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The Episode starts with Sid and Roshni taking the girl in the house. Simran asks who is this baby? She smiles looking at her. DD asks Sid, did you call Roshni out for showing this baby. Will you bring children from gutter? Roshni asks her to chill. Raj asks from where did you get her. Sid tells her name is Ayesha and tells that they met her yesterday. He says she had a chit with address of this building. Jigna tells that she must be from child racket group. Sid says he is scared and jokes. Nani Maasi tells that she is sensing danger and says she is so tacky and middle class. If our Roshni gets any illness from her. Nani asks her not to listen to Jigna, and says Ayesha is a little girl.. Sid says we shall inform Police so that her parents can be found. DD asks what do you want to do? You want to keep

her here in my house. She says this is my house and not a Dharmshala. Sid says it is my responsibility to take care of this girl, until I handover her to her parents. Roshni tells everyone that she is taking Ayesha to NGO, so that no one fights here over her. DD says you are fighting with your mum for this little girl. Sid says I will also come with you. Simran asks him to go fast.

Sid and Roshni reach NGO and see the kids dancing on the song Chak Dhoom Dhoom………. Sid asks Roshni did she remember something? Roshni nods her head. They reminisces their rain dance with orphanage kids during their initial meetings. A flashback is shown. The kids starts fighting. Sid asks why they were fighting? The boys tell that girls can’t dance properly. Ayesha plays the music and dance nicely on the same song Chak Dhoom Dhoom………Sid and Roshni smile seeing her dancing. She mingles with the kids instantly. Everyone claps for her. Sid asks the boys to say sorry. Sid asks the boys not to think girls are low performers. They take Ayesha to show their room. Sid says I didn’t understand why your building address was written in the chit.

Bua Dadi comes to DD and tells that she wants to say something. She says she was blinded by faith and customs and realized her old beliefs are wrong. She says she is concerned for Roshni and her child, and that’s why wants to have Shanti Puja for them. She says we have to take your permission as we are staying in your house. DD says you are most welcome, and I don’t want Roshni to work or get tired. Bua Dadi says she will do the arrangements and asks her not to worry. She thinks it will be fun now. You will learn a lesson for messing up with me. Roshni gives gifts and chocolates to Ayesha and kids. Ayesha tells that she needs more. Roshni says it is over. One boy gives her chocolate and tells that he is her elder brother. Roshni tells him that a new guest is coming. The kids asks who? Ayesha sees someone presence there and goes to see. A lady wearing a diamond ring is shown. Roshni tells that she is going to be mum. Roshni sees Ayesha there and asks who is there. Ayesha signs Roshni and hugs her. Roshni tells Sid that there is no one here. She gives water to Ayesha and asks her not to be scared.

Precap: Late night, while all are sleeping, a person with mask comes to Roshni and puts a knife on her neck. She opens her eyes and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tell updates… D precap s wrng…nd d person wearing d mask was not seen..so..can’t predict whether d person s lady or man…d precap s ..roshni s sleeping..d person keeps a dagger in d neck…

    Msg from Team: Thank you. It’s corrected now.

  2. Nice episode today..but I really don’t like the precap. I hope nothing happens to Roshni..and who is this new villain..anyway I love a bit drama ? as long as nothing happens to roshni the baby ? or sid

  3. Omg this person could be misha but she is in jail but please don’t let anything happen to roshni

  4. MaressaStyles


  5. I think so 2 it misha because they arrest her but never show her in jail n that little girl is her is her daughter or her sister

  6. Roshni in attempt of saving ayesha loses her child. Sid will decide to adopt ayesha.

  7. Good. If there is a turning point.

  8. True it can be Misha maybe she escape from jail n disguise herself n tryin to take revenge from roshni n sid by sending this girl cuz who else is roshni n sid enemy it would been better if had dead n done long time ago but don’t know why i have a feeling it some1 close to them not Misha some1 else u all r wise enough to think so think hard cuz u have the person in mind just guessing ok dont know as yet

    1. Correction- cuz i have the person in mind

  9. After all this pregnancy bakwas is too much.people are shown to take care of rosh as if she got cancer. She is primi, in her twenties. Fit with adequate height and weight. With no genetic abnormalities running in either of family. In such pregnancy their are less than 4% chances to complicate. That an expert opinion. Still they show dumbness like hemoptysis and all

  10. Why is DD behaving so rude towards a little child. She forgot she was poor once, with her middle class talk. Look how nice an caring Sid’s parents are an they are wealthy. [ Because of DD behaviour the child should be Shiv’s. lol..]. Who ever this person may be, they know about the both family’s very well an their were about. Writers please don’t let anything happen to Roshni & Sid’s baby..

  11. Everyone guessing it’s Misha. Cause who again in the past would want to harm Roshni & Sid.? But yet again it could be anyone, the wedding was covered by the media..

  12. hi peeps i think its bua dhadi’s child.

  13. Tellyupdate. On Friday i have been looking for a Spopiler on Jamai Raja, but no luck. Would you all be kind enough, an publish one…

  14. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Godo serial. Nice episode.

  15. Why can t it be a normal family serial now A little girl acting strange (Sid is her dad????) A person holding knife against Roshni ??? Why all this drama again !!!!!!!!!! Pllz sooo irritating

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