Jamai Raja 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anya informing Roshni and Sid that she has done a big mistake. She tells that she has taken Roshni and Neil’s signatures on property and house papers. They reach home. Roshni asks Mitul why she has taken enmity on her family. Naina asks what happened? Roshni tells her that they have sold everything, and says we have nothing now. They have sold property, house and everything. Naina is shocked and asks Mitul to say. Mitul says I will tell you, and says I won’t be quiet anymore. She says I was in the house like a furniture and you came to know what I can do. She says this is called Sarvanash. Naina is shocked and cries. Sid asks her not to worry and says we are with you. He says we have to meet lawyer first and asks her to give the paper which she is having. Mitul smirks. Sid

goes to room and gets the papers. He asks Roshni to take care of Naina and says he will go and meet lawyer. Mitul laughs and says it is old papers, throw it.

Sid promises that he won’t let anything happen to this family. He goes to lawyer and shows the papers. Lawyer says these are old papers, if the new papers are signed then it is waste, I will see what I can do. He gets to see divorce papers and shows to Sid. Sid sees it and is shocked. He gets emotional and says oh God, gets teary eyes. He looks at the notice which declares them man and wife, and refusing to give them divorce. He thinks we were never separated, and was always together. Ishq Me song plays………He reminisces Roshni and recalls her words…

Roshni gets Sid’s call and asks him to come soon. She sees some men taking out stuff from their house. She stops and asks who are they? One of the man asks her to talk to the woman…..Naina sees Ria coming out of car and trying to get inside. Ria asks her to move from her way. Roshni stops her and says you have got the signatures by cheat, and says she will not succeed. Ria says I want to go inside my house. Naina shouts and falls down. She asks Roshni to stop Ria from going inside as Neil is inside. Sid is happy thinking that they are not divorced. Itni Mohabbat karun…plays………

Neil gets up. Ria says you have drown completely and says I came to end your life. Neil says you have ran away breaking my heart. Ria accuses him for betraying her and marrying someone else. Mitul laughs. Sid is on the way. He gets Anya’s call asking him to come. Neil asks Ria what did you want? Ria pushes him and he falls down. Roshni holds Ria’s hand and throws her out of the house. Ria says you have done wrong and have to pay for this. Roshni asks her to get lost. Naina helps Neil get up. Roshni comes back. Mitul says what you have done? You people don’t know what Ria’s sister can do. Naina slaps her. Mitul asks her to be in her limits, and says now you will know what will happen with you. She laughs.

Sid and Anya are in Simran’s house. Simran asks what is this drama? Sid says you have done drama and shows the court notice. He says Roshni and I are not divorced and says my mom is involved. Anya says it is a good news and asks what about Neil. Sid says I will not let anything happen to him. Simran asks what happened to you..Anya. Anya says Sid and Roshni are made for each other. Simran says I will make sure that they don’t unite. Sid says I have seen for the first time that a mom is trying her son’s life and pushing him towards the death. He says Roshni is my breath and you want to cut my breath connection. He says Anya understands my emotions and feelings for her, but you don’t. Simran says Sid. Sid says Roshni and I are one and will always be. Nobody can separate us, it is my promise. You know well, whenever I promise, I lived upto it. Roshni asks Naina not to cry and says she will make everything fine. Inspector comes and asks who is Ragini. Roshni says I am Ragini Sen gupta. Inspector says there is an arrest warrant on your name.

Sid tells senior inspector that Roshni is arrested and taken somewhere. SI tells him that Roshni is arrested on charges of attempt of murder. Sid, Raj and Simran are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. very very nicee episode…..bt roshni signs the divorce papers on naina’s forcement………stillll hoping that the cutest couple SIDNI come together once again…..bcoz I beleive on siddharth’s words as he said today that they will come together at any cost….

  2. saadaan farooqui

    plz tell us who ringtone use in jamai raja sidhaat khurana mobile incoming calls plz tell name plz

    1. Xavier

      The name of his ringtone is ” Electric Eel “it’s a nokia ringtone.. 😀 You can download it from this website : http://freetone.org/ringtones/standard/2917-nokia_electric_eel

  3. Wow sid got to knew tht they r not divorced on my birthday
    I’m very happy for that

  4. still dragging … now Roshni in jail?

  5. This is the best programme on zeetv its way way way way way better than kkb oh n happy birthday Neha

  6. lovely epi …. I missed it.

  7. True, jamai Raja still much much better than kkb, by far. Loved last night scene when roshni and sid were having it out, haven’t see her this vocal since a long time, happy to see her in fiery mood, that’s the roshni I remember. So happy too that sid knows he and riding are still married…..yipppppeeeee

  8. Did is such a gem, I know he will help Naina and Neil. In the end, Naina will bring sidni together, she has too.

  9. Very nice episode.

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