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The episode starts with Sid about to tell Yash his name when Roshni enters and tells he is Sidharth Khurana. Yash is shocked to hear that. Roshi yells at Sid that he spoilt her lunch plan. Sid says he came to have lunch with his friend Yash. Yash walks out with Roshni following him and apologizing for spoiling their lunch plan. Yash says he knows it is not her mistake, but he wants to spend time alone and leaves in his car. Sid on the other side realizes that Yash loves Roshni and will have to bear the pain.

Sam comes to DD’s house and yells at her that Roshni is spoiling her life. DD asks what happened. She tells about Rajveer’s misbehavior and allegations and Kritika slapping her. DD consoles her and tells she will teach Khuranas a lesson.

Yash drinks alcohol in

a bar and thinks about Sid and his love for Roshni. Sid comes and offers him a drink. They start confronting each other. Sid gives him Bangkok ticket and asks him to go back. Yash says he will not and they both continue their argument. Sid says Roshni is his wife and will come back to him at any cost. Yash asks why did she leave him then. Sid says she came back after hearing about his accident. Yash challenges that she will forget him.

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Raj shows concern over Yash behind Roshni. Sid says he is very confident that Roshni will come back to him soon. He continues to tell about his belief and confidence. He hears Roshni asking secretary to send her in, goes out and tells he was thinking about her just now. She says his family misbehaved with her family and she will not tolerate it. Raj comes out and asks what happened. She tells about Rajveer’s misbehavior. Sid says he will sort this out right away. She stops him and says it is all over now and they should get divorced to let their families live peacefully.

Sid angrily goes home and beats Rajveer. Simran interferes and asks him to behave with his jija. Sid says Rajveer is a filthy bastard who tried to misbehave with Sam. Simran asks if Roshni told him about this. Sid says yes. Simran (as usual dumb chudail) says she herself saw Sam misbehaving instead and asks him to either believe her or Roshni and takes Kritika (ugly vamp) and Rajveer (spineless crook) from there. Raj consoles Sid and asks him to relax.

Rajveer tells Kritika that they have to not let Roshni and Sid unite for their benefit and says he has a plan.

Precap: Yash proposes (says I love you) Roshni and gifts her ring.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why is Yash trying to interfere by challenging Sid??? We all know Sid will win Roshni over anyday….

  2. yeh roshni ki itni attitude paise hona kisiki galti hai kyan. uske hisabse agar saare ameer zaade galat hain toh obvious yeh DD patel ki prestigious daughter bhi toh galat hain.

  3. Oh god… Plz unite Sid and roshni

  4. Roshni acts like a child. Obviously, as she stated earlier that Rajveer has turned Khurana’s (well only dumb dumb Simraj) against her family. So then why does she blame Sid for this? The only thing that Roshni should be upset with Sid about is that he lied about who he is! She should remember too though that she ONLY has a relationship with DD because of Sid! The only person annoying me more that Roshni in these episodes since the turn is Simran.

  5. Simran and Kritika needs to die for this soap to become interesting again… Oh and Rajveer needs the most HORRIBLE death ever… blo*dy scamp!!!!

    1. It’s nice idea…

  6. Y is yash trying 2 take roshni doesn’t he knw dat she is married n belongs 2 Sid . This rajveer is extraordinary person I Eva knw juz trying to create problem between Sid n roshni . I wish Sid n roshni get 2gthr soon plz 🙂

  7. Of course Yash is interfering!!! The question is how could Roshni a MARRIED WOMAN be shacked up with another man in another country!?!?!?! Of course it would add more drama since that man will fall in love with you. I see it as all the issues facing are all because of Roshni…..she dislikes her moms attitude so she blamed it on the entire grp of rich people, she found our her husband is lying about who is is (not anything else)….you leave and run away into another country!?!?! Childish!!!! Raj tried to recitify dumb dumb Sim ambush and give DD back her business and house, instead DD threw a tantrum and rejected it. So then who is responsible for the situation they are in…DD duh!!!! Rajveer cheated on you and got another woman pregnant Sam, but you blaming Roshni for that!??!?! All the female characters of this show has serious idiot issues….except Pratima! I am starting to feel that the writers of this show has NO respect for women!!!!! NONE!!!! okay I am finished venting. Sorry.

  8. Agreed, Kristelle

  9. roshini gotta know when once sid gona leave her compltly……
    dn she gona pay 4 her deeds
    wait roshini,ua time gona come
    dnt go that high dat u forget 2 walk on

  10. Hats off to sid’s patience inspite all things going against his wish he is yet trying 2 handle all situations lyk an adult man . N ya roshni u should use ua sense if a guy is searching u since 6 months dat means he loves u truly n sid’s love is nt fake atleast juz b wid him even if u don’t wana talk to him y telling him 2 divorce .

  11. Yash, roshni is sid wife so please don’t interfere.. and whats wrong with sim she sais alwys that roshni is her daughter and what happand suddnly she change her mind because of this blo*dy b..th kritika or kutika wherefer hate her

  12. Roshni must not forget that Sid brought her and her mother together. If she did not like DD then where would she go if she found out the truth.

  13. I think Sid Is going mad over Roshni. I don’t blame Simran.

    1. quboolhai4ever

      Sorry to say but i do
      she too intrested in she jamai and betee
      sid is such a kind hearted person

  14. Nothing good as ausal don’t know why this clown yash is interfere he is challenge sid to see who will win over stubborn roshini but it look like he forget sid n roshini is still married now in the precap they have that clown is going to proposes to roshini and tell her how he love her and so on any bet roshini will accept it will give her a chance to make sid jealous and try to get rid of him

  15. Bullshit

  16. quboolhai4ever

    Yash should get a life he is not anyone to challenge sid
    and yash so clown like

  17. .You will get back your wife ,so do not give up.Love this couple.If every one back off Sid will reign supreme.

  18. I 2 think roshni will say yes n get rid of Sid bt I trust sid’s love he will surely make roshni love him d way she used to b4 n no wonder thousand guys cum in roshni’s life her love 4 Sid is still strong or else she wouldn’t hav cum back after hearing abt his accident . N as far I knw sidddhart he neva knw Hw 2 lose n also his dad is supporting him . So I think he will win back roshni’s love again . N Sid will make all things normal juz lyk b4 . It’s getting interesting day by day . 🙂 kidding .

  19. Day by day it is getting boring
    The writer should learn some thing from. Meri ashique tm se hi
    At least they are not dragging but making it more interesting

  20. Bakwas and boring serial

  21. Simran is mad about her daughter. Soo she can’t she the truth of rajveer .

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