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Roshni gains consciousness. DD is by her side. Roshni asks for Sid and DD says on his way. She reassures all will be well. Roshni refuses to believe. She says have to go back to prison. Sid comes with Doc and says that she is going back to her home with Sid and DD. He says the real culprit will be arrested. He asks Roshni to forget everything. He tells DD that she can leave and he will bring Roshni home but DD refuses to budge. Right then Roshni starts to feel uneasy. Doc asks Roshni to relax and not worry. Sid says that cops are investigating. They dont have a clear name. But good thing is Roshni is fine. Sid tells DD they dont need to worry. Sid assures Roshni that as long as her Sid is there, no one can harm her, neither from her family, nor outsiders.

Mamu slaps Shabnam saying that he had

warned her not to chase Roshni and Sid. Sid can sniff the truth and he has caught her and Mamu together. Mamus man informs him that cops are here and so is Sid. Mamu and Shabnam are shocked. They escape. Sid and cops try to locate them. Sid finds two applications on the name of Shabnam-Gaffur and says they are in collusion. Sid asks for protection for his family and cops assure they will do the needful.

At the Khurana mansion, Simran is all decked up and asks her driver to get fruits and sweets. Krutika offers to help but Simran denies her. Simran says have only one daughter. Bunty overhears and is tempted. He goes to Bua Dadi who is singing ‘Gulabo’. She asks him what he is doing here. He says i understand all being upset with me but not you after all you chose me for Krutika. Bua Dadi closes the door and asks him to keep his voice low. Sunny blackmails Bua Dadi saying that heard that Simran is going to offer several lacs of chadhava to God but nothing to me, her daughters husband. Bua Dadi asks what he wants and he says that if anyone found out the truth about Krutika’s marriage, Bua Dadi will lose everything.

Back at DD mansion, DD tends to Roshnis injuries. Applies concealer on her injury marks. DD expresses relief now that Roshni is safe and asks her to forget everything like it was a bad dream. Roshni says that she knows as long as Sids love and all their love is with her, no one do any harm to her. Roshni asks DD if all will be well now and DD says yes.

Bunty is delighted to get the money from Bua Dadi. Bua Dadi is tense about Krutika being back home with Bunty and plans to get them kicked out of the house. At the puja pandal, Roshni is delighted to see Sid arrive. Roshni asks him why he is late and he says stuck at work. Simran – Roshni – DD are surprised to see Krutika and Sunny arrive. Sid sighs. Krutika hugs and greets Roshni and Bunty reminds her about meeting earlier. He laughs and Krutika silences him. Simran calls Roshni to do the aarti. Right then cops arrive and DD notices. Sid is talking to them as DD walks up to them. DD asks why they are here. Cops say anything can happen so we are here. DD says this doesnt appear normal. Tell us the matter. Raj calls Sid to join in for the aarti. Simran says her bahu, her beti aka Roshni will do the aarti. Roshni is doing the aarti and Sid keeps turning back to check if all is well. He feels suspicious about a hooded woman and tails her. He removes her veil to find that its an old lady. A man arrives with a bucket of flowers and Sid goes right past him.
The man closes in on Roshni. The aarti is over and DD asks her to rest. She resists but Simran insists too. Roshni is distributing the prasad. She is about to give prasad to the flower man but he suddenly takes out his gun and points at Roshni. He fires and Shabnam takes the bullet. Cops nab the shooter. Roshni cries to Sid to help Shabnam and call ambulance. He freezes. Sid calls for ambulance. He carries Shabnam.

At the hospital, doctors operate on Shabnam and remove the bullet. Sid is confused about what is going on. He thinks that Shabnam is with Gaffur then why did she save Roshni. Nani- DD ask Roshni to keep calm. Sid says not getting my answers. Roshni asks regarding what. Sid is quiet. DD asks him aside and asks what is going on. I feel like something is wrong. Tell me. Sid says dont wanna leave anything out. Right then doc comes and says operation done. Shabnam is safe but weakened coz of blood loss. Roshni- DD – Nani check on Shabnam who keeps her back to them and rues that she is not able to look them in the eye. Sid overhears. She rues why did you save me, should have let me die. Roshni chides her. Shabnam says am your culprit, forgive me. She says i came in your house and life to destroy you coz of Gaffur who force me. She says Gaffur put Roshni behind bars. He forced me to mix poison in the milk. He forced me to attack Roshni in the hosp. She rues that i had no other option. She says that Gaffur threatened her saying he will kidnap Ayesha if Shabnam did not do as told. Shabnam says at the hosp wanted to tell Sid the same thing but he din believe me and got me arrested. Shabnam says Gaffur got her kidnapped her from there. She says from there she found out the plan of killing Roshni and escaped to come and save Roshni. She says that you could have let me die. Nothing left in my life to live for. Am an illegitimate child. Roshni calms her and says never say that.

No precap

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  2. This serie could end it is very stupid

  3. SHABHAM is still up to tricks!!!!!!!! Stupid girl!!!! The writers dragging this crap out!!!!

  4. Nice episode.

  5. I don’t trust shabnam

  6. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Shabnam will enter their house again and continue with her wickedness. . Stupid nonsense..

  7. stupid gal shabnam is upto trickz!!

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