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The Episode starts with Gangu Tai telling that they have a good sleep on terrace and mosquitoes were not there. Door bell rings. Mitul opens the door and receives the bouquet brought by someone. She says it is beautiful. Satya jokes and asks if your lover have sent this, and says if he turns out to be criminal. Mitul is surprised. Satya says this bouquet is for someone else. Mahi says I will keep this out. Satya says these are flowers, lets keep it. Mahi teases Satya asking if he has any lover. Satya says the person he loves is not giving him a chance. Aleena thinks lets see what I will do now. Satya is taking bath in the washroom. Mahi thinks he sings bad, and reads the message on his phone from a lady that they will be together after few days. She thinks what is happening. Satya comes out and picks

his phone and keeps it back. Mahi thinks he read the message and didn’t say anything. He gets a call and says he is coming. Mahi asks about the call. Satya refuses and goes. Mahi is teary eyes.

Aleena comes there and asks what happened? Mahi tells her that Satya is seeing somebody else. Aleena says I can’t believe. Mahi says I am going to follow him. Aleena says I will come with you. While Mahi goes, Aleena calls the lady and asks her to kiss and hug Satya on seeing Mahi. Lady says your work will be done. Aleena says she is sure that Mahi will leave him. Mahi and Aleena come following Satya. Mahi says jewellery store, he didn’t buy anything for me till now. Aleena sees the girl coming and wonders where did she go? Mahi goes to Satya and asks him not to think her as idiot, and asks where is that witch, I want to meet her. Satya asks who? Mahi says the same lady who sent you message and call you, and sent bouquet for you.

Satya teases her seeing her jealous side, and says I will show you who is she? He shows her face in the mirror and asks her to kill her and scratch her face. Mahi says I thought….He shows her chain with MS, and says Mahi and Satya. Mahi feels bad for doubting him. Satya asks her if she don’t trust him. Mahi says sorry. Satya asks her if she has money. Mahi says yes. Satya asks her to take Taxi and go. Aleena looks for the girl and sees Payal keeping knife on the girl’s neck. She says I told you that I won’t let you be successful. Aleena says this was just a game, Satya will be mine till night. Payal looks on.

Mahi comes home and tries to woo Satya. A song plays…..Jaane bhi de…..Mahi holds her ears and apologizes. Satya ignores her. Aleena gets jealous seeing Mahi wooing Satya. Satya smiles and signs her to hold her ears. He forgives her and makes her do sit ups. He then kisses on her cheeks and goes. Aleena hides. She then knocks on the door. Mahi thinks Satya came and opens the door. Aleena asks her to surprise Satya. Mahi thinks what to do. Aleena asks her to organize romantic dinner for Satya, and sends everyone out. She says this is your last chance.

Mitul tells Naina that she will buy sweets for everyone. Mitul says you always think about eating. Kajal comes and tells everyone to come for jagrata. Naina hesitates to go. Gangu Tai says this will be Mahi’s first jagrata. Mahi says yes, and pretends to faint. Satya asks her to open her eyes. Aleena smiles. Mahi opens her eyes and says I am fine, and asks them to go. Gangu Tai says we can’t go, I will stay here. Mahi says Satya will take care of me, and asks everyone to go. Aleena looks on. Gangu Tai says okay, we will go and asks her to take care. Koel hears them and messages Payal. Satya sees Mahi and Aleena talking and wonders what is happening. He thinks to find out. Mahi pretends to faint seeing Satya. Satya understands she is pretending and says I will go and bring medicine. He smiles.

Mahi decorates the place. Aleena helps her with bad intention and asks Mahi to go and get ready. Meanwhile Satya is also decorating the other place and says even he can surprise her. Aleena injects some medicine in the Champagne bottle, and says just 1 glass then….you both will sleep in deep sleep and then when you wake up… then…….

Payal comes to Satya. Satya is surprised seeing her and asks I don’t get angry on you now. I feel ashamed. He says you don’t bear her happiness and that’s why comes here again and again. He calls watchman. Payal asks him to hear her once. Satya asks to tell. Payal says Aleena will ruin your plan tonight. Satya laughs and says Mahi has moved on, and asks her not to make stories, and accuse his friend. Payal asks him to hear else he will repent. Satya asks will you go, or shall I call Police.

Mahi and Satya have champagne. Mahi falls unconscious. Even Satya falls unconscious. Aleena smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope PayPal catches her n tell mani about what she is doing to them or I hope satay is playing to see what going on

    1. Mona146

      I think it is payal not PayPal


  3. Mona146

    How come suddenly payal has a change of heart? Where are her kids? Stupid koyal and shom?

  4. virender kumar

    i think we have to make a complaint to mr. chandra about closure of this serial jamai raja which is nothing but dragging the story without any aim. the serial should be educative, for entertainment . but this serial day by day is becoming useless and nonesense.

    1. Not only JR should end, KKB and KT are the worst serials EVER on Zee network. KKB takes the cake, I stopped watching since the start of the year and when I see previews of KKB, I feel nauseous seeing the actors….. SORRY. So maybe you find a way to let Mr subhash Chandra know how disillusioned the viewers are.

  5. indera sanichara

    Will someone please get rid of this stupied writer and Satya how could you do the same all over again I am sick of this seria. End of.

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