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First 4 mins will be added in sometime.

Ranjeet hears him and smirks. She tells Mitul that they shall inform everyone about Roshni and Sid’s marriage. Mitul asks him to think and says if Roshni and Sid marry Neil and Anya, and think what will happen. She says they will cheat on Anya and Neil. Ranjeet thinks you are very cunning. Mitul says you are also like me. Sid calls Roshni and says I want to talk to you. Roshni says I want to talk to you also. Sid asks her to come to park. Sid gets a message and is shocked. Roshni leaves from there. Mitul follows her. Roshni waits for Sid and thinks why did he not come there. Neil calls Roshni. Roshni picks the call. Neil says where are you? Roshni says I will be there in the office . Just then Simran comes to Roshni and says she heard their conversation.

She says I tried to separate you both, you both are meeting. She asks Roshni to see the right and wrong. Roshni asks what you are saying? Simran says you want to know naa why Sid haven’t come here and takes her somewhere. Mitul spy on them. Simran brings Roshni to hospital. Anya tells Sid that her mum can’t bear this and says it is better if she die. Roshni asks why we came here. Sid asks are you mad? He says what you were trying to do ? Abortion? He says it was good that doctor called me, else what would have happened? Roshni is shocked. Anya says your life is in danger.

Anya says you have done so much for me. Simran smirks. Anya says you have sacrifice your true love for me and my baby. She says this is not right. She says we are not your responsibility, leave us alone. Roshni is shocked and thinks Sid is the father of Anya’s baby. Simran smirks. Neil calls Ragini and thinks why she is not picking the call. He calls Naina and asks about Ragini. Naina says I didn’t know. Simran stops Roshni and asks did you see? Anya is ready to sacrifice her baby just for you and Sid’s relation. Roshni cries miserably. Simran says if that baby is grown up then he will be without father just because of you. She asks Roshni to try and understand and emotionally blackmails her. Roshni says she will leave from Sid’s life, but will not betray Neil and will tell him everything. Simran is shocked as her plan will fail.

Roshni promises that she will not let anything happen to Sid and Anya’s baby, and will go very far from Sid. She sits in car and cries. Simran looks on happy. Roshni calls Neil and says I want to meet you for some important talk and asks him to meet at home. Neil agrees. Simran thinks if Roshni tells everything to Neil then he will ask Sid, and the truth will come out. She thinks then nobody can stop Roshni and Sid from uniting. Just then she sees Mitul hearing her and calls her. Mitul goes in her car. Sid tells Anya that he wants to live his life with Roshni, but will not leave her baby also. He says Roshni is very mature and will understand her. He says Roshni and Neil will understand. Anya says she can’t hide her pregnancy for long and what she will tell people. Sid says I am talking about your family. He says we will continue to act as husband and wife for the society. Anya asks if Arav don’t get well then. Sid says he will get fine, else I will give my name to your baby. She says your baby will grown up with father’s love. Anya looks on.

Sid and Anya continue to talk about baby. Anya tells that she don’t want her mum to know about baby and get shock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Crap in this Seriel nothing can happen good . Everytime something bad will happen for sure
    I said before tht Sid should tell roshni abt Anya’s baby else it will be a very it issue and see now
    Now Sid wil give his name to Anya s baby how stupid
    Evn if roshni get to know tht it is not Sid’s baby and sidni get reunited it will create a lot of problems later in their life coz Anya s baby has Sid s name….
    I’m gonna stop watching this Seriel until everything gets to normal

  2. ops first to comment … wht d hell is going on in jamai raja .. writers sucks .. want a mature story not twisted one…plz unite roshni sid

  3. Aanchal shorey

    what a bulshit…. nonsense story….

  4. Nice but all r correct in their way ?since simran is doing this drama because of roshni’s mistake she did with for 2 years? oh sid’s dad pls make realize simran that roshni did mistake but she is realizing her fault now and please give a chance to sid and roshni??this anya could tell the truth to roshni atleast? oh poor neel,sid,roshni ,tell the truth first …

  5. Sunita_kapoor12

    Writers firstly their address rumours that he is going off air. Is it true pls conform. Secondly if u have started season 2 then introduce a better story or…??????

  6. I hope her mom hear her n stop everything

  7. Marie Taylor Raphael

    Sid will Marry Ayaana an be Jamai like he used to be for DD, she plays a central role in taking season two forward. This was my favorite, but can’t stand it anymore., it have on drama after another, no breathing space for Sid an Roshni. Roshni know Sid love her, and she also know Simran try to separate them before, why is she falling for simran tricks, why can’t she realize what’s going on??? Not everything you see and hear is true. Geeezzz. Writers. Please listen to the viewers.

  8. oh i hate roshni i wat sid and anany to get married

  9. Jade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  10. Jade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    love it

  11. I think Anya is acting so that she get married to Sid

  12. malika carter

    Roshini is a big fool sid is a good husband but she never support her husband in anything I jus want sid to be happy leave roshini sorry ass end her chapter for real and move on these writer need new scripe

  13. I think Anya telling lie to Sid that arav is nt well .and she wnt to marry Sid .

    I want Sid and roshni together .they are the perfect couple .

  14. Ufff this episode is not good simran she need hard slab rely ihope someone wiil stop their marriage roshni and nelli

  15. Although wrong is happening with roshni.but m glad to see her crying and shattered..she deserves this only..till now she make people around her crying for her..but she never cared for anyone..she always left sid for sometimes krish,yash now neil..the situation in which everyone is now..this situation is only just bcs of roshni..she is only responsible for everything happening around her..and i dnt knw anya is ryt or wrong but i want anya and sid to get married and roshni should go through same pain which sid went through several times bcs of roshni..

  16. hey what is this in saas bahu aur suspence segment neil & roshni marriage segment was posted is it real or someone like neil or simrans imagination.if it happen entire story line was collapsed,plzzzzzzzzzzz dont do this.

  17. hey wt happend to this serial now ichecked saas bahu aur suspence segment neil &roshni marriage pics were posted.is it real or some one like neil or simran imagination.plzzzzzzz dont do this writers plzz change it.it really hurts true fans.plzzzzzzz shw as its some one imagination plzzzzzzzz

  18. fan of jamai raja

    blo*dy crap…..i think anya is d new villan other than ranjeeth bcz her expressions are revealing a lot…..story abt arav is just a drama i think soo… so that she could get sid ……she must be moved on by the way sid s loving roshni n doing all these nonsense….n both roshni n simran both are correct in their way …… but everyone need to talk to each other clearly without making assumptions on their own….

  19. Writers plz listen to the viewers.. We want sidni together

  20. Plz reunite sid nd roshni becoz dis serial is now becoming unwanted

  21. jade what’s with the face.. u know what my talking bout

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