Jamai Raja 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid’s guests going to bathroom and seeing Jasmeet aunty’s son on a lady in a bathroom. Sid asks if she is not ashamed now to see her son’s affair. Aunt gets tensed and her bahu starts yelling at lady. Sid asks everyone to come to the hall.

Yash tells DD they should go and help Roshni. DD in her husky male voice and male-looking face says Roshni wants to her to apologize her in-laws, which she will never do and will instead punish them. She asks him to take care of Roshni in her absence. Yash feels helpless.

Sid tells Jasmeet aunty if she trusts her son. She says yes. He says just like she trusts her son, he trusts his wife Roshni and knows she cannot do anything wrong. Raj praises him and says he is proud of him. He calls Roshni. Roshni

enters. Simran and her puppets Rajveer loafer and ugly kritika are shocked to se her. She holds her hand and brings her in. He laughs and tells everyone if they are surprised and thought he would believe them and not his wife. He reminisces calling Roshni and asking to wait until he calls her. He goes to Rajveer loafer and says he apologizes for shattering his dreams and plans. He says nobody has right to interfere in his personal issues, especially outsiders pointing at jasmeet aunty and asks just because Roshni defeated her in a competition, she alleged Roshni. Aunty says he is insulting guests. Sid says she should behave like a guest and if she tries to misbehave and point at his wife, he will break her finger. He then apologizes lady who fell with aunty’s son. Lady says he should not apologize and says she realized how easy it is to allege someone and how difficult it is to feel their pain. She apologizes him instead. Sid asks if anyone has doubts now and says he wants to clear one final time that Roshni is his wife, his pride, he is proud of him and he will always, if anyone points fingers at Roshni or allege her, he will also leave with Roshni forever. He looks at dumb Simran and her puppets ugly kritika and loafer Rajveer and takes roshni from there,leaving them surprised.

Roshni gets emotional thinking how Sid took her side and brought back her pride. She thinks where her life is going, what she should think about sid. Sid comes from washroom and asks why is she crying. She continues crying and thinking he knows her well than anybody else and does not want to leave him. He thinks even he does not want to leave him. They both speak via their emotions. She asks if they can forgive everything and unite again. She touches him and says she wants to feel him. He turns back and asks what is she doing. She says he had hair on his shoulder, so she was clearing it. She says whatever he did for her, she is.. He says he thought today’s day will not finish, now he wants to sleep as he is very tired and wants to go to office tomorrow, says goodnight and goes to sleep. She feels sad.

Precap: Roshni challenges Rajveer that she will kick him out of her house and will not divorce Sid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love this show,after a long time things are looking up,good for Simran,kritika and Ranveer they deserve it.

  2. finally writers that can make strong lead characters without making them stupid. This is how it should be – Rajveer is not that smart or Kritika. I am glad this stunt of thiers backfired becuase you want your lead characters to be smart…. you never see James Bond being taken in by cheap tricks!
    bravo writers!

  3. Nice episode n wonderful precap

  4. Wow! Superb episode we the viewers we love when our lead characters are smart…way to go Sid!!

  5. nice episode love the way sid stand up for roshni love the precap roshni not only rajveer his ugly wife n your so called friend yash you have to kick out of you n sid life’s because he is a pain in the neck

  6. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    good episode

  7. Superb episode…

  8. Apurva pusker

    love the way the writers have figured the lead characters. best serial ive ever seen

  9. Wow! episode was superb finally thngs r going well
    i like this epi sooo0 much
    what a serial!
    Precap is also intrstng n gud
    i like this drama n i thnk this the only serial which is fabulus

  10. This serial is all about the romance and love between Said and Roshni and I love it. Rest of the characters just make up the number. It started as a refreshing serial on positivity and that is what audience want to see in it. No need of inserted villains. For that other shows like qubul are good.

  11. I really hope that this serial could develop into a serial worth watching because it is only now that sid took a stand for roshini and personally speaking if they were so smart they would have figured out rajveer and kritika by now so I still find it to be a whole lot of shit

  12. I think it is pride that has taken over Sid and even Roshni,lets see where this serial will lead up to.

  13. Sid i love your wits.I enjoy the way you used your detective skills and move those people to close their filthy mouths against your wife,Even your mother who was adamant that this girl is no good.Is she really looking for the kettle to call it black and the kettles are Rajveer and Kritika.When those two kettles are found the dirtiness of the substances in those black kettles will be so black it will burn and scorch her ass so bad she will need a lot of bandages to wrap those wounds.Those wounds will seep so much stench that Simran —herself cannot stand the smell of it .What happens then who laugh last laugh the best.This was a good episode.All in all Roshni is a good actress also and she is also a good supporting actress for Sid.I really love his stlye even when he is angry.The story line is really great.no matter what .

  14. very nice episode……………………….really liked it….Sid and Roshni are really a good match….

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