Jamai Raja 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with DD and Sid following fake passport maker in car. Rajveer on the other side ties roshni and tells soon he will kill her and kritika. He calls Kritika and asks if she got the money. She says yes and says she cannot believe they will have their own house now. He says he is eagerly waiting for her and asks her to come to his said spot. Goon calls him and says he is near his place in auto and needs money. Rajveer asks how did he come out. He says he escaped from police. Rajveer says police freed him to reach him, so he should go back. He asks auto driver to take U turn. DD asks Sid to take u-turn, but he says Rajveer must have asked him to go back, so they should move ahead. The reach a fort and Sid asks DD to wait outside while he goes in.

Roshni frees herself and

tries to run with rajveer’s men following her. Sid searches Roshni everywhere. Roshni sees DD and calls her, but just then Rajveer catches her. Sid hears DD calling Roshni and comes in. Rajveer points gun on Roshni’s forehead. DD asks to leave her daughter. He says he will kill them both. He is about to shoot when Sid jumps from wall and starts beating him and his goons. He beats Rajveer ruthlessly like a dog. He then gets busy beating goons when Rajveer captures Roshni again and tries to move. Goons push DD and she hits wall and falls unconscious.

Rajveer takes Roshni to the top floor and asks Sid to stop, else he will kill Roshni. Sid asks if he is a male, he should come and fight with him instead of hiding behind woman. Kritika ugly also reaches there. DD holds gun and asks Rajveer to leave her daughter, else she will shoot. He says she is a weak woman and is not courageous to shoot him. She says she is a mother and will do anything for her children. She shoots loafer and he falls down on the ground, but Roshni slips and holds wall. Sid reaches on time and pulls her back. Ugly Kritika comes and panics seeing her loafer husband dead on floor.

Police reach the spot and asks who killed loafer. Ugly kritika says DD killed Rajveer. Inspector asks is it true. Sid says she shot Rajveer, but if she had not, Rajveer wold have killed Roshni. Kritika with her ugly filthy face says he is lying, they all did not like her husband from the beginning and killed him. Roshni tries to console her, but she pushes her. Sid gets her up. Inspector asks constable to hand cuff DD. DD apologizes Kritika, but she tries to strangulate her. Inspector rescues DD and takes her from there.

Precap: Kritika does not allow Rajveer body to be post mortemed. Sid asks peon to take it, but Kritika slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. see what I am talking about loafer rajveer got what was coming to him although I find he got off toooooooooo easy also just like bhao from bhandan rajveer was suppose to be caught and confess in front of everyone including kritika what he did but no you writers did shit once again especially that simran I wanted he to see how wrong she was about loafer rajveer and that it was their money he wanted this storyline is going wrong again another thing he rajveer should have been given the chance to kidnap kritika and let her hear for herself when he loafer told the goons to kill her rajveer got killed much toooooooooooo easy poor writing again this storyline is not adding up toooooooooooo much twists and turns and not making sense we the viewers wanted to see some more of rajveer especially where his punishment is concerned now stupid simran would think that dd killed rajveer because they did not like him and because he left sam poor poor writing I just know that it was going to have a stupid ending and I also wanted kritika to pay for evil doings also both she and rajveer should have gone over the cliff together and that would have been a better ending anyway

  2. Bullshit i hate this ugly vamp kritika she is behaving mad i dont want to see this bullshits we want to see some romance of sid and roshni plz plz writers

  3. hatts off to u H Hasan what a great update

  4. Come on writer how can you make rajveer get so easy dead this is nonsense so many ppls he kill n betray and still he get such an easy dead just a shot he deserve more than that like some good slaps n kick from sam raj n roshni before dd kill him an any bet simran go get mad on dd sid n roshni for killing that a**hole son in law and this kritika she want somebody to shot she in her head and how dare she slap sid if i was sid i throw her out of the house i wouldn’t pity she because her stupid husband that she does boast on didn’t pity nobody when he throw roshni n her whole family out of they own house and take over it

  5. nice but the truth still needs to come out n grt goin wit other part let roshini get pregnant n soo on

  6. I thought Sid would be the one to got rid of Rajveer i agree with you Gloria the writer should have let Kritika reach their so she can hear everything…look what happen now a whole lot of misunderstanding now

  7. So wait they killed off Rajveer before his crimes came in front of the police….was watching so arduously thinking that the situation would better itself even for a bit, but instead…..sigh. I am very disappointed, what’s th epoint of killing off Rajveer then!?!?!?

  8. we want Sid roshni romance.

  9. ab kritika police station ja kar DD ko rehai dilaeygi nd apna case wapis ly ly gi,aur positive character show kare gi magar asal m uska plan Rajveer loafer ka badla lena hoga

  10. Watch how raj veer is not actually dead. And he makes a comeback so Sid can kill him in real

  11. Wat a climax???? Another one bites the dust

  12. he is not dead that y they in want the post morten he will make a come back to confess his crime.. so everyone will no his true color

  13. guys what is nick name for sid and roshni

  14. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    it is sidni angy

    1. 10 q sara

  15. so now kritika and yash will be villains

  16. no I don’t think so that yash will be a villain I think only kritika ….. loved the epi… and thanks DD I’m proud of u that in a life once u have proved that u r a good mom but only bcoz of sid he changed u na that’s y…. …. but precap …. really very hating…. yaar kritika ko toh gaaali dene ka mann kar raha sacchi she slaps sid … sacchi kritika uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….. #..##..bechara sid uski kabhi bhi koi galti nahi hoti hai tab bhi usko chaaten padte hain … pahle roshni and now kritika…. ab plz simran ko zaroor sudharjana chaahiye but I don’t think so that simi will change now….

    1. Yash won’t be a villain. He will fall in love with Samira

  17. yaaaa eagerly waiting for the next episode ….. but it will tomorrow yaar… :-((.

  18. Now yash villain?? excited what next guys you??

  19. MaressaStyles

    nice finally rajveer is dead

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