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The episode starts with Sid taking Roshni on a dinner date. They get romantic and hold each other. Just then, Biji comes with Meesha and says even she wanted to have dinner with him. They all sit for dinner when Meesha gets a call, goes away from them and tells caller that she is having dinner with sid and if he calls often, Sid’s family will start doubting her. She then joins them back.

Roshni goes to DD’s lawyer’s office and asks him why her mom’s property papers are with Simran. He says he has no idea and DD’s property is safe. She gets Sid’s call who asks her to come home right now.

Roshni reaches home and asks Mona where is Sid. She says she does know and even Shiv got a call from him. Sid comes with Shiv. Roshni asks why did he call him.

He asks her to watch the drama silently. Shiv calls DD, gives her divorce papers and says he will go finally away from her now and says he has to do it. Naani checks papers and asks what is wrong with him. He says he has to do it to get DD’s family back. He asks DD to sign paper and return him. She drops papers and goes to her room with teary eyes. Naani follows her and says all these year Shiv was away from her, but now he came back and took whole family away from her. Whatever decisions she takes, she is with her.

Sid tells Roshni that he is sure DD will not divorce Shiv. Shiv says DD is very strong willed and can go to any extent to fulfill her ego. DD comes back and hands him over signed divorce papers. Sid and DD are shocked to see that. DD says Shiv that he was right, it is better for them to separate. All these years, he was not with her and she did not feel his absence, even in the future she will not. Shiv is in deep shock. Once DD leaves, Roshni asks Sid what did he do. He was so confident that his plans won’t fail, but it failed now and he got his parents divorced.

Shiv comes out with his bags and tells Roshni and Sid that he has to go now. Sid snatches his bags and apologizes for his mistake, says he did not know DD would do it. He asks him to give him one more chance to set things right. Shiv asks if he is out of his mind and asks what will he do now. DD comes out with Naani and asks what drama they are playing now. Roshni tells Shiv that he will not go from this house and if he goes, she will go from this world. She tells DD that she will get her papa remarried and lead a new life with new relationship.

Kesar says his sister-in-law Jigna is ready to marry Shiv. DD asks Roshni if she is out of her mind. Roshni says her decision is final, now she has divorced her papa and does not have any right to speak. DD congratulates Shiv for his choice and yells at Sid that he is behind all this plan. He winks at her. Roshni says she should not bother about this now.

Sid and Roshni discuss about shopping for Shiv’s wedding. Roshni says she has to meet Biji first and then she will shop alone. She meets Meesha and tells her mom’s papers are with Simran and requests to help her find them. Meesha says when she can help Sid why cant her. Roshni starts searching papers while Meesha guards outside. She finds papers and shockingly murmurs how is it possible. Meesha also checks papers and is shocked.

Precap: Simran asks roshni if DD will tolerate hearing that she got her property back in exchange of her daughter’s divorce. Roshni shockingly at Simran and Sid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. interesting precap….

  2. awesome show just loved this show best ever show 🙂 🙂 lovely

  3. lovely episode biji is funny meesha is doing something wrong for sure what will be roshnis next step after knowing abou all 🙁 🙁 but over all episode is best best best (Y) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. lovely show jamai raja best

  5. roshini just leave sid and his family alone he has way tooooooooooooo much baggage toting around and now this meesha his childhood friend is here to make trouble also roshini you should not have give up yash now ugly ass samaria is married to him what will you do now tooooooooooo many lies between roshini and sid and you all do not trust one another completely so the best thing to do is leave sid

  6. I hate simran and kritika

  7. nice episode maybe dd will realise how much she love shiv and try to stop the marriage to happen n messha is definitely hidden somethings is she tryin to take sid property n money or she is planning to give sid n roshni a surprise wedding true this simran i can’t wait to see she all fat on her face
    no offence but samaria is a beautiful girl is just character she is playin that why she behave like that n do stupid things i agree i use to get mad on her for all her mistake but never hate her

  8. Who is meesha or is it misbha… I only read so the name would confuse me.

  9. love the role of Jigni… sooo funny.

  10. shit sooo many lies between d to ov yew roshni i hop dis wil nt separate yew nd sid jsr dnt do it. roshni sid help ur mom frm being shattered yew hv to consider dat nd yew misha i hop yew re nt planning to do something stupid i hop yew re making arrangement 4 sid nd roshni marriage dat wil sound gud

  11. It is true that this show is great

  12. tufah bintu yussuf

    I hate dat
    ugly simran and kritika

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