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The Episode starts with Kunj asks Sid where is Roshni. Sid says she has left. Kunj says it is okay, and says it is good that Roshni is fine and alive. These small things do happen in a relationship, and says only Roshni can lighten up your life. Sid asks Kunj not to trouble Twinkle and forgive her. He says I have to leave for some urgent work and goes. Roshni is in her hotel room and says not again. She opens the door and asks who is sending you. Room service guy says he came to just deliver. Roshni throws the cake which he brought and asks if he is happy now. She closes the door. She finds 27 missed calls of Sid and asks if he has gone mad. Door bell rings again. Roshni angrily opens the door. Sid brings bouquet for her. Roshni shouts at him and says she don’t need it. She asks sid to go away. Sid says

I don’t think you want me to leave. Roshni says I said whatever I want to say. Sid says I want to tell which you haven’t heard.

Roshni asks him to be with Anya. Sid says two things, don’t come infront of me wearing net/hot nighty. Second thing is that I am not Anya’s husband. Roshni is surprised. Sid says Anya is not my wife. She was depressed and was about to commit suicide. Your husband had saved her and took her home. Her family misunderstood me to be her husband. Roshni says I have to talk to Anya. Sid says am I lying? Roshni thinks Sid will not lie, and thinks to talk to Anya.

Simran goes on a shopping with Anya and says I like your taste. Roshni calls Anya and asks her to reach office. Simran asks what happened? Anya says she need to go. Simran takes the call and sees Roshni pic on the phone screen and is shocked. She asks who is she? Anya says CEO of our magazine. Krutika asks what happened? Simran says Roshni have returned.

Anya comes to meet Roshni at the office. She asks Anya where did you meet Sid before. Anya says I have done internship in his office. Roshni says I couldn’t understand, you just married him without informing anyone. Anya says she is not a kid and have married Sid. She says you have to accept it. Roshni says you are misunderstanding me. Anya says we are married and asks her to accept it. Roshni thinks Sid lied to me. Roshni says you married him with your wish. Anya says Sid loves me madly and that’s why we ran away to get married. Roshni is shocked. Anya asks her to leave them and cries. Roshni hugs her and asks her to relax.

Roshni sits in her car and thinks why did Sid lie to me. She thinks if Anya lied to me. Just then she sees Simran coming there in her car. She comes out of car and says mom……She touches her feet. Simran asks her not to call her mom. She asks why did you come back in my son’s life. She says you couldn’t see my son’s happiness as Anya is in his life now. Atleast that girl loves my son, and not like you who had ditched him. She asks her to leave her son and go away from his life. Roshni thinks why did you lie to me Sid? You was about to ruin Anya’s life. Anya is innocent, and I won’t let you ruin her life. She drives the car…..and thinks about Sid and Anya’s words. She comes to Khurana house. Sid says I was waiting for you. Roshni is in tears and says I came to know that you have played a big game. She says Anya has fought with her family for you, and asks him to think about Anya and his family. Sid asks have you gone mad and asks what did she say? Roshni asks him to stop following her and goes. Sid shouts Roshni and follows her in his car.

She comes to Naina’s house, and goes to Neil. Neil says all okay. Roshni says you are my friend naa. Neil says ofcourse. Roshni says whenever you are with me, I feel peace. Neil says this discussion is going where. Roshni says when we have friendship, understanding then why can’t we turn this friendship into a relation. Neil is shocked. Sid comes there and is shell shocked hearing her. Roshni picks a rose from the table, bends down on her knees and proposes Neil for marriage. She says will you marry me Neil? Sid is shocked. Anya asks Sid, why did you call me urgently. Sid is in shock. Mami sees them there and says sarvanash. Neil helps Roshni gets up. Roshni says you didn’t tell anything and says it is very embarassing for me. Neil says I am not prepared for it. It was role reversal, you know. He takes the flower from her hand, bends down on his knees and says ofcourse Ms. Ragini Desai..I will marry you. Sid is in tears.

Roshni takes the flower in her hand. Mami announces that Ragini and Neil are going to get married. Anya says what a great news. Sid asks Anya to come with her and takes her from there. Naina comes and hugs Roshni, saying she gave her happiness of life. Mami goes to get sweets. Sid asks Anya, why you didn’t tell Roshni that we were just acting and is not husband and wife. Anya asks what you are saying? Anya says I never met any Roshni. She says there is many confusion, but we will tell everyone until we find Arav. What is the confusion, I don’t understand. Sid says whatever I did is to save you, but now the matter is about my life. He asks her to tell her family that they are not married. Naina says I will take out mahurat for next week, and will make it a grand affair. Roshni tells Naina that they will marry in a small ceremony. Mami says marriage will be grand. Sid comes inside with Anya and says this marriage will not happen. Roshni is shocked. Everyone is also shocked.

Sid asks Anya to tell the truth. Anya faints and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now Anya is pregnant?? REALLY??

  2. anya is a lil b***h and she is a liar also but she and sid is in love

  3. I think anya is married to neil or pragnant with someone else child

  4. it will u marry me #jamai raja

    1. jk with the jamai raja part hope u understand what i ment

  5. A door knob is smarter than Roshni. She has always jumped to conclusions with out thinking.

  6. My twist is that they should bring roshini and sid child then it will be fun.a 2 year old child shld be brought into pic that shld show the flash back when roshini was going to commit suidice then she realise that she was pregant otherwise her cmg back did not make any sense she could have easily die then did would could have healed as time pass by why she cmg back and getting more pain for him.she wants to.see happy then she shld really die.all this twist doesn’t make sense so the writer shld bring the twist which I have written.hope all the friends help and tweet it to the producer ashwin mam won’t disappoint us.

  7. I agree with tulsi evn I was thinking the same
    I don’t why but I think this Anya will say everyone tht she is prgnant with sid’s child and then roshni will ask Sid to get married to anya

  8. i think anya is hving pregnancy for arav and dat z y she wanted to comit suicide wen sid saved her

  9. well Breanna I really don’t under stand wat meant

  10. we were planning to watch movies tomorrow but again it’s cancelled Caz noting nice showing???????? that’s how I feel

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