD looks on. Nani tells she made her favorite kheer. Raj tells today is happy hours because of Nani. Roshni says she is not feeling hungry. She says she wants to go to her room. Sam stops her asking to sit with them for sometime. Simran asks everyone to come. They all sit down. Nani Maasi comes and sits on the sofa. Yash sings Jab Se Huyi Hai Shaadi and acts as a troubled husband. They try to make Roshni laugh. Sam smiles. Roshni also smiles seeing Yash singing and acting. Suddenly Roshni gets sad and goes from there. Ayesha tells Roshni aunty is still sad. Sid looks on.

Roshni asks Sid to remove baby’s photo from the wall as it is not needed anymore. Sid with a heavy heart goes to take out the poster.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sid nd roshini needs to move out and be on their own this living with inlaws is not a good idea because they are always up in roshinis and sids personal business and they have too much input when coming to making decisions come on this is sids and roshinis life stay of their business and allow them to live as husband and wife and not daughter and son in law dd you are upset because you wanted your way you felt that roshini was giving birth to a boy and so you thought you would name him SHIV and that is why you are so angry because the baby died and you did not get that opportunity now there will be other babies for sid and roshini so cool yourself down and stop sheltering roshini as if she is a child remember she is a grown woman now and should be treated as such so please apologize to sid and make all well for them and stop casting blame

    1. DD wants to name the baby boy Shiv???

  2. dd is living in a dream world she thought that she would name the baby shiv and so he shiv will be reincarnated and she would have shiv back every time to looked at the child dd as I said before you need serious help and you want to tell me your family cannot see this come on nani get some help for dd before she ends up in a nut house please act fast

  3. DD is one cold hearted woman you put a six year old out in the rain, i think DD character is really sickening it reminds me of Samrat character on Dak…it’s hard to watch these days. How can anyone be so cruel to a child?! smh

  4. Guys I agree DD is being cruel to the child, I agree her character is sickening, Roshni is DD only daughter bare that in mind. Every since that child enter Sid and Roshni life I could have seen trouble.

  5. Don’t know what to say about dd she is really over doing it roshni n sid need to speak up against her how can she tell sid that roshni is not his priority seem like she forget that sid is roshni husband she to beat out of roshni n sid personal life
    And she is so cruel if i were ayesha i tell roshni n sid that dd put me out in the rain n tell me to go away from here maybe then the two of them would get a chance to leave that house n go live by them self along with ayesha and left dd to suffer for a while she really need some punishment for what she is doing n i think if roshni leave her for sometime maybe she will learn her lesson

  6. Something very tragic has happened to the writers….2 minutes of silence….what the hell??

  7. See this Child Abuse ting they love to portray….first Bhandaan now JR? sigh

  8. Nice episode….I cried a little. So sad ? for Roshni and Sid. I hope they can have another baby soon.. Great acting by Nia an Ravi ,they have a great chemistry

  9. Wat a cold hearted woman how can anyone do dat to a child n I think roshni will make her accept Ayesha

  10. Very Sad, I toll you all DD needs to see a SHRINK, what could have little Ayesha done, she is a child..?? It’s about time somebody put DD in her place, an Sid’s dad is the right one to do so, an move back to their home. How dare DD say those things to Sid..? Sid & Roshni would have made great parents, DD forgot when Roshni hated her an Sid is the one that bought them back together, cause DD wasn’t a good mother….

  11. Sad and nice episode.

  12. I don’t knw who with their inlaw n samdin like dat DD is the one that made roshini lost here baby cuz she if had left the people to live hw they were suppose to live it wudve been esy plus they are behaving like roshini is a child or GOD to treat like that if every pregnant woman use to get treated like dat I dnt knw hw their children wudve been lazy DIRECTORS put a proper taste to this series

  13. It is all Ayesha .fault when they got kindnap she got streets out


  15. I think ayesha shiv’s daughter

  16. probably just because R was able to feel d pain that S had gone through – more as a result of her mistakes ; she is now trying like him to let go whatever & how much 1 has anger & hatred inside him [ d person ] . during d divorce track , it was R trying alone to win d in-laws , surely S was angry but its d soap itself that 1 is fighting alone but with a smile – just for d sake of other , but it turns out as a weakness then d strength for d couple to not involve d other in d problem solving [ yhm have d same problem & surely like jr – it is used for prolongation & sometimes misunderstandings ]

    on d current track , dd needs to b reminded that it was her mistake to believe on a fake msg that Sh has left her .

    d immaturity of dd to disrespect d views of others is highly irritating – hopefully they won’t show that 2 her that her property is back due 2 that divorce , otherwise she would b scattered but even then her distrust won’t get away .

    what I want is something substantial that chokes d over exploding dd but cements d SR together

  17. DD is very heartless towards AYESHA – hope she gets to pay a bitter price for her ddes , Someone need to report her to CHILD WELFARE for abuse to an innocent child. I hop god never ever gives me a heart of stone. HORRIBLE WOMAN

  18. I hate ddddddddddddddd …..
    by the way guys I told u all earlier that there will be a miscarriage or any accident due to which roshni will lose her child… bcoz in this age they will not like roshni as a mom… having a child… then her child will grow up… then dragging dragging like sns and yrkkh…. its good…. but this dd… (I never gave gaali to any one.. but now feeling to tell many bad words to dd Patel… ) I’m not like khurana still stating at dd’s home… they should go now from her home…. with Roshni….
    and plzzzz chaahe koi bhi pareshaani aa jaaye don’t ever separate sidni….. see in this twist they lost a prince/ princes … but as sidni are together… and support each other….. it became very nice to see ….
    hateeee u uuu dd.. u don’t know how to treat children….
    so sweet ayesha…. I think may be kritika will accept ayesha… waise she shud …. and now writers should bring a twist of kritika’s lov…..

  19. and the main reason of losing child is dd , dd Patel…. and also because of overcaring…. like :-… roshni bad per leti rahna, hilna mat, ye khao – WO khao….. etc..etc…

  20. those 2 families need to know that pregnancy isn’t a disease where you need to keep a patient In check every time the way they treated roshin that’s not the case pregnancy needs freedom to do what your heart desires at a given time moreover y bringing ayesha if you knew that rishins pregnancy was delicate this was bound to happen as for dd you could have shown love to ayesha so that you learn how to bring up your granddaughters I thot that was the main aim of bringing ayesha in this scene

  21. I will say it again – that child will end up being Roshni’s half sister and Shiv’s daughter…. guaranteed… that is why DD hates her so much. She will eat her words later…
    and Nani is comforting DD as she blames Sid for Roshni’s health???? Is nani gone mad too??

  22. Nice episode. So Sorry for Roshni and Sid. This is the best soap opera ive ever seen.

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