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The Episode starts with Sid and Roshni walking in the jungle……Sid says he is hurt on his head. Roshni tears her dupatta and ties on his head. Mere Rubaru plays………..She says we shall leave from here. Sid asks her not to hit him on his head again. He sings song. Shabnam searches for them in the jungle.

Simran argues with DD and blames Roshni. They verbally start fighting. Nani moves her hands and legs, and tries to stand on her feet on her own. She stands up and goes near DD and Simran. DD, Simran and Mona are shocked to see her standing on her feet. They help her sit down. DD says thank God…She says you might can talk also and asks her to try. She says she will call the doctor. Sid says as we came to the temple, we shall pray for your intelligence. Roshni rings the temple bell,

followed by Sid. Roshni prays and closes her eyes. Sid adores her and then prays loudly asking God to make Roshni lose her anger, and gives her strength not to get scared of cockroach. He eats the prasad laddoos irritating Roshni. She then eats laddoos too and says she is also hungry. Roshni thanks the God. They leave.

Roshni and Sid are sitting near the bonfire. Roshni asks him question about ant and elephant and laughs telling the answer. She laughs and falls on him. Ang Lagade Re plays……………..She kisses on his face. She then realizes and says you are not Sid. Sid says I am Sid only. She says you are not Sid. Sid keeps his hand on her mouth and gets closes to her. He asks her not to stop herself and says I want to tell you everything. He asks her to identify him and says I am not the one you are thinking and is the one for whom you have been waiting. He says I want to tell you the truth and says I am your Sid….Just then a car comes and stops there stopping Shabnam to hear them. It starts again and splashes mud on her face. Shabnam gets angry and then sees them missing.

Sid and Roshni come home and stop fighting. Yash asks them not to fight and says leave this fight for Sam and me. Yash meets DD. Roshni tells DD that they are saved because of Yash today. Roshni and Sid pretend to fight infront of Sam and Yash. She says we shall sign on the divorce papers. Sid says right away….DD asks what is happening? Roshni says I can’t bear you. Sid asks her to take out papers and end it. Yash asks what is happening? Sam says how can you talk about divorce. Sid and Roshni fight again. Sam says it doesn’t matter who makes mistakes and asks her to look at her life. She says if I would have handle my life well then my life would have been different. Sid says she is gaining sympathy. Yash says Sam is right and tells that we have to oversee small fights. Sid says that’s what I want to say. Roshni asks them to start afresh and become friends.
Sam and Yash looks at each other.

Sam and Yash hug each other. Sam apologizes to him and promises not to do any mistake again. She says I missed you. Yash apologizes to her for letting her go and hugs her. DD asks them to be happy always. She blesses them. Mona blesses them too. Shabnam comes home. Mona tells her that Sid and Roshni have united Yash and Sam, and says this house have got both jamai’s. Shabnam is angry. Mona says you have always fooled me and said that you will unite my daughter with Yash. She says you are very ill mannered woman. Shabnam tries to slap her, but Yash holds her hand and warns her not to do anything. Mona says it is God’s justice which is applied on your face She brings more mud and applies on her face.

Shabnam washes her face and tells that everything is done by Sid’s lookalike. She thinks to trap Raghu in a conspiracy and says their happiness is limited.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice one. Does anyone know who was in the car. Oh! I wish sid would have told roshini evrytng

  2. It seems Yash was in the car

  3. Very gooood episode……………did is sooooooo. Handsome

  4. Sorry it’s sid nt did

  5. Sid is very handsome

    1. Agreed n a loving husband. Hopefully he is in real life too.

      1. Ha ha Ravi dubey in real life is loving her sband but not as romantic as sid. His wife says she likes sid more than Ravi… But they r a cute couple.

  6. I think sid will trap shanam before she trap him n thank god nani is able to move but she knows the truth

  7. please writers please do not start up another script with shabnam we have had enough of her and this serial is beginning to drag too much now so do the right thing and either send shabnam to jail for good because she has also committed murder or let her fall off the cliff just as she did to sid but please end this tract now and unite sid and roshini, yash and sam and unite both sids family and roshinis family once again but before all this happens make sure and bring shabnam to her knees and make sure dd acquire her property and business the way it should be and also make sure and clear sids name from the rape charge and let everyone know that shabnam set him up for that and the murder of sid, shabnam there is no way out of you but hell and so the story ends happily ever after

  8. i think tz pinto as in de one hu splash mud at shabnam

  9. I really hope shabnam doesn’t cause anymore trouble for sid and roshni… Sid just kick evil shabnam out fast and make everything alright… Plz….

  10. Enjoying this show now.cant wait to see all de couples unite.at least sam n yash did.hope kritika n n her husband unite too.Well for sure Sid n Roshni will..cant wait to see when Shabnam Bad Days gonna step in.Its gonna b fun seeing her miserable.Its time Shabnam story comes to an end.pls writers don’t bring in another evil person.

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