Jamai Raja 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sid as a sardar tells DD that he will be greatful if she gives him work, but don’t want to snatch other’s work. Kesar says he is right. DD says okay, and asks Ganpath to help to help Tadka singh in cooking. She praises tadka singh’s cooking skills and says she never had such a good gujrati food made by a punjabi. Roshni smiles. Sid thinks he will kick fake doctor out. Sid and Roshni recall their plan, and as per Beeji’s saying, they add cardamon powder in the food prepared by Resham. Bunty brings food parcel and gives to Sid in the kitchen. Sid serves the food and gets praised by everyone. He thinks what he couldn’t do as Sid, will do as Tadka Singh. Sid thinks he saved Ganpath’s job, but couldn’t meet Roshni because of him. Amol goes out somewhere in the night.

Sid follows him and wonders what is he upto? Amol goes to Police quarters and bribes a constable and asks him to take care. Constable asks him to do his work within 5 mins. Sid comes there singing song. Constable stops him and says this is police quarters. Sid shows commissioner’s number and threatens them. Constable says we can’t send you in as we didn’t get any info. Sid sees Amol coming out and tells Constable it is okay. Amol comes out and goes after talking to Constable.

Kesar feels pain in his tummy and thinks it is because of tadka singh. Sid thinks what to do and thinks to kiss Roshni. Resham was sleeping on her bed instead. Resham calls him Kesu. Sid says Chachi and runs from there. Resham shouts aloud saying someone have stolen Kesar. Kesar runs to room and asks what happened? Resham says someone came and even poked on my face. DD says this is a farm house. Sid comes as tadka singh and signs Kesar. DD asks him to go and asks Kesar to ask his wife to sleep.

Roshni and Sid talk to each other. Roshni says until when we will meet like thieves. Sid holds her in his embrace and talks romantically. Roshni says you looks good in clean shaven look. Roshni hears some noise and goes out. She sees decorator decorating the lawn and asks him. He says DD asked him and told about an important function at night. Roshni gets tensed. Resham beats Amol with stick. Amol says its me Amol. Resham apologizes and says she thought he is a thief. She asks where was you when thief entered my room. Amol is speechless.

Roshni tells DD that she can’t force her to get engage to Amol and refuses to get engagement with him. DD says my decision is final and you have to marry Amol. Roshni says fine, I don’t think that I shall stay here anymore. DD looks on tensed. Sid asks Roshni not to worry. Roshni agrees to get engaged, marry and have suhaagraat too. Sid holds her and says we have to think about DD’s health. Roshni angrily agrees to come for engagement function and asks him to make her wear ring infront of everyone, and says that’s a deal else don’t talk to me all my life. DD comes there. Roshni asks Tadka Singh to go. He leaves. Roshni tells DD that she will come to engagement function. DD says atleast you have realized and says you will thank me at last.

Amol grabs Sid’s collar and says what do you think that I will not know who are you? Sid looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wat going on now yash is gone now anmol

    1. Yash is not gone. Amol works for him. Yash wants to marry Roshni, he says he’ll marry her, it won’t be Amol getting married.

  2. Yes you’re right Amanda’s. This is all yash plan

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