Jamai Raja 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kunal asking Roshni to give her hand in his hand. Just then his hand burns. Kunal shouts. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras. Roshni calls Simran and talks to her. She says she has regained her memory and knows Sid’s pain. Just then she hears someone coming and opens the door silently. Bansi tells DD that Kunal went to get ice to rub on his hands. She says Shabnam is also nowhere. Shabnam falls down. Shagun says Roshni and goes to her. Premal says what happened to her. They see Shabnam’s face and get shocked. Shagun says she is Shabnam, and asks where is Roshni then? Jyoti and DD come to Roshni’s room and see her missing. Just then they get Kunal’s call. Kunal tells DD that he will have honeymoon with Roshni. He says Roshni’s real husband have taken her with him.

Bansi scolds DD and Jyoti. Premal twists Jyoti’s hand and says I gave my heart to you and you have betrayed me. Jyoti holds his neck and says are you mad to think that I will marry you. I am just concerned for my Roshni.

DD asks Jyoti to run. Shabnam gains consciousness. Jyoti sees her and goes from there tensed. Shagun wakes up Shabnam. Shabnam is shocked to see herself in bridal dress and asks how did I come here? Where is Roshni and others? Roshni frees her hands and tries to elope, but Kunal catches her and makes her unconscious again. Sundari sees Kunal taking Roshni and runs after the car. Raj calls Sid and says he has trace the number. It came from Bindi Bazaar. Sid wonders why did he take her there. Raj says I will go to save DD. Shabnam, Bansi, Shagun and others tie DD onto the chair. Shabnam tells DD that Kunal will marry Roshni and will have suhaag raat with her. DD tells her that Roshni got her memory back. Sid will find Roshni even from pataal yog, and calls them useless. Shabnam asks Premal to beat DD.

Kunal keeps Roshni captive somewhere. Roshni says Sid will not spare you. Kunal laughs and says I have taken you far from Sid. He says if you would have agreed politely then I wouldn’t have forced you. Roshni says Sid. Kunal says if that dog Sid comes here, then I will make him have sweets with my hand. A havan kund is seen lighting. Kunal says he will marry her right there and waits for Pandit ji to come. He shows her passport and says we will fly from here.

Sundari calls Sid and tells him that she saw someone kidnapping Roshni and taking her to glass factory in bindi bazaar. Sid says he will come there. Roshni tells Kunal that Sid will come and save her. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras. Kunal holds Roshni forcibly and starts taking pheras. Sid comes there. Sundari asks him to do something. Sid goes inside, but finds no one. He shouts Roshni…and then Kunal. He sees Roshni’s stuff on the floor. He says khiladi’s wife is khiladi. He says Kunal have to pay a big price.

Shabnam tells that she is going to meet Kunal. Now they can’t lose and have to win. Someone comes and keeps knife on her neck.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh god pls pls pls end this drama again Sid and roshni got less than 5 min relief and again a big drama started pls writers stop dragging the show for god sake end this shabnam and kunal drama enough is enough
    Sunehri Arush and Japan thanks for agreeing…
    Hey Arush I’m from Hyderabad and u

  2. Yah this is more dragging end this track Of kunal shabnam and family

  3. Iam from mysore dear u r muslim right dear,

  4. this serial will sure send your pressure up if you do not suffer from it my gosh way too much unwanted drama why don’t the writers end this serial on a good note so long it was said that jama raja ending and it seems forever and what is so stupid is that the storylines are so monotonous and boring just going around in circles as soon as one problem solve right away another one erupts and take over writers again end the shabnam storyline we have had enough of it and the thing is you writers doing this to all the serials imagine that old hag tai doing so much mischief and yet you going to let evil win because I heard you writers going to kill off SURVI YOU WANT TO TELL ME THIS IS NOT THE HEIGHT OF SHIT/CRAP

  5. Why can’t u marry shabnam kunal she is ur best match chudail?

  6. Shabnam and Kunal make a perfect pair. Same nasty ways.. Who knows Shabanm could be Bansi grand daughter or related to them in some way. LOL. and where is Aysha ??

  7. I think is sid friend

  8. Where is ayesha. Wot happen to ayesha

  9. end this drama please…let kunal and shabnam know there mistakes!

  10. please don’t end this show for lifetime. I love Ravis acting very much. he is my favourite actor

    1. I agree with u do not end this series but pls start giving this track a the end

  11. Seriously? U guys still watch this Crap?? I’ve stopped watching long time ago. I’m here to to just check your comments and see if things better and also if Roshi and sid are together, but no the writers are just dragging the show. Oh! I forgot. Zee tv couples are never happy. Disgusting

  12. This serial.is actually loosing out the interest.every time some new problem comes up whenever sid n roshni love starts.
    Sid is a real heartthrob here for whom I watch this serial.
    Pls show at least some good moments of their romantic life rather than lambi tanhai every now n then

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