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The Episode starts with Roshni showing Sid’s photos to Raghu on projector screen. Raghu says he is like me. Roshni says there is a difference and says Sid was having a good heart. Raghu says how can anyone stay at her inhouse laws with a hunter mum in law. Roshni asks how did you know? Raghu says he is saying seeing her temple. He asks why did he have an affair with his saali when he had a good wife. Roshni slaps him and asks him to get up. Roshni cries.

Later Roshni shows the photo to DD. DD says he is Sid only. Roshni says he don’t have any qualities of Sid. DD says they have same similarities. Roshni says she has no doubt that he is Raghu. She says she will free her under any circumstances. DD says what is important is to punish Sid’s guilty.

Bunty comes back to Raghu and

is sad. Raghu asks if his wife didn’t agree and asks tea seller to give him tea. Bunty says she is always angry. Raghu tells that she likes to eat food in a restaurant and asks him to take her outside. Bunty asks how did you know about her. Raghu says I knows everything and says all women are same. Bunty asks how to convince her? Raghu says do something which makes her to have dinner with you. Raghu asks him to say Jai Raghu Baba………Pinto asks why you are doing this? Raghu says if I unveil all the cards now, then there will be no enjoyment left for future.

Roshni is coming to meet Raghu. Shabnam follows her. Roshni sees her and hides. Shabnam wonders where did she go? Roshni secretly comes to Raghu’s room while he is sleeping. He wakes up and sees his mum sleeping. He pulls her closer and covers blanket on them. Roshni asks what you are doing? He asks what you are doing here? Roshni says I……Raghu says we shall go out and talk. Roshni asks him to come. They are standing out. Roshni asks why you are weird and wearing blanket in this weather. Raghu says he is protecting his respect and says it is like open treasure. Roshni laughs and says I salute your confidence. Raghu says you took me here very far and asks what is the matter? Roshni says I came to apologize to you. Raghu says I need to clear my ears and says I am hearing it wrong. Roshni says I am sorry Raghu. Raghu says I will agree and have a condition. Roshni says I agree. Raghu says I need a kiss. Roshni says I will slap you. Raghu says I need a kiss else I will go and sleep.

Raghu says I will take it. He gets closer to her. Roshni closes her eyes. Raghu brings the mirror and shows her face. Roshni sees kajal moustache on her face and says Raghu……….Raghu says he is bajrangbali’s bhakt and respects women. He says I respect you also. He says he can bend infront of three women. One is my mum, second is Durga Maa and third one is….I won’t tell you. Roshni asks if the deal is done. Raghu shakes hand and says man to man promise.

Shabnam talks to the corrupt lawyer Tiwari. He says he is helpess and can’t do anything as Sid’s body is not found till now. Shabnam warns him and asks him to make case concrete against DD.

Roshni asks Raghu to hurry up. Raghu is wearing clothes and says your husband’s clothes are very tight. Roshni says he is very fit and don’t eat unhealthy food like you. Raghu says he is not there else I would have showed him. She asks are you coming or shall I come inside. Raghu comes outside. Roshni stares him. She imagines Sid saying he came for her as she called him with so much love. Mere Rubaru plays……………..Raghu asks what happened? He says he is looking handsome in suit. He chews pan and talks in a rough language. Roshni says lets practice. Raghu says I am Siddharth Khurana, and asks how are you Shabnam. Roshni says you are looking like Sid, but your habits and other things are not like him? He calls Roshni and says you didn’t identify your Sid.

DD thinks Roshni’s love is strong and why she couldn’t make Shabnam lose in her conspiracy. Just then Raghu/Sid come there and says sasumom. DD is shocked to see him in sardar’s attire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. He is the original Sid Khurana with his master plan. i am so excited for next track

  2. Am hearin de ryt thing or am imagining dat raghu has said dat “roshni u cnt identify ur sid”

  3. Common let it rock reviving the hearts of million go all the sid love this now

  4. Woww At last sis is backkkk. I am sooo happyy. Hey guys I am new here… I recently got to know about this thing.. Ii love JR…

  5. Sid is back!!!!

  6. Very nice

  7. See I told u guys. I kept telling telling and telling…. Yaaaayyyy happy moment for all of us…

  8. Sab kuch theek karne ka ab hai jamai ki baariii.. Oh I love sid…

  9. Dd needs to set free she is a fair person she don’t stick nonsense .go jamai prove to sasuma you did not failed her

  10. Yayyyyyyyy sid is back without him this show is nothing

  11. Sid is back,jehhhhh,I’m so excited for next plan

  12. I feel that roshnie knows about sid. They are playing the game together

  13. Wow I’m so excited sid is back i so love him..dis is so rocking..love u sid

  14. I think DD will figure him out

  15. sid looking awesome rocking love

  16. I have read the update and nowhere in it shows that Raghu is in fact sid khurana so why is everyone happy that sid is back where is the proof and writers it is time you cut the bullshitting around with this serial and all the stupid games that are being played it is really overbearing now please change your game plan before I throw this serial in the dumps also and stop wasting my time watching it take heed and do something

  17. Wowwwww….siddarth khurana is back and now he’s going to rock this show

  18. Yeasts! Sid is back and also a clue was given when raghu’s frnd asks him kab tak chalega aisa or something like this but it is sure that he is siddharth khurana….

  19. I knew it. This is real Sid. See I told you guys. Now he will take revenge from Shabnam. I’m so excited for next episode…. And yes welcome lyae.

    1. I know. I also kept telling. So many yes they hv tried to show it is in fact sid indirectly. Wen kunj spoke on phone.been his mother reacts weirdly. Wen sid says jamai ki baariii. Wen sid tries to teach bunty hw to win his wives heart saying take her to restaurant she ll like it.

  20. Same here guys I am happy cos Sid made this serial interesting. But I knew that guy was sid he just want to remain that way so he can fight shamam

  21. He want everyone to be independent so maybe that’s why he is not coming in front directly…. Waiting for the next episode… Sid, ab Is jamai ki baari.. Come on rock it sid..

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