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The Episode starts with Sid telling Neil that Naina did what every mum can do. He says I love Roshni and will love her till my last breath. He says legally your marriage is illegal. Neil asks why did you act till now and says you are married to Anya. Sid says I was never married to Anya, and tells about the story, how he saved Anya from committing suicide and tried to give name to her illegitimate baby. Neil and Naina are shocked. Payal says I wouldn’t have done all this hardwork if I would have known that you are rotten from inside. She tells Sid that you wanted to snatch business from me and return to them, and says they don’t need company but little water to get drowned. She feels pity for them. Neil gets an attack. Sid says it is a pity and you don’t know who will get drowned in little water.

He says this family has favored on me, and I will ruin the person who tries to ruin them. Neil leaves from house while Naina tries to stop him. Sid follows Neil in his car and asks him to stop the car. Payal asks Ria to come with her. Payal asks where we are going?

Payal calls someone and asks to send goons. Sid stops his car infront of Neil’s car and asks have you gone crazy. Neil thanks him for saving Anya, his family and him. Sid asks him to stop it and says you are making me feel small. He says you are not less than a devta and have immense respect for you in my heart. You was with my Roshni during her toughest time. He says we shall forget the past. He says we both love each other a lot and says these kinds of relationship gets with destiny. He asks him to give a chance to his relationship with Ria. He gets a call and gets shocked.

Naina and Mitul take Roshni to hospital. Sid come running there followed by Neil. He asks Doctor, how is she? Doctor asks we can’t do anything in this situation. Sid asks what? Doctor says your wife is pregnant. Sid is shocked. Neil is clueless. Doctor says it is difficult to save mum and baby both. Sid gets inside the OT and recalls Roshni telling that she is getting bad feeling that something wrong is going to hospital. He reminisces all the good moments and holds her hand. He kisses on her stomach. He tells her that God can’t snatched her from him…He promises that they will stay together till their last breath, we three…..

Mitul tells Neil that some goons entered home and beat Roshni badly. She says I had hidden in the cupboard so got saved. Neil is shocked.

Sid comes to temple and asks God how can he snatch loved ones for his enjoyment and to take test. He asks until when I can give test…and says I have given 1000’s of test and came first. He says I am still standing strong and says it is my ego. He says he wants his Roshni and his child back. He says you have snatched my sasumom from me. I didn’t say anything and asks why only me…He says I won’t let you snatch my Roshni and my baby, and you will give me. He says I will not bend down infront of you and says I have won and will win today also. Roshni is seen in the ICU. Sid says if you are God, then I am Siddharth who don’t accept defeat and lights candle on his hand. Roshni gains consciousness and takes Sid’s name. Neil comes to Sid and says God has listened to you, Roshni is fine now. Sid comes back to Roshni and asks until when you will wear these clothes. Roshni says congratulations Papa. Sid says congratulation mamma.

Payal tells Sid that she has filed defamation case against Khurana company and asks him if he liked his conspiracy. Sid says you can’t win from me and challenges her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. If roshni got pregnant,why wasn’t there any anything talking about it in any website.I just hope writers replace roshni,instead of killing her of like shiv,Durga.

    1. Roshini want to quit the show

  2. Can u writers pls reveal the plot after the leap?The only thing we know is who Ravi is playing.Whos opposite Ravi?.Well all want to know.pls replace roshni,u never replaced anybody al least replace her

  3. now this is good to see them together

  4. The plot of the next generation should be or something like this one where Ravi tries to fix the relation of wife-mom or wife-dad.writera pls add siblings to the female lead as u killed roshni’s siblings

  5. Good episode.Due to roshni’s pregnancy we will see more of Sidnei.What happened to aanya?

  6. What a lovely episode. Just loved it.

  7. Wait a minute, roshni was declared not able to have children in 1st season and that’s why she adopted isha who was shabnam sister. Now she is pregnant…. .miracle! Will miss nia sharma when she leaves the serial.

  8. I think the writer are trying to copy the story after leap from begusarai where it will be shown that like (komal) payal will kill did and roshni n there baby will be alive I think like the writer are planning to make the story like that.. I hope they use there brain n make some interesting story not like qubul hai n begusarai if they make there story like Q.H. or Begun.then it will be very boring n nobody will watch then so writer think this first

    1. I now right,hope writers don’t turn an amazing serial to a bakwas serial like how QH was only good when it was Asad and zoya and after leap serial was bad.Hope JR won’t turn into a revenge story instead plot should be how it was when JR had started,And anyway it is Beloved son in law so show should be based on that.Not like QH which had nothing to do with the title

  9. I think ravi ke opposite surbhi jyoti achi lagegi but i request donot leave show Nia

  10. I think after the 20 year leap roshnis child will grow up and he will be the main lead as jamai raja

  11. Roshni is pregnant….wow….hmmm..what is going to happen next…another Siddath Khurana…yey!!!

  12. Wat roshni pregnant for who

  13. What happened to simran,kritika,resham and kesar?How cone they aren’t seen in the show lately

  14. Things just got a little confusing you know….but what can i say …..at least roshni and sid is back together

  15. Truth is even if nida would stay back we wouldn’t see sidni as the next generation is about Sid and roshni’s child about being JR.And Ravi wouldn’t be Sid but child.But I still want her to stay back.Writers pls reveal the plot after generation;hope it’s like how JR turned out when it started

  16. Thank god roshni is alright…if she had died i would stop watch jamai raja…

  17. Romaisha

    How did roshni get pregnant so fast??
    Anyway the upcoming story seems interesting … But don’t want nia sharma to leave …

  18. I just love this serial Jamai Raja, after being so tired from office still I take out time everyday to watch the serial for half an hour. Roshni looks awesome, so innocent and cute and sid acting is just too good. Both of them roshni and sid just look awesome. I don’t want roshni to leave jamai raja, we want roshni to continue in the serial along with sid. If Roshni leaves the serial, I will stop watching this serial anyone. most of the tv serials are very boring but Jamai raja all episode is always interesting to watch. I just wish roshni does not leave the serial.

  19. plz plz nia donot leave the show

  20. if nia leave the show i will stop watching this serial

  21. Roshni can NOT leave thats the reason Y people watch jamai raja do not do like tashan E ishq that was going good untill they decided to replace sidhant gupta AKA kunj and put some other actor .

  22. i don’t want nia sharma to leave

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