Jamai Raja 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Part 1

Sid rushes to his dad and says DD’s home and office have been raided by Income Tax (IT) officials, i need to rush. Sid’s dad says go ahead, if u need anything lemme know. Sid says .. will need ur contacts. Sid says .. DD can be opinionated or jugmental but cant steal. Sid rushes. IT officials tell DD Rs.2 Cr mess up, we need to investigate you. Sid comes home and asks Roshni how all this happened. Roshni says tried to contact u so many times, u left and all this happened. Sid tells DD that told u not to put so much money in Mr. Mehtas deal, if u had money we could pay these IT people off ..but u dun listen to me. Sid self thought i have money but cant help you coz of Roshni. DD tells Rajbeer to contact Kesar and get something arranged. She agrees to go with IT officials. IT

officials say legally business is on Roshni & Alaknanda’s name so they need to come with us. DD-Sid all shocked. IT officials tell them to rush. DD says stop it, you cant take them with you. Business is on their name but i run it, am coming with you all. Nani faints. Roshni rushes to hold her. Sid says seems like you all dont want to talk to us properly. You all are acting like goons. What is this way to talk to women. The IT officials fume and say we will show you how goons behave. Roshni-Nani are forcibly taken. Sid attacks one of the officials. He tells them we know rules too, how dare you touch my wife without a female officer. IT official say to DD if they had just come with us, we would have let them go after few questions but you all have arm twisted us, will show you who we are.

Rajbeer requests the officials not to get upset. He admits they were wrong and apologizes. He says.. Sid has never seen an IT raid so got emotional. Please dont mind. He requests them to consider his plea. The IT official agrees to give 1 hour time to pay up. Rajbeer thanks them. They leave. Sid assures Nani that he will set it alright. DD says will you shut up. What do you think of yourself. You did what you had to. Your a goon…go on the streets. This is my house. You raised your hand on a govt. officer.. do you have any sense. Roshni says what Sid did was right .. he did what a hubby does for his wife.He couldnt watch his wife being humiliated. DD tells Sid you wont stay here.. go to office. Sid says my wife, nani need me.. i wont go anywhere. DD says Rajbeer is here to handle all.. go to Kesar now. Roshni says if Sid goes, i will go too. Sid tells Roshni you wont go anywhere, Nani needs you. Your trust me. Roshni nods and Sid says ..then stay. He walks off.

IT officials ask Kesar to present bills of all transactions. Kesar tries to buy them out but they fume. Pratima worries the matter. Bablu comes to explain the officials all the details. He tells Kesar to not tell anything to officials or DD. He says i will handle all. DD calls up Mr. Mehta for help but doesnt get encouraging response. She rues.. dont know how all this happened. Where to get money from now. Rajbeer apologizes saying its all my mistake.. i suggested you to invest in this project. DD says not your mistake. I do still have contacts. DD asks Rajbeer about his contacts and if they can help. Rajbeer says called everyone.. all will be well. Rajbeer excuses himself. DD self thought.. this is called good upbrining.. a good son in law. Rajbeer – Sam come in front of each other. Sam asks Rajbeer why are you helping DD.. she always prides on her money. Rajbeer tells Sam your wrong. Family is family. This is not the time to talk of such things. Nani-Mona overhear the whole convo. Nani tells Mona you did good to get such a nice son in law. Mona says both our son in laws are nice, we did something well in life. I only pray that DD gets some brains and DD accepts Sid like she has accepted Rajbeer.

Part 2

Sid contacts Mr. Sharma and inquires about the raid at DD’s place. He is shocked to hear the details from Mr. Sharma. He says i knew it, the way they were behaving i knew it. Sids mom asks the matter. Sid says i doubted early on. He thanks his dad for the contact. Sids dad asks the matter. Sid says will tell later and he rushes off. Sids mom asks his dad to find out he matter from Mr. Sharma. He calls and finds out the matter He is taken aback.

IT officials arrive and say time ends now. They are about to arrest Roshni. DD says will pay back for sure. Sid is rushing back and keeps trying Roshnis number. IT official takes Roshnis moby and cuts the call. Sid calls DD but she refuses to talk to him. Sid tries Kesars number.

Part 3

Kesar tells Sid that Bablu couldnt do anything, IT officials were not ready to accept anything. Never seen such people before. They left for home from here. Sid tells Kesar not to worry and rush towards home. IT officials is taking Roshni with them .. Mona-Sid try to explain them. He grabs Roshnis hand and she fumes on them. She tells them.. they cant do this and she can sue them. Sid is stuck in traffic jam. Sid gets out of the car and rushes.

DD thanks Rajbeer and says what you did only a son can do. You have bought me for life. Sid enters and is shocked to see the scene. Roshni too thanks Rajbeer for his help. Sid walks towards Roshni and asks why not receiving my call. Roshni says .. Rajbeer helped us a lot. They misbehaved with me..took my phone. Rajbeer paid Rs. 2 cr tax and all was sorted. Rajbeer smirks at Sid. Sid stares at Rajbeer.

Precap — Sid says why did you pay the tax Rajbeer. When did those people leave. Roshni says over 10 minutes. Sid says.. you shouldnt have paid those people. DD asks then let them take my daughter and mom. Sid says..those people couldnt have done anything as they were not IT officials, they were fake. DD is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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