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The Episode starts with Sid coming indisguise of a guru ji and asks who is eldest in the family. Bansi says my son Parimal. He asks Parimal to take him to open air. Bunty comes as his shisya and asks Kunal to do teetra asan, and asks others to sweep the house. Sid asks Parimal to do Parikrama and Surya Namaskar. He says you will get parikrama punya when you do it bare feet. Parimal says it is very hot. Parimal asks Roshni to hold his stick till he does the parikrama. Sid as guru asks Roshni to sit with him. He takes out flower from his pocket and presents her. Roshni asks if he don’t feel shame to do this in his age. Sid/ Guru says you have felt bad. Bansi says her feet is paining and Kunal is also in pain. Bunty says you have to do. Parimal comes back to Guru ji sid. He shows him a bottle and

asks him to drink in one go.

Parimal drinks it. Guru ji asks what is bothering him. Parimal tells that they want to take their bahu home. He tells something which is muted. Just then they hear some voice. Parimal says I will tell you later. Guru ji/Sid asks him to say. Parimal says later. They goes to hall and see Bansi beating Bunty. Sid is about to curse Bansi, but Parimal stops her. Sid asks who has become widow recently. Kesar says my bhabhi. Sid as Guruji asks them to take care of widow DD just like Bansi took care of Parimal in his childhood.

Krutika calls Bunty. Bunty’s phone falls down. Shakuntala picks the call and asks who is she? Krutika says it is her husband’s phone. Roshni comes and takes the call. Parimal takes care of Guru ji Sid and goes to bring ganga jal.

Sid mixes something and asks Parimal to mix the ingredients before consuming. Parimal eats it. Sid asks what is worrying you? Parimal says our bahu is not ready to come with us and says don’t know what to do. He says she doesn’t talk to us well. He says my mum’s name is Bansi and she rules on everyone. When she forces anyone then a storm comes. He tells that DD and Nani have betrayed them 18 years back and says the secret is not yet open. When it opens then DD and Nani will go to jail. He says DD will have to forget her daughter once she knows her secret….Roshni will not want to see DD and Nani.

Sid wonders what is the secret which will put DD behind bars, and that makes Roshni hates DD.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap seems something interesting ?

  2. Well i must say sid is really awesome he take use and abuse from this whole families can’t believe in yesterday episode dd slap sid in front of that so called families i mean come on she is proving to that woman that she too believe that sid is not the ryt guy for roshni that sid is a bad omen for true
    Look like she forget all the things sid did for her if he wasnt there today she would still being in jail and roshni n the rest of families too would get kick out of that house by shabnam…..
    When will this secret come out i think dd or nani shld tell sid n roshni the truth cuz i know if roshni get to know the truth frm some1 else then it couldnt be good for dd she will surely lose roshni for sure if she keep on going like this it like she going crazy with these ppls soon the will have to send she to the mental hosiptal she need to pull ur socks up n help to get rid of these mad ppls or else her familes will fall apart if this keep on going…..

  3. Guys I’m a crazy fan of jamai raja I just spend my day thinking abt sid and roshni day and night
    I’m very much obsessed with it even I get dreams abt sid and roshni
    My mom says that I’m the only one who thinks this much abt it
    Friends am I the only one in the world

    1. No Neha… Same as here. I’m also a crazy fan of jamai raja. Now a days I’m watching one and only show jamai raja..

    2. These days I enjoy Yeh Vada Raha more .. Jamai Raja is also great

  4. Yeah i want to no the secret

  5. Very funny episode! LOL!

  6. Every time Sid & Roshni end one trouble another begins – this is beginning to get ridiculous – just stretching out this serial. If this new story line was not so ridiculous and was credible it would not be so bad – but this is utterly unbelievable and I hate seeing Sid and Roshni having to act out trash – imagine Sid asking his married Dad to romance a woman! Come on! End this silliness now!

  7. I think the secret is that, 18 years back (when DD was actually very poor) they were in need of money.. And in exchange of money they agreed to kunal and roshani’s marriage.. Inshort, they sold roshni to bansi ben.. This could be the truth which will make roshni hate DD and nani…..

  8. Hey piyu, that is what exactly is in my mind everything what you said is same to my thought.

  9. i thing the secret is that roshni is not the daughter of DD but sabnam.

  10. But in wch way tis truth will make DD to go to jail ayan nd piyu can u pls xplain coz I can’t understand this track of the series

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