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The Episode starts with Kunal calling Sid from DD’s phone. Sid says he is leaving for Nerona.. Kunal disconnects the call. He thinks DD have done right by leaving phone here and now he knows about Sid’s plan. Roshni tells DD that Sid was pressurized to sign on the divorce papers. She says Sid said right, but she didn’t believe on Shabnam. She apologizes to Shabnam. Shabnam also apologizes to her. Roshni says it might be Sid’s plan. DD looks for her phone. Kunal tells Bansi that they shall leave with Roshni, before Sid does anything. He says Sid can get us arrested also. Servant gives her phone. DD calls Sid, but his phone is unreachable.

Shagun calls Bansi and tells that they have betrayed her. She says Raj acted to be in love with her and betrayed her. Bansi asks her to do as she says

to take revenge. Shagun agrees. Sid comes to Nerona and asks where is Dr. Shah. Kunal’s goons kidnap him after hitting on his head. They get Kunal’s call. Kunal asks them to kidnap one more person. DD gets worried for Sid. She gets kidnapper’s call informing her that Sid is kidnapped. The goon asks her to come to Nerona and meet him. They make her hear Sid’s voice. DD informs Nani that Sid is kidnapped and is in Nerona. Nani is shocked too. She hopes that Sid is fine. Nani asks DD not to waste time and go to rescue Sid. DD says what about Roshni and you?

Nani says I can get Raj and Simran’s help and asks her to go. DD agrees. Premal asks Bansi, what is her plan? Bansi says their way is cleared now and says they will make them reach to the right place, it will be their last attack. Sid is in the kidnapper’s captivity. Sid hears someone voice and asks who are you? The man says he is asked to come near the hospital and then he was kidnapped. Sid asks who are you? The man says he is Dr. Shah. Sid realizes that he is the same doctor whom he is searching. He frees his hands and tries to talk to Dr. Shah.

Bansi asks Premal to keep all stuff of Nani in the bag and says she will send her to old age home. Roshni asks how dare you? Nani says either you will go to old age home or jail. She says your grand daughter will not sign on the papers. Roshni asks why she will go to jail, and asks what she has done. Nani folds her hands and asks her not to do this. Bansi threatens her that she will tell the secret to her grand daughter. Nani folds her hands. Roshni says it is all rubbish and asks Nani not to cry. Kunal says Bansi can spoil anything. Roshni asks him to stay out of it. Kunal says I will tell the truth and Roshni should now. Roshni asks Nani to say. Kunal says she can’t say. Bansi says Alaknanda is not your Nani. Roshni is shocked. Shabnam is shocked too. Nani sits down in shock. Kunal says DD is not your mum.

Bansi asks Roshni to get ready for mehendi ceremony. Shabnam tries to stop her, but Bansi takes her forcibly. Kunal asks Roshni if she is ready to get his name’s mehendi on her hand. Roshni sadly leaves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hoe is Roshni not dd’s daughter? What is the full story anyone??

    1. When DD was preggo, she went to nerona to meet Bansi ben. There she got miscarried and Bansi told Nani to switch DD’s dead baby with the other baby in the room. The other baby in the room is roshni, and this fact has been kept as a secret from roshni. ?

  2. This f*cking kunal. Hate him. Get rid of them fast

    1. Really tho he doesn’t even look good with Roshni.

  3. But I think some initial parts of this episode is missing………!!!!!

  4. wot will happe is that this is DD daughter ie roshni n that was stupid freak psycho stupid again cox I cant resist it bansi idiot

  5. Guys the episode actually started from bansi giving divorce papers to roshni and asking her to sign on them but roshni tears them throws it on her face saying that sid can never do like this …… Sid loves her more than anything…….he could not even think of doing like this …etc
    And then she leaves from there leaving bansi angry.
    I must say she gave a every nice lecture, she proved that she trust on Sid more than anyone.
    These writers r not updating the full episode ?

    1. Exactly Neha…… But why the author is doing this???

  6. I am not loving this story line but I am glad that it is moving quickly so at least I don’t get turned off….the fact that Roshni is going to get married and the secret is out means Sid has to reach on time to stop it.

  7. could someone tell me how many time will sid get knocked in his head, beat up and thrown over a cliff and still survive my gosh is he a ROBOT OR MADE OF STEEL? lol and as for these kidnapping scenes I am totally fed up with it and another thing now all of a sudden shabnam is turning over a new leaf and all is forgiven total nonsense again these writers sure know how to make mess with all these serials and all because of their limited knowledge of what to write and what makes sense and we the viewers have to watch and take in all this SHIT for so long it is high time these writers go back to drama school and really learn how to write and produce good serials with good scripts

  8. all Indians story are the same goons,holigans, kidnapping

  9. I think roshni is only dd’s real daughter . . And she wasnt even replaced. Its bansi’s plan to threaten alaknanda nd dd that u gave birth to a dead child and we replaced her.. she did so becuz she got made kundli of dd’s baby when dd was pregnant (as told by shakun) . And since it was a girl child.,stupid bansi married her kunal idiot with roshni. .

  10. It is very sad that the writers of this drama have finally lost it.i used to enjoy watching Jamai Raja until they brought in Shabnam , ever since then it has been going downhill but this new story line with Bansi,Kunal etc has made this the worse drama on Zee tv! their acting is bad, story line terrible…..Sid has died so many times i don’t think he is human, Roshni has cried more than any bride on earth ! Its just terrible…….i have stopped watching.

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