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The Episode starts with DD sending Kesar to get the ring. Later DD comes and sees Jigna in her room. She asks what she is doing there. Kesar brings the ring. Roshni says she will not get engage without her papa. DD says your papa might be stuck somewhere. Shiv is on the bike and rushing towards the home, while the goons follow him. Sid asks Pandit ji to do Misha and Neil’s engagement first, and says Roshni and I will get engaged later. Pandit ji says ok. Misha stands closely with Sid. Neil’s mum asks her to stay away from Sid, and tells that she is getting engage to her son Neil. Misha says Sid is her best friend and will stand with her. Neil’s mum explains to her. Misha gets angry and breaks vase on her head. She tells Neil to get engage to her and says she taught a lesson to his mum. Neil reminds

her that she is his mum. He tells Sid that Misha is mad girl. Sid says he knows and asks him to understand. Neil’s mum says Misha will kill her surely if he marries her.

Roshni reminds Neil that he loves Misha. Neil says I love my mum also. Raj says Misha is alone in this world, and if you leave her then where she will go. Neil says he is not a big hearted and can’t see his mum being ill treated by Misha. Neil holds Sid responsible for Misha’s condition. He says I was praying that Misha gets well, but she didn’t get well and that is because of you. Sid feels guilty. Neil’s mum asks Raj to get Sid married to Misha instead. Roshni asks Neil not to do this. Neil says I am done with it, and announces that he is breaking the engagement. Misha smirks. Neil and his mum leaves.

Shiv thinks he has to reach home, and he can’t let mad woman Misha to ruin his daughter’s life. Misha gets hysterical and says my engagement didn’t happen. Sid asks her to calm down and calls for doctor. Roshni recalls Neil’s words and takes Sid with her to room. Sid asks Roshni, are you out of your mind? Roshni says we don’t have any other way out. Can you see your best friend like this. She is sad. Sid says he don’t have time for all this, and asks who do you think I am. Roshni tells him that their love and relation is unique. She says you will not forget that day. She says we were helpless that day, but not today. You will feel bad to see Misha in asylum. We have to sacrifice for Misha. Sid breaks the things and hugs Roshni asking what did she ask for. Roshni gives her promise to Sid and asks him to marry Misha. They hear someone shouting for Misha and rush out.

Misha is standing on the terrace wall, and threatens to jump. Everyone ask her to get down. Sid asks Misha to hear him. Misha acts madly and cries saying she will die. Sid asks Misha to listen to him. Roshni asks Sid to agree to her sayings. Sid asks Misha to get down. Misha threatens to jump. Everyone gets tensed. Sid tells everyone loves you very much. I will search for a better guy for you. Misha emotionally blackmails him and says bye Sid. Beeji asks her not to jump. Misha closes her eyes and waits for Sid to stop her. Roshni asks Sid to tell Misha. Sid tells Misha that he will marry her. Everyone is shocked. Misha smiles as her plan succeeds and calm down.

DD asks everyone to go as there is no engagement happening here. Roshni says engagement will happen and holds Sid’s hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. First, interesting

  2. is the shiv come

  3. is misha will get succed in his plan

  4. why roshni is agree to give her sidhart to mad misha

  5. Waste yaar
    Let at least shiv reach fast n handle d situation.
    Then there will b d charm.

  6. cannot sid see that something is definitely wrong and unstable with misha she needs help but not to be fooled you know you do not love her to marry her so why go along with a lie in the long run it will backfire so instead of hurting roshini because she asked for you to do the impossible try and help your friend to get the help that she deserves and who knows with proper care things might turn around and she will turn out to be the misha your childhood friend she once was

  7. I just hope that shiv reaches home quickly

  8. What a rubbish story? They sacrifice their love for his best friend, there is no logic in the story telling. Neil was saying it is sid’s fault, I really cannt digest this dialogue line… A girl suddenly show up and Sid says his best friend ha ha, Mm Roshini such an idiot

  9. Plz change the topic of misha.

  10. gazimohdshafi

    nice epi

  11. what so good about this episode
    neil it not sid fault that mesha is in that state sid were the one who was fight the goons n u get one hit in the head n fall down u didnt even try to get up to help sid and u sayin is this fault stupid idiot sid get so much hit and he were still standing fight on till he get shoot on his arm
    sid u r so innocent u dont know nothing meeha is finally getting what she want and u n roshni make it easy for her i am just hoping shiv reach home soon so that the truth can come out in the open before it too late

  12. I hate misha

  13. Yes Roshinee is so gullible n start acting like u truly love SiD, please story needs to END

  14. How can Roshni ask Sid to become engaged to Misha ,can she not see that this is a very Mad woman .What she should have suggested is that Misha be placed in an Institution she needs Help .then again it just a Serial so .

  15. Omg I realy hope this story is not goin to drag because this storyline is SOOO BAD, so much of negativity, can’t take this, realy tooo much.

  16. Goshhhhh I hate misha

  17. I am done if Shiv does not arrive before Sid makes this mistake.

  18. NO. the show can’t end cause of that PSYCHO Misha. Neil is the right one for her, he leaves. Why is Roshni acting so foolish doesn’t she love Sid didn’t they made a promise that no one would come between them this time. Sid admit that Misha is mad & needs help. Why are they stopping her, somebody PLEASE tell her jump,i bet you would see the real Psycho Misha . Now Sid going to tell Psycho he would marry her, anyway it’s just an engagement it can be broken, marriages do. Hope Shiv reaches in time..

  19. I am going to stop watching this show. Too much illogical crap. Would a woman actually ask the man she loves to get married to another woman? Worst of all, would he really agree? Too much crap for me. Or maybe it’s just that in my culture, I can’t see that happening.

  20. f**k you writer what’s the hell is going on? fans really like this episode and you are doing fullish work.you gonaa make people not to watch this. And roshni is she a pagal to to tell sid to marry misha.does she has fellings like girls to have.thats impoosible never gets into my mind.By the way waiting for shiv to arrive safely###

  21. f**k you writer what’s the hell is going on? fans really like this episode and you are doing fullish work.you gonaa make people not to watch this episode.Any way hats off to shiv managing to escape.Waiting for shiv####

  22. where is rini now LOL

  23. How u boil down so Gloria/Keen Observer……where all ur big pages of crappy comments…..

  24. once again I do not know who Gloria is so please do not refer to me as that person any sweetheart it seems you have a problem so the best thing u can do is take it to the lord in prayer please

  25. what nonsense..always dragging whenever time to unite comes..enuf pls..sid/roshni like to sacrifice then cry cry cry, waste 25 episode to unite again n then another twist to separate..oh god..

  26. Yaar the story bcm more intresting.sid dont marry the devil

  27. farida uttan

    Roshni ‘s love is not strong enough for SID . He needs a strong woman by his side who can help with all this crazy hurdles he faces everyday.. Le MISHA die if that is what she wants. Enough of this nonsense

  28. Farida is rit

  29. A mad woman to get engaged??? Nonsense!!! She needs to be confined in an asylum!!! The writers are really dumb to show Sid to being dumb. N how can d love of ur life even suggest u to get engaged to a sick woman who needs a doctor!!!

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