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The Episode starts with Sundari asking Raghu and Shabnam to take bath as the haldi is applied on them. DD calls Roshni. Roshni gets tensed. Shabnam realizes that she has forgotten her phone and comes to take it back. She gets Sid’s call and he reminds her that 3 hours are left. Shabnam says she has still time left, but you don’t have. She says she has kidnapped Roshni and assures that if she dies then she will not return after 6 months. She asks him to give the proofs to her. Sid runs out and searches Roshni everywhere. Shabnam calls her goon and asks him not to leave Roshni until she asks him. The goon says okay. Just then they hear DD calling Roshni and asking her to come there. Shabnam and Sid see Roshni there. Sid takes a sigh of relief. Shabnam calls the goon and asks they have kidnapped

whom? The goon tells that she asked them to kidnap the one who gets down through the lift. DD tells Roshni that she saw messages on shabnam’s phone and that’s why diverted her to bring Nani’s medicines. Roshni says thanks mum and asks who went down the lift. DD says I don’t care. The goons see Kesar inside the car. Sid is happy as his Roshni is fine. He says he doesn’t know that Shabnam will play a trick and says now it will be Shabnam’s end now.

Sid says just one day and Shabnam’s truth will be out infront of everyone, then this name Shabnam’s bad dream will end, and it will be win of truth over evil.

Shabnam thinks she can’t let Sid spoil her important day( marriage) and thinks to keep him away from her house. She calls the guards and asks them to check everyone before letting inside. DD thinks she is giving importance to herself. Sundari thinks if she is getting married or some PM. Roshni calls Shabnam and says Sundari Aayi asked me to help you get ready. Shabnam says my life is going to set and asks what she will do alone. Roshni replies her that she is marrying Sid’s duplicate and says you can get only my Uttaran. She says you will never get Sid. Roshni says Sid is mine and I will wait for him even for six births. Pinto is doing some wiring work there, and asks Shabnam to be careful when she is about to fall.

Shabnam angrily takes Roshni’s mangalsutra and says she will wear this only for her marriage. Roshni raises her hand to slap Shabnam, but Raghu/ Sid comes and holds her hand. Raghu asks Roshni to control herself and asks if her husband is alive…if there is chance of his return…no…and asks how can you raise hand on my to be wife….He says Shabnam’s to be husband is alive…and asks Roshni, how dare you to raise hand on my to be wife. DD asks him to shut up and says it is a women matter. She calls him useless. Raghu says how can I let my wife slapped by you. Shabnam asks everyone to end the drama and says she is going to do puja. She tells Raghu that they will unite after few hours. Raghu asks her to go.

Later Sid comes to Roshni. Roshni gets angry for supporting Shabnam. Sid says I am handling you both. Roshni says if she does puja with my mangalsutra then I will kill her, and asks him to make her wear again. Sid promises to bring her mangalsultra back, and says Shabnam can’t do puja. He says I will bring your mangalsutra and smiles.

Fake Pandit tells them that Shabnam has eyes on someone’s mangalsutra and that’s why she is unable to pick it up. Shabnam is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shabnam the whore

    1. Whose reviewing the comments ? Clearly you cannot say such words

      1. Who gives a Flying F%^$! The Fact is Shabnam is a whore, a jintoo, a gutless sl*t-BAG B$%@$!!! Excellent choice of words Geeta, Thumbs Up To You!

  2. This is too much

  3. Boring…..let’s get rid of shabby. It is time to move on, or, it will be as stupid & boring a plot as Kum Kum. Come on writers get on with it.

  4. gulshangrover

    Shabnam is the witch of the show, but She is drop dead gorgeous and She keeps the Show Interesting to Watch, Unlike Kum Kum which is sooo Boring and Monotonous to watch

  5. the shabnam/sid/Raghu storyline has exhausted its viewers interests so hence the reason we the viewers are asking the writers to bring it to an end now and reunite the patel and khurana family also it is time that sid and roshini enjoy their married life my gosh since they got married there has been more ups and downs than sid and roshini consummating their marriage by now they should have had about two grown children running about the house that is to tell you how long these writers writing crap storylines so writers I am tired of repeating myself so please do the right thing and end this serial on a good note

  6. nice episode

  7. Write something more interesting let sidni unite soon

  8. XO donnnish like miniscule and ludic

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