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The Episode starts with Raj telling Sid that he met Roshni. Sid says what she said? She must have said that this matter has ended and she can’t return. He tells Raj that he couldn’t have gone there. Raj says why you can’t do anything, and says you can’t be away from each other. Sid says I have never turned my face away from her, but she has turned. He says my destiny is her, I had tried to make everything fine, but not anymore…I will rest for sometime now. Raj says I know you well. When you couldn’t forget her when she was dead, then how can you forget her when she is right infront of you. Sid says she was alive then, but now she is dead although she is alive. Raj says whatever may be the circumstances, I will unite them. Roshni tells Kesar that she will go to London. She asks Kesar to book

her tickets for London.

Anya comes there and says sorry. She says Neil is waiting for you. Roshni says she is coming, and asks Kesar to book tickets urgently. Neil asks Ragini to come. Roshni sees Sid as client and is shocked. Neil asks her to come inside. Neil says he is Sid Khurana, and says he is Anya’s husband and sponsor of our magazine. Sid acts to fall down and says his wound is deep. He says hi to Roshni and forwards his hand. Roshni shakes hand with him hesitantly. Sid asks Neil to say. Neil says we will honor our terms and conditions till the end. Sid laughs and says it is hilarious. Neil says I didn’t understand your joke. Sid says it is not joke, but harsh reality. He says we are going through a confused phase professionally and personally. He says people do promise big and then back off. Roshni looks on.

Sid says I have read this deal completely and came to conclusion that I should cancel the deal. Neil asks what do you mean that commitment is not done from our end. Sid says do you know why I am a big businessman? Because people don’t understand my point. He says all the best and says it is a pleasure to meet you. Raj Khurana come there and apologizes to Neil. He says I was double minded about the deal and Mrs. Khurana asked me how can you do that, then I realized we can’t keep personal and professional matters separate. He says this deal is complete. He says Sid will work with Ragini Desai on this project. Sid says dad. Neil says your son said that team is not professional. Raj says it was my mistake.

Sid says we can’t do this. Raj says we makes policies and says it is final. Neil thinks Sid is showing him attitude and says he has earned his attitude on his own. Kesar gives tickets to Roshni and asks her to think again. Roshni says I don’t want to give hope to Sid, and will tell Neil. Neil comes and asks what? Roshni says I am shifting to London. Neil asks what and is shocked. Roshni asks can you let me go. Neil says I will drop you till airport. Roshni smiles.

Raj asks Sid to see the pics and says you are mad over Roshni, and can’t forget her. Sid keeps hand on his chest and says I will forget her. I will not care about her. Raj says fine and asks him to do work with her professionally.

Naina asks Neil, how can Ragini go and asks Mitul to call her. Neil says no. Naina asks him to think what will happen to his relation with her. Neil says we will be friends and she can go anywhere at anytime. He gets call from Raj. Raj says if there is no Ragini then there will be no contract. Neil tells his family that he don’t want Ragini to take any decision under pressure. Neil tells Ragini that we should leave. Roshni says how can you be so good. She says Khuranas have cancelled the deal, and you didn’t tell me. She says there was a time when she had a perfect family, but never had a friend like him who supported her unconditionally. Neil says I am a businessman and will get everything back with interest one day. Roshni says I will stay…..She says I have just changed my mind and is not going until this project ends. Neil smiles and says he will get the tickets cancelled. He says Naina tells that he can’t express his feelings well and says he is happy. He says we have meeting with Mr. Khurana in the morning. Roshni thinks to complete the deal. Sid also thinks the same.

Roshni shows the designs to Sid. Sid looks at the designs and says it is nonsense designs. He asks her to show something good. Roshni says your company’s target audience is ladies. Sid says I need something classy. Roshni says it is classy. Sid asks her to show something good and gets up. Neil says you are not liking our designs, when the designs is liked my Smith. Sid says I will take a final call and Smith can’t take my place. He goes. Neil asks Ragini to relax and says I think I know why is he doing this? He says when Anya brought him home, I didn’t like him. He might be taking revenge and asks Ragini to handle him. Roshni thinks everything is ruined. Sid is about to get inside his car. Just then he sees a crowd of people going inside the magazine office angrily protesting against the magazine.

The angry crowd barged into the office and breaks the things. Sid comes to Roshni’s rescue as someone is about to hit her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love Sid’s attitude towards her….I love the cruel sid…she deserves it…love u sid!!

  2. What the hell is going dude. Nothing but just dragging. everyone can expect what happens next. just by going daily sid and roshini meet in their office and do have a looks eachother . He do tries to save her from problems again and she will be impressed of him and fall in love again. at one day roshini comes to know that sid wasn’t married and says you are bade dilwale.:D beshram ladki even after that also someone tries to manipulate her by saying negative of sid. and she will as usual trust outers instead of own members as we people know very well. and she will bhaag again. and Jamai raja 3 continues …… 😛

  3. I think after he rescue her leave her alone

  4. Nice episode.

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