Jamai Raja 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Roshni telling Sid, how dare Amol to think about standing infront of her and showing marriage card. Sid asks her to calm down and eat carrot. Roshni says if you think this is joke. Sid says it is good for health and says we should see it like an enemy. He says I have eaten Amol? If he could do anything, no. Roshni eats it and says she liked it. Sid says you will feel fresh when you expel it. Sid tells Roshni that he will find some solution to be in the house. Just then DD calls Roshni. She goes. Kesar asks Amol to go and says DD have thrown your kind of house flies from here. DD asks what is going on and asks him to apologize to Amol. Kesar says sorry. DD asks him to go and not to do any mistake as the clients want gujrati food. Kesar thinks what to do? He asks Resham to make

food properly and asks Ganpath to help her. DD comes and asks Resham if she is sure she would manage? She asks Ganpath to give jaljeera and he gives water. DD scolds him. Resham asks him to gve jaljeera. DD drinks it and says it is okay.

Resham goes from the kitchen. Roshni comes to kitchen and looks at the dishes. She says nice and asks Ganpath to go as mom called him. Ganpath goes. DD’s clients come home. DD greets them and introduces her family. She asks Resham to bring juice. DD asks them to move towards the dining table and tells Resham have worked hard and cooked food. They start eating food and find it too spicy. They drink water. Client says it is unedible food, and says this is too much. Resham thanks them. Roshni says Chachi…DD says sorry. Client says I don’t think that today is good day for this deal. DD says we haven’t even started the conversation and asks them to give her some time. Client refuses. DD asks Kesar to make them understand. The clients are about to go, but just then Sid comes and stops them. He comes in sardar’s attire and introduces himself as tadka singh, a cook from Patiala. DD asks who called him here?

Kesar says he called him through agency. Sid says big people are his fans and says he can make anything they name. DD is irked. Sid asks if anything happened here and asks them to give him 30 mins. Resham shows him kitchen. Sid goes to kitchen. DD threatens Kesar and says if anything goes wrong then she will fire everyone. She apologizes to clients and asks for a chance. Amol looks on. The clients sit down. Sid asks Resham to go from kitchen. Resham and Ganpath goes from there. Sid calls Bunty and asks him to do something fast. DD apologizes to clients again and hopes the cook makes good food. Sid sings song aloud. Client asks is he a snake charmer or a singer, what is he? DD says I guess he is just a jolly good person. Client says we will not wait for more than 5 mins.

Sid sings punjabi song Dil Le gayi Kudi..Client says we are done now and leaving. Sid brings food and asks them to be seated for having food. DD and the clients have food. The clients say it is outstanding food and says DD gets the deal for the amazing food. DD gets happy. Clients thank DD and goes. DD scolds Resham and Ganpath. Sid says I will leave now. DD gives the money for saving her deal and says I will always be thankful to you. Roshni signs him to say something. Sid asks her to call him whenever needed. He is about to leave and thinks sasumom should stop me. DD stops him and says you will not go anywhere.

Amol goes somewhere later in night. Sid keeps an eye on him and wonders what is he upto?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think sid should follow him

  2. This was a good show. they are running out of story line now. Sid, Roshonin and DD are great actors, but tired of seeing the same thing over and over.

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