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The episode starts with the neighbors arriving at DD’s house and asks her about the girl. Sid comes and tells them that it is not DD’s mistake. He says he got this building address from a girl. He says he is fulfilling the duty of a good citizen. The Inspector tells that they want to unite girl with her parents and needs to enquire. DD apologizes to the neighbors on her Jamai’s behalf and tells that he doesn’t know about the word ‘Privacy’. He goes to anyone’s house at any time. Dadi Bua invites the guest for Puja, and takes DD’s consent. DD unwillingly says ofcourse.

DD asks Sid, what is his problem? She says you gets a girl and you decides to do her betterment. She says do you need psychiatrist treatment? Sid says she is a little girl and asks if she needs a psychiatrist treatment.

He asks shall I fix appointment for you. DD says it is waste to talk to you. She asks where is my daughter? Sid says she is in NGO. DD scolds him for his carelessness. Simran says she is hearing her scolding Sid since long and says she is proud of Sid and Roshni. She asks him to go to Roshni.

At NGO, Roshni tells how can her parents leave her? Sid says we can’t say anything? May be her parents are searching for her. Roshni says she is so cute and hopes to help her. A boy comes to Roshni and says they need to go to rehearsal. Roshni asks Sid to go with the kids and tells that she will stay with Ayesha. Sid refuses to let Roshni leave alone. Roshni insists and says she is fine. Sid asks her to take care of her and his princess. Roshni says prince. Sid laughs. He tells her that he is not sensing good. Roshni tells that she will be fine. Sid leaves. Roshni looks on.

DD panics and tells Nani that Roshni’s call is not connecting. Nani says you search for tension everytime. She asks her not to worry as Sid is with Roshni. A man is seen coming towards the orphanage. Sid gets Roshni’s call and he tells her that he will reach there as soon as possible. Roshni tells her that she will stay at NGO with Ayesha, as it is raining heavily. Ayesha is drawing something, Roshni asks Ayesha to come and they will sleep.

Nani tells DD that Roshni is at NGO and Sid went with the kids. DD asks did you hear mum. She says Roshni shall be Sid’s priority and says she has a feeling that something wrong is going to happen with Roshni. She says Shiv might return in the form of a baby and if anything happens to baby, then Shiv can’t return to her. Nani asks her to think positive. Suddenly Roshni’s photo frame falls down, confirming DD’s doubts. DD and Nani are shocked.

Sid waits for the rains to stop so that he can take kids to NGO. The man comes to the NGO and opens the door. The man puts hand on Ayesha’s mouth stopping her from shouting, and puts knife on Roshni’s neck.

Ayesha sees the man keeping knife on Roshni’s neck. Roshni opens her eyes. Someone knocks on the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Does anyone have any idea who ayesha actually is or who the man withe the knife is and why he wants to kill roshni ?

    1. Yeah please tell me who that girl and man is
      What do they want from Sid and roshni

  2. omg hope nothing bad dosent happens to roshni sid r 2 careless over roshni knowing that she geting hot flash very offten roshni is also care less over her self dd is her mother she always get a feelings wen something goin to happen

    1. She is just pregnant. No one get that sick in pregnancy. They are just making stories. All women get pregnant and deliver their child. Roshni is not doing something impossible

  3. Who is that unknown person?plz be careful roshini. Sid take care of her.

  4. Ooohhhh noooo!!!! Pleaseee sid hurry up, I do not want anything to happen to roshni and the baby

  5. dannybell you are correct and pregnancy is not a sickness sometimes you feel nauseas or faint but for a short while and it goes away unless your blood count is very low that will take time to build up I have never see anyone eat icecream and cough up blood during pregnancy I tell you these writers just love writing crap when they a lost for storylines anyway I feel it is a woman targeting roshiniif not misha someone else who obsesses with sid writers what we the viewers ask of you all is to stick t what the serial is all about jamai raja you suppose to focusing on sid and roshini life they eventually got married and are having a baby so make that storyline good and interesting and let roshini enjoy her pregnancy without all these unnecessary ups and downs and end it on a good note so I say take this little girl out of the storyline we can definitely do without that script wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa writers you are totally lost and do not know what the hell to write again my gosh well then just end the serial on a happy note

    1. Hemoptysis (blood in sputum) occurs In lung cancer or tb. Neither of their pt appear like rosh is looking now.
      Pregnant women work till their 8th month. And do most of d work. Her they are showing as if rosh has caught some dangerous disease. Even infant are not taken care like this

  6. Its now becoming boring…it shud end now

  7. Ok who is dat man n little girl n they want with roshni now

  8. I stopped watching

    1. Good I didn’t watch the serial since misha kidnapped shiv. Just updates

  9. Guy, please stop asking for the serial to come to an end. No one wants anything to happen to Sid & Roshni baby, i will be very disappointed. After everything Sid, Roshni and the family have been through, we expect some joy & happy times. Why is Sid leaving Roshni alone, if so they might as well move back to the Khurana’s home. This DD is acting so foolish regarding the little girl, and even more worse Shiv is going to come back in the form of a baby get real..

    1. Correction that would be Guy’s….. Whoever that person is, it’s obvious they don’t want Sid & Roshni to be together, cause why would the child have DD’s address. Could that child be Sid’s…??

  10. @dannybell ikr dey re makin ha pregnancy luk lyk one heavy hob nd is nt even showing yet dey re ova doin it

  11. writers why do you show whats coming up over and over again in Mondays episode it ended with the man already inside the ngo with the knife at roshinis throat and tonight I checked three times in coming up you showed the same thing and in next episode you end it the same way like Monday night with the man holding the knife at roshinis throat so why preview one thing over and over again it is too monotonous and not making any sense Tuesdays episode should have begun where it ended on Monday night with the man holding the knife to roshinis throat these serials just not making sense anymore wayaaaaaaaaaa boy

  12. DD need to chill a bit – Roshni can decide for herself what to do and what not to do. SID is very caring and loving person. So people stop pointing finers at him. In real life you find very few men who would risk losing everything for the sake of his LOVE.

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