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The episode starts with Shabnam swears to enter DD’s house. Nani asks Mona to pack DD’s tiffin. Mona tells DD made them realized that they are staying in her house and they are her servants. She cries. Nani says she don’t mean that. Nani Maasi comes and says DD said right. It was good that your brother died and have no right to live. Mona says I will not hear a word against my brother and curses the family. Nani Maasi asks really? She says it was good that he died. Mona pushes her and says it is enough. Nani Maasi says how dare you? Mona pushes her and goes. Nani Maasi warns Nani saying Mona will push her also. Nani thinks what is happening in their house. Bua Dadi comes home and thinks her plan is not succeeding to throw Krutika out. She sees a magazine and gets an idea to blacken DD’s face.

She calls Mahila Samithi/Women Organisation….

Shabnam asks Ayesha to do her work and whispers something in her ears. She says we will play. Sid and Roshni come. Ayesha tells Sid that she wants to sit on the back seat with Roshni. While Roshni tries to sit with Sid, Ayesha insists her to sit on the back seat, saying she will teach her game. Ayesha then asks Shabnam to sit on the front seat. She is doing this on Shabnam’s sayings. Sid asks her to sit on front seat. Sid asks her to wear seat belt and helps her. Roshni is irked. Shabnam tries to get close to Sid. Shabnam thinks she will trap Sid and thinks Roshni has to fasten her seat belt.

At home, Roshni asks Ayesha to have food. Ayesha throws the food. Roshni asks where did you learn to misbehave?Ayesha says she was making me eat daliya, and says Shabnam never shouted at her. Roshni gets angry and goes. Sid tells Ayesha that good children never do that. He asks her to help him make Roshni and Shabnam befriended.

Sid asks Roshni to smile and tries to cheer her up. He says no one can come in my heart. Roshni says I didn’t peep in your heart. Sid says one sec and puts her photo on his chest, and then sings Tere Photo Ko….fevicol se………Roshni smiles and says you got a simple wife. Sid says you are like milk, and can boil if the gas is on. He tells Ayesha is a child and asks her not to be upset with her. He says I have one more surprise for you and shows the daliya. Roshni says she don’t want to eat and asks Sid to eat. Sid says it tastes bad. Roshni asks him to eat and makes him eat it.

A woman comes to Shabnam’s room and attacks her with rod. Shabnam asks who are you. She then holds the woman’s hand, and keeps hand on her mouth. Krutika and Beeji come there hearing her shout. The woman hides. Shabnam tells that she thought someone is beating her. Beeji asks her not to worry and goes. Shabnam lie down on the bed. The woman turns out to be Bua Dadi. Shabnam thinks to get Bua Dadi punished and says she wants to get back to DD’s house.

Bua Dadi shows marks on Shabnam’s body to the women organisation ladies. The women organisation barged in DD’s house and asks her to apologize to Shabnam.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wtf is this mona is right who give that old witch the ryt to bad mouth her brother i think every sisters will stand up if some1say something bad about her brother or her families that woman is crossing her limites i for once na give Mona wrong for pushing that black tongue old witch dd dont know if those two girls is shiv daughters for real i think this whole families is going crazy even sid i just don’t get it why he giving so much importance to shabnam for n ayesha she is crossing her limit too for a lil girl na because her sister come now she will treat roshni so bad and listening to what her so called sister say…. i really getting sick n tired of this

  2. It is not abt sid giving tht foolish girl importance.. He is trying to do good by uniting sisters… Atleast he thinks its good…. N u kno whts funny?shabna think she can snatch sid from roshini…lol..I feel so sry for her….becz she doesn’t kno tht sid will always b roshini’s,only hers….

    1. Loll so true.. her own uncle warned her and said to stay away from… she will feel the pain very soon.

  3. I don t like/really hate the storyline now I stopped watching this tv serial Only reading written updates

  4. i don’t like this storyline either. I won’t be surprised it this is the next one to go off air.

  5. I read updates so boring

  6. crazy boring make no sense cuz cum on hw can shabanna say dd snatch her dad wen its after and they are just teaching this generation how to take away people husband away just like in satrangi sasural these writers neeed to think wat they r creating jus waste of time I jus read to c if change but boring

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