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The Episode starts with Neil hearing Mitul saying Ragini is actually Roshni. He asks what you was saying? shouts and asks her to tell. Mitul says she is Roshni Khurana. Neil is shocked. Ragini comes home. Naina asks her about Neil. Ragini says she doesn’t know. Naina asks her to get ready for puja. Ragini thinks she has to tell this before puja. Neil comes then. Naina says you got late and asks him to change the clothes. Neil says first I have to talk to Ragini and takes her to room. Sid asks Anya not to worry and says we will talk to Ragini and Neil. Anya says even if they agree, then what about maa. She says Naina is doing all the arrangements and says she don’t want anything happen to her. She tells Sid that let her do this and goes. Ragini tells Neil that she wants to tell him something,

but couldn’t. She says trust me, I don’t want to keep you in dark. I tried to inform you, but…..Neil says that you met Siddharth Khurana suddenly here. Ragini is shocked. She asks did you know this? Neil says you shouldn’t have waited this long to tell me. He says your name is Roshni Khurana. Roshni is shocked. Simran thinks what will happen if Mitul tells everything to Neil. She says she can’t let Roshni come back to Sid life again and calls Mitul.

Neil holds her hand and tells Roshni that their present is also precious. He says I am upset that why didn’t you tell me before. He says if you want, then I can return your ring, but I want you to wear wedding ring. Roshni thinks Neil is ready to accept her after knowing her truth. Neil asks will you marry me? Roshni thinks about Simran’s words that Anya is pregnant.

Anya brings Sid to lawyer. He asks her to sign on the papers and asks him not to worry saying this is just fake papers of marriage. Sid is confused. Anya seems to be conspiring with Simran and asks him to trust her. Sid signs on the marriage papers without knowing its truth. Roshni agrees to marry Neil and cries hugging him. Neil asks her to stop crying and says this stress would have gone if you had told me before. He says we will marry today itself. Roshni says today….Neil says Pandit ji is here and mahurat is also good. Roshni says how? Neil says today only and goes to talk to Naina. Roshni thinks if I have to move on then I shall marry Neil today itself. She thinks something is wrong somewhere and says she can’t ruin Sid and Anya’s life. Lawyer tells Sid that you both are husband and wife for the world. Naina gets happy knowing about Neil’s decision and informs Pandit ji. Simran calls Mitul and says you hav misunderstood whatever had happened in the hospital.

Mitul asks her to come and see what has happened and smirks. Sid tells Anya that it was not required. Naina calls Anya and asks her to come home fast. Anya says what happened? She informs Sid. Sid asks her to sit in car. He is worried. Anya says may be something good is happening. Roshni gets ready for the marriage. Mitul knocks on the door and asks Ragini to open the door. Anya calls Roshni and Neil, and says their call is not connecting. Roshni opens the door. Naina looks on happily. They bring Roshni and make her sit beside Neil for the marriage. Anya asks Sid to stop the car. Sid asks what happened. Pandit ji asks Neil and Ragini to exchange garlands. They oblige. Anya gets down the car and vomits. Sid gets concerned. Anya gets unconscious. Sid drives the car. Neil takes a pinch of sindoor and fills Roshni’s maang shocking Sid and Anya.

Naina informs Sid and Anya that Neil and Ragini married in a hurry. Sid is in tears and informs them that Anya is pregnant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate you writers u can’t do dis to dem , pls Sid n roshni r made for each odr ,,, u can’t do dis at alllll

    1. I hate the writers for seperating sidni. But Guys , there’s a very shocking news.
      Aanya is not helping sid but instead, she is in love with sid, so is plotting evil plans. It was aanya’s plan to act like fainting and all, so sid was unsuccessful in stopping roshni’s marriage. Now when sid is sad, aanya is trying to get closer to him. She loves sid.
      I read all these in spoilers. I used to like aanya. But now I hate her.
      This is roshni’s 7th marriage on the show XD

  2. Not that same crap like other shows ones roshni gets married to neil and then again she marries sid this is so common nothing new ….change the concept dont make them marry again and again…..

  3. Is neil as good as it’s shown OR pretending..

    1. I guess Neil is good. But aanya is evil

  4. What rubbish? When did roshni and Sid got divorced? She just faked her death, but now that she’s alive she’s still sid’s legal wife so how can they both get married to someone else. Their marriages won’t be considered by law. Has zee TV signed any contract for mocking the institution of marriage in India? 1st kala teeka, then this jamai raja, yeh vaada raha, etc. What’s wrong with the director?

  5. See what sid gets for being a good man? Wow! So fricking outstanding huh? Simran tore her son’s heart out and roshni again steps on it. Sid how much could u take buddy? I request you writers to send sid far away from all those people. Make him happy with someone that won’t ever hurt him due to selfish reasons. Now that I’m looking at it, misha should have gotten sid. She was crazy but she would’ve never put him through what roshni put him through continuously.

  6. Stupid crap how can roshni and Neil get married these writers spoiled the meaning of the show season 2 sucks since the start of this season the writers have spoiled our moods
    Making things out of character they spoiled roshni s and simran characters
    Roshni was so innocent and simran was so sweet how can she cross such limits….
    I thought there would be some twist at the Marraige now …………………….ah fed up of this crap

  7. I am completely agree with you Baisali.all her serials just the same. Divorce, 2nd or 3th weddings,crimes. The mainleads are suffering so much and the ? evil ones are enjoying their evil deeds .

  8. @baisali. Anyway I’m not favoring this track but Sid n roshini is divorced.. remember that devil yash got them signed a paper in hospital… that was there divorce document

  9. What the hell…irritating drama roshini damn stupid girl and sid mom idiot bachari sid and anya is a selfish,jealous girl omg this drama make me angry …before this im excited to watch jamai raja drama but when Roshini got married neil shit

    ‘Reunite Sid Roshini’

  10. First jamai raja serial was best but season2 is worst whats wrong with u writer in this serial problm create then problm solve this is repeat again again i dont like . Plzz try to new creativity.

  11. It seems story is going all around like old kasauti zindagi kay of prerana basu..

  12. stop this show i just hate it ab isse aur kitna khechoge bandh karo bahi

  13. Writers family life may be like that is why they write such stories. I heard that they don’t have disciplined family life.

  14. I also agree with janu first season is very good but season 2 is worst sid n roshni are made for each other

  15. Rekha vaghela

    Now a character like gopi of saath nibhana sathiya should b introduced… She should marry sid, and make him happy( even though ahem was a brat she handled him well, and made him fall in love with herself) roshni should continue her marriage…

    A leap of 5 yrs..
    Roshni and Neil are childless.. With everyone asking for a heir from her( as roshni can’t get pregnant due to the incident that happened previously with her)

    On the other side, sid and his new wife have two smart, cute kids.. Roshni and Neil meet them, and gets jealous of them.. Plot against them but sid and his wife throw them out of their life.. Meanwhile, simran dies..

    A leap of 10 yrs..

    Sid is top businessman and is launching his son in industry… Neil has left roshni.. Roshni has turned into a vamp… She tries to ruin Sid’s perfect family.. But all in vain… She still wants to marry sid. And wants to make sid leave his wife.. But he pushes her out of his life for his family… And she keeps on continuing till sid and his wife die… And even unite after death… Whereas roshni gets punished….

    Perfect story…. For my perfect sidharth

  16. Rekha vaghela

    InsInstead of calling sid inauspicious, roshni should b called inauspicious..
    1. Shortly after her birth- her brother died
    2. So her parents separated
    3. Dd struggled throughout her life so that she could provide comfort to her.. ( dd’s panoti did go away, while shiv had a family , rather let me call it a happy family with his other wife)
    4. Since the day she came into sid’s life, he had to act as a poor person, though he wasn’t..
    5. Sid had to live like a servant at dad’s house( all thanks to roshni’s inauspiciousness
    6. Finally when the truth came out and he could have a normal life with all luxuries, she ran off.. Leaving sid…
    ( I might add when a girl marries her star influence her husband..)
    7. Dd became ransacked when roshni came back to her
    8. Shiv came back to their life and his life got ransacked again.. Lost his other family..
    9. Sid and every one were happy to have a child, but her luck messed it up again..
    10. Her ex lover came and ransacked Sid’s life( krunal and his family)
    11. Her another ex tried to kill sid( Yash)
    12. Her sister spoiled krutika’s life.. Though at the end it turned out good for her..
    13. Her mother died saving her..
    14. Not to mention dd went to jail, due to rajveer murder, who again was their to kill roshni..
    15. Now she will ransack neil’s life too..

    This are to dd, shiv and sid..
    Other people like krunal, rajveer , Yash who ever came in her life also got a hell ride..

    Now pls tell me who is inauspicious…

  17. Frig this soap!

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