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The Episode starts with Sid seeing Roshni and DD and wonders if Joker called them here. Resham sees candy floss and asks Kesar to go and bring it. Sid changes his look so that Roshni and DD don’t identify him. Resham sees Shabnam and informs Kesar, but he ignores her sayings. Sid looks for Ayesha. Ayesha is seen in the toy big ball. Joker takes Ayesha and signs bye to Yash. Sid runs after her. Roshni looks for Sid. Sid gets a chit with a sign to come somewhere and wonders what do he wants. Roshni thinks she has seen Sid only and wonders what is happening? Sid sees a burqa clad woman and holds her hand. She happens to be Sid. Roshni gets a message asking her to move forward. Sid asks Ayesha what you are doing here? Shabnam says I came here to search for my Ayesha. Sid sees Roshni coming there and hugs

Shabnam intentionally so that Roshni don’t see their faces, but Roshni looks at Sid’s shoes and realizes he is Sid. She shouts his name………Sid turns towards her. Shabnam also turns to her. Roshni looks at Sid’s look. Sid tries to speak. Roshni asks him not to speak and says truth is out infront of her.

Ayesha sees Roshni and Sid fighting and asks why my parents are fighting? Yash says your papa is right. Shabnam tells Roshni that she is thinking them wrong. Roshni says you got Sid Khurana as you wanted him, now be happy and enjoy each other’s company. She leaves. Resham sees Shabnam going and catches her. The visitors look at them. Resham says it is a family matter. Roshni comes to DD and hugs her, asking her to leave from there. DD asks Sid why he has changed his look. Roshni says he don’t have any answer. Resham brings Shabnam and says I have seen her before with Sid, but Kesar ignored my words. DD asks what is going on? Roshni asks him to speak up. He says Sid was secretly meeting Shabnam? Sid asks her to let him give chance to explain. DD asks him to shut up and says she don’t want to talk. They leave. Sid and Shabnam looks on tensed.

Sam asks Yash, you must be enjoying doing this? Yash gets tensed and wonders if she knew this. Sam says I understand your game, you went with Roshni to give her support. Yash says you have gone mad and says I went to bring pills for you. Sid follows Roshni and DD. They reach home. Roshni cries. DD asks Sid to pack his bags and just leave. Shabnam also comes there. DD asks her to leave as well. Sid tells DD that Shabnam came to apologize to you. DD asks if I am an idiot? Roshni says everything you forgave her, she fires back and try to separate us. Roshni asks what she was doing in your embrace? Yash thinks this is just a start and many more things will happen. DD asks him to take his stuff and leave. Sid asks DD, if she really think that he is having an affair? DD says I can just see my daughter’s tears. She says we both tried to ask you, but you kept it hidden. She asks him to take his stuff and leave. Shabnam asks her to listen to jiju once. DD asks her to hold her jiju and leave, and says they doesn’t care what is going on between them. Sid thinks I wish I could tell you. Yash asks DD to listen to him once. DD asks him not to interfere strictly.

Sid picks his bag and leave the house. Roshni cries badly. Yash thinks I can’t let you leave the house so easily, my game is not over yet. He asks Sid not to leave the house and asks him to tell what happened? He says Roshni and DD love you so much, and thinks I want to see if you will tell me everything or not. Sid tells Yash that he will talk to him later. He put his stuff in the car. He gets Yash’s message that he can’t go without his permission, and if he want Ayesha, then he have to go back to house. Sid looks on tensely.

Roshni cries and says how can Sid do this. DD says I will talk to Khurana and they will understand. Sam thinks Roshni deserves this and asks Yash not to comfort Roshni. Yash says Sid loves Roshni truly and will come back. Sid comes back singing a song and sits on the sofa. DD asks him to get out. Sid says if you want to know then I will tell you, and my lawyer will talk to you. He asks lawyer to come. DD asks did you bring divorce papers? Sid says no, I haven’t done cheap thing. Lawyer says if Sid and Roshni don’t stay together then Ayesha’s custody will be with Sid. Everyone is shocked.

Sid tells DD that Roshni will take a decision now and asks her to stop him if she wants Ayesha to be with her. Roshni asks DD to do something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. whts wrong with yash I hate him

  2. Yash a run off….idk what sid done to he/yash to make him of angry on him
    Or beside he can’t say that sid snatch roshini cuz sid was roshini husband from the being when he n she been spilit over that matter can’t remember what is was then he come in the pic to lend her support roshini never love or had any feeling for him cuz she alyz love sid and getting married to sam was his/yash decision so why is he doing this stupid act for
    Speaking about love roshini does alwyz forget about her love for sid n alwyz doubt him and she never trust him only questions him

  3. I just hope at the end it will be revealed that it was an acting game roshni,Sid and sabnam played to save Ayesha and get Sid caught.I don’t want to see sidni separation.

    1. I agree with Quine.HOPE it’s just acting to get yash caught

  4. I meant yash

  5. U writers are stretching this track to much.Get Yash caught pleaseeeeeeeeeee.Don’t want to see sidni separation.Hope it’s just acting game and roshni’s pregnant(no miscarriage)

  6. This is so annoying!how can they turn this cool yash in to a villain.and after what happened to Sam she suppose to become a saint!!!And for Goodness sake why can’t Sid and Roshni face a battle together it’s always about people trying to come in between them….this over dragging is getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!

  7. Donno whats wrong wid roshni.. She only tells she loves sid but never trusts him..if sid wanted to ditch her he could hav done long ago..instead he used to risk his life to save her n always supported her..just cause someone texted her she starts doubting him..she is very insecure..

  8. This rabbish i don’t even watch it since last one month, sometimes just read the pre-cap and move on Dalheez is more interesting this all bagwaaaa……. writers your are down rating the show now do something or you will loose all your international viewers

  9. Muje aisa lagta hai ki jaise sabnam and yash dono mile hue h, bcoz sabnam bhi yhi chahti thi jo yash chahta h, sidni ko alag krna pr chahe ye dono kitna bhi jor lgale ye sidni ko kbhi ek dusre se alag nhi kr skte.

  10. fan of jamai raja

    idiotic roshni…..doesn’t she get a doubt who is sending her messages minute to minute…..untill n unless someone is watching each n every scene whats happening between sid n roshni……

  11. my GOD..this seriel is something else

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